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Raging Bull [Quest: Kon & Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
The sun hasn’t even come up yet, though it wouldn’t take long as the horizon was already changing into a light golden colour and it would only be a matter of minutes before the sun would show itself and well a couple of minutes more before the day would really start for most people. There were already people heading out but the red head wasn’t paying attention to them, not in a way that she noticed that they were people walking to a destination. She was simply staring, emptying her mind from a lot of things. It was already very cold outside and she could see herself breathing because it changed into small clouds. Her hands were wrapped around a mug filled with herbal tea and she was dressed in a thick sweater and a pair of comfy trousers that were more like pyjama trousers than actually things she would leave her room with. Which isn’t what she had done, there was a small balcony with the room that she rented here in Baska together with Kon. It wasn’t very interesting of a place but it worked to get some fresh air. She hadn’t slept well, this time it wasn’t the nightmares, it was some other activity, kicking her.. at first it had made her smile until it didn’t stop and now she was simply tired. But she would see how today would go, she wouldn’t complain, it was just that with the nightmares and everything working against her together, it was tiring.

She felt something rubbing against her leg and looked at Hecate who looked sleepy as well, it was a miracle that her companions weren’t standing next to her paying attention to her every five seconds. Jupiter took it very serious to watch her and Hecate followed his example, it was perhaps tiring for them as well. Hecate was alone now, Jupiter was still asleep, rolled up like a spiky yellow ball in the corner of the room inside. She wasn’t sure what to say or do about that but it was perhaps time to go inside again, the day was starting and she better be prepared for that, although she didn’t feel like showering, she would wash her face and upper body and change into a different set of clothing, jeans and another sweater and finish her cup of tea outside again. It was nice to be here, the walls were closing in after staying so long inside. She looked down at the path towards the entrance of the hotel and notice someone waving towards her, it was one of the pages that she guided in Hargeon and she simply waved back, “There is a letter miss Baskerville, it’s from the hospital. The page came closer to the balcony and she frowned because he looked embarrassed by the way he was acting.. “Eh.. it’s also for.. eh.” And she didn’t want to laugh, “He is here, don’t worry, can you bring it up?” She shook her head when he ran away to the door to head inside, and she would make her way to the door to get the letter.

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Raging Bull [Quest: Kon & Alice] RVxL5Jg
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Leaving the shower, Kon began to pat himself dry from top to bottom, being delicate with his wounds both on his face and his chest both still healing. Completely dry he slung up his towel onto the hook attached to the door, grabbing his pants and undergarments he began to dress stopping after spotting himself in the mirror through the mist. Despite the rapid healing that his face had undergone in the past couple of days aided by an enchantment cast upon him by Midas, the left side of his face remained tender to the touch and an aggressive red tone. With the majority of his face having healed however he had now chosen to replace the bandages that concealed the left portion of his face as well as his new golden eye with a simply eyepatch given to him by the hospital for later use.

Despite his best attempts he couldn’t help himself as he looked in the mirror of the bathroom eyepatch resting on the sink below exposing all of his face save that covered by his blonde hair. Wiping the mirror removing the built up mist that clung to it, he stared into it. Looking in the mirror was an interesting experience with his new eye as it provided insight to his own abilities as both a mage as well as his strengths and weaknesses physically showing extreme growth in intelligence while lacking the raw physical strength his fiance had. Outside of this new vision, he was capable of recognising he was monstrous to look at hopefully in the future there would be some way to clear away the scarring.

Rather then push it away however with there nothing to help him, he would embrace his new appearance to strike fear into the hearts that dare oppose him. He had yet to show Alice his injuries since the surgery and felt it only properly that she saw them. Collecting a white button up shirt he left the bathroom and entered their room in search for Alice who looked otherwise preoccupied with a messenger, who left just as quickly as he arrived. Being all alone with Alice save for her companions he wanted to get her impression of his new appearance. Coughing slightly to gain her attention from across the room, he spoke. “So how bad is it?” He said with a half smile having lost some strength the muscle to the left portion of his face.


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Adelaide Sokolov
As she made her way to the door, she looked up surprised when she already heard a knock, this guy was fast. She opened the door, made a little chitchat and closed it very soon again. She took the letter and noticed that both their names were on it, she opened it and took the letter out of it, as she tended to read the first lines of the letter address to the two of them, she heard a cough and looked up. At first she was a bit surprised, it had been a week ago that she had found Lacie in this room and Kon badly wounded but she had a feeling that he had tried his very best to avoid showing her the wounds, but not anymore.

Her expressioned softened and she couldn't help but smile, "Well let's be honest, I mean it's bright red and I doubt it will all go away but.. I still think you are handsome and I find that important as well." She walked a few steps towards him, "Also important, what do you think?" She said a little more worried because well it was obvious that she also cared for his feelings. She still had not addressed the fact that she felt guilty, it was her sister after all. She wasn't sure if she actually should say anything about it, but it was obvious something was bothering her as her smile disappeared and well her eyes gave this clear emotion that she was sad.

If the matter was over, "Doctor Gerald send us a letter. I haven't read it yet," which she quickly did, "Apparently there is a virus going around it also affects animals, apparently the boars are affected here and he wants us to knock one out and bring it to him. He noted down if you were up for it of course. So what do you say?" Clearly she didn't want to push him but he had been going out and about, so why not go for a job, knocking out a boar wouldn't be a problem with his magical power or her well.. if she was able to hit something.. physical power.

Wordcount: 887/2000

Raging Bull [Quest: Kon & Alice] RVxL5Jg
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Alice’s response was sincere looking for the silver lining in all of this, he would choose to do the same. “I guess I look more of the dangerously handsome type now instead of just the foreign charm that all the ladies love, I’m kidding, I’m kidding, that’s a joke.” He really wasn’t the joking type, perhaps it was this new injury that was changing him for the better he couldn’t tell just yet. Wanting to give his own opinion of his new appearance he spoke truthfully this time. “It’s quite painful I won’t lie about that but I think it’s something I can get used to for the time being at least, anyway this new eye of mine is sort of making up for it, seeing the world through it is incredible, I can see just how strong or weak a person is both physically and magically, even now I can see the mana coursing through your body being that of light and fire bending and twisting together, while another I meet just recently was pitch black complete darkness though with the same raw magical power as yourself.”

While he didn’t want to appear vain as he spoke he then continued to speak about his own potential. “I checked myself in the mirror and was honestly surprised, so, so much power no wonder my hand is breaking open, I need a way to release this magic in a controlled manner....” Noticing the letter in her hand, he changed the topic to that instead. “What’s that you’ve got in your hand?” Promptly he received a response Doctor Gerard the man responsible for saving his life needed their help to stop a virus from spreading with it currently being contained in some boars.

Eager to help the good doctor, he replied and would leave the room at a great pace as he agreed to take the request and get more information for her, if she couldn’t provide what he wanted to know he would go to the good doctor himself or they would just have to go to the boars and deal with them cluelessly. Though Kon would ensure to keep at least one alive though knock it out to give to the doctor for examination.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked surprised to Kon, it wasn't in a negative sense, actually a smile appeared quickly on her lips again and she couldn't help but laugh, "Yes, I have to show my ring all the time to make the ladies go away. Which is a satisfying feeling." She looked away for a second to stop laughing but she couldn't help but grin a little, she was glad he could make a joke about it. She really hoped that he didn't feel insecure about it but she had a feeling it would be alright. She looked a little worried when he said it was painful, but indeed it might take a while before the pain would be gone and it was a question if all the pain would be gone at some point or if there always would stay a nagging version of it. Which she would pray for not to happen. But she was interested to hear how the eye worked, Midas had not said that much about it but she nodded. She opened her mouth to say something but realized she shouldn't blurt out something insensitive, "It's good that it gives you something positive." still not something very well, "It sure sounds interesting. So you are also able to see the magic people are using?" Since he mentioned the light and fire that combined together to her Solar magic. The person he mentioned after must be a darkness magic user.

She tilted her head a little to the left and looked at the floor as she was thinking. So the raw power was creating the change in his demeanor and the crack in his hand or was it not linked and did she think too far ahead? She decided to not ask it for now, "Perhaps I can help you as well." she said and turned her golden eyes back towards Kon and gave him a soft smile, "I do not know that much about magic but who knows." To find a way to release the magic was perhaps something. She didn't feel well about n ot talking about her guilt feeling but she would not bring it up right now. Perhaps if she was able to help, she could repay it in a way.

He noticed the letter in her hand and she quickly read it to summarize what the doctor had asked for them to do and Kon seemed to be more than willing to go and she looked over at Hecate and the now awake Jupiter. She turned back to notice Kon was already half out the room and she quickly took her coat and followed him, "It is in the hills, nearby a lake where the pack was last spotted. The one that had gone berserk. We should go there as the doctor suggests." She quickly said as they headed out of the inn.

Wordcount: 1366/2000

Raging Bull [Quest: Kon & Alice] RVxL5Jg
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His cheeky comment was met with an equally cheeky one, it was good to see that the two of them could enjoy themselves in such a light-hearted fashion despite all that had happened between them whether it was by their own hands or by that of their partners enemies. Even with the joking though there was something laying deeper inside Alice, “what was it?, guilt perhaps?” He thought to himself. “Does she feel guilty that she couldn’t stop her sister from doing this, it wasn’t her fault afterall, he was the one that got into that brawl, had he not he would have easily squashed her sister like a bug, even with her being Alice’s sibling. The hostility between the two of them and now the three of them was strong enough that Alice would honestly be glad to see her sister die by her partners hands, as least that’s what Kon hoped because that’s exactly what he was going to do. He was going to choke the life out of that woman before bending her to his will and making her his play thing. It was a pretty twisted thing to do really especially considering she looked almost completely identical to her twin.

It appeared that Midas had also informed Alice about the abilities of the eye as it would likely be accessible knowledge as part of the Holy Knights but he had refrained from telling her a large part of it whether deliberately or unintentionally that remained to be seen. Her comment left him at an awkward position. “How much can I really say about this eye?, I trust her enough and she can always learn it from another source, best she learn it from me.” He argued with himself before answering her. “It’s a little less clearer than that, I can distinguish between those with magic and without it and to what degree they are in touch with their reserves. The average man burns like a flickering candle able to be blown out just as easily with the right gust, while others like us for instance burn like raging infernos, outside of that though when my other eye is closed I just see darkness around everyone.”

It was an odd way to describe seeing the world, scary even but it was something he would have to get used to over time. For now though their attention would be directly focused on getting those boars, with Alice revealing their location, the very hills they had been training her on. “Why would they be there, a large portion of the land had been burnt by Alice?, had the virus driven them mad unable to determine right from wrong?” It was a curious thing to be sure, maybe the virus was using them to spread the disease as a carrier. For now though it would be up to them to stop the beast and collect a live specimen.

The walk to their destination was long and dangerous changing frequently having sudden dips and peaks slipping up those that were being careful. Eventually they would make it to their destination though Kon stopped far sooner overhearing the whines and groans of the boar they were hunting. Looking at Alice, he stuck a single finger in front of his lips, wanting to remain as quiet as possible so they would jump them when the time was right. Creeping closer and closer he crouched further and further down hiding his presence with a thick shrub, whispering to Alice behind the cover. “Are you ready?”


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Adelaide Sokolov
She didn't want to think about the issue at hand for very long, because it would always nag her, somewhere in the back of her mind. No matter how strong Kon was or could have been if everything had gone different, if they had never met, perhaps he wouldn't have lost an eye. But well it was better to not be all to depressing about it, everything got it's ups and downs and she was blaming hormones for her sad feelings, she would be fine. In what.. three months? She would definitely look forward to that at this point. Wondering how everything would be in the near future, with a wedding and a baby and she ticked with her thumb nail against the golden ring that she was wearing at the moment. Evertyhing would be fine in the end.

She was interested in the use of the artifact but she wasn't sure if she liked the whole idea but that was mainly about what it was and what it had cost to get it and she simply nodded, "It still sounds interesting." she said still careful in using her words to not offend or put any harm into her words. Sure Kon could take something, especially when it came to words and well fights in general but she could be caring about his feelings as well. She had the selfish thought that she was glad she didn't have the eye, because yes it sound interesting but it also sounds a bit scary to be able to stare at people in such a way, wuold you still see them as people?

In any way they had a job to do not much later and she walked back into the hills. She definitely had not missed that in Hargeon or anything, the beautiful looks in the hills didn't always make up for the walk that this almost six month pregnant woman needed to walk. Which was making her very tired every day again. She took a deep breath, continued on and didn't complain only in her mind; about how she could be so stupid and that she wasn't more careful and too young and yet, the regret she felt back in Era was mostly gone. She looked forward to being able to see the little peach, which made her realize that they didn't think of a name but now was not the time.

At some point they would have to be silent because they were close to the lake and able to spot the boars close by. Kon turned to her asking if she was ready and while she nodded, her golden eyes turned to them, "That one noticed us." she whispered as one came towards them. So it was not even a question anymore if she really was ready, she made sure to focus on her energy if that was necessary. She had not bring her spear for the reason she didn't need to kill the boar and she was afraid she might do more damage than with her lower spells.

Wordcount: 1876/2000

Raging Bull [Quest: Kon & Alice] RVxL5Jg
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His carefully thought out plan had gone awry with one of the boars revealed to him by Alice whispering in his ear. The boar itself had separated from the group and had been foraging far too close to them. Unfortunately, he hadn’t spotted the boar with either of his eyes, boar having little to no mana to make its presence be known to him and it is concealed by the shrub preventing him from seeing it with his normal eye. A rustle of leaves mixed with the fury driven loud exhales and inhales of the wild beast were the first things he noticed, slowly he would try to walk back one step at a time to avoid being gored by the boar. His attempt to create space between the two of them had been for nought as he managed to step on and subsequently break a dried piece of timber before losing his foothold on the ground and tumbling onto the grass face first.

His attempt to retreat had only seemed to have attracted the beast even more so to himself, This would, however, work in their favour as Alice had taken a more confrontal role of their party and would be capable of taking it down whereas he couldn’t do so as effectively. He would of course still protect his own hide however with the aid of a wall made entirely of his lesser beasts, his two wolves and rat to halt the boar from charging into him. He had also buffed not just them but to Alice and her companions significantly improving their strength and endurance enough to often punch in ways far stronger than they could previously. Wanting Alice to use the opportunity to the best of her abilities, he shouted at her. “Now, Alice do it!”

What it didn’t matter, he just wanted her to do something before the boar slammed into his makeshift barrier. Hopefully, Alice would be able to follow through with her side of the plan even if there wasn’t one. The tricky part now though would be transporting the massive beast from here to the hospital. It would be rather awkward for either of them or even both to try and carry the unconscious boar and it would be impractical for them to use either his summons or Alice’s companions so instead Kon opted to cast yet another summon, Cassiel casting away his others at the same time. With the care and grace of a baker moving around a sack of flour, the angel picked up the boar and slung it onto it right shoulder. Kon could help but shake his head. “Wow, that’s something I’ve never seen before, right let’s be off Doctor Gerard will be wanting to take a look at this boar.”

Spells cast: Black wolf, White wolf, Rat, Cassiel, Reinforce x 6, Haste x 6
Mana: 1725/2550


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Adelaide Sokolov
She tried to move slowly backwards as well, she had no idea what their plan was, but it perhaps was smart to be ready instead of to panic and think about possible bad consequences that might not even happen. She heard timber breaking and turned her face towards Kon out of surprise but quickly recovered herself, the boar would not notice her as she had no need to activate her Sirius spell, but she needed to do something and focused the energy in her hand and clenched it into a fist. Jupiter jumped in front of her and Hecate stood ready to make a wall as well but the three of them were ignored but Alice noticed that it was her time to cast the spell, which was quickly followed by really the instruction from Kon to actually use a spell.

She moved up her hand a little and shot her Canis Minor and Jupiter charged himself with electricity and thunder and bumped against the Boar to knock him out. She smiled at the situation even though it might be a bit cruel, but they had a virus and they better found a solution to that problem. While she looked at the issue at hand, she felt a nodge from Hecate against her leg, "It's fine Hecate, don't worry." but the Glaceon didn't stop and finally she looked at Hecate, noticing that the Glaceon ushered her to look at something else and she turned to the place and noticed the four left over boars to charge towards them, "Look out!" she called out to Kon and turned up her hand to cast her Canis Major spell quickly to avoid any trouble. Thanks to that and Hecate her help they were left out of the fire zone of her spell and it did hurt the boars who stayed away from them now.

While she turned around, she noticed Cassiel and the idea how Kon figured out how to do this, it remained her of the giant teddy bear in magnolia, was it Magnolia? She shrugged and quickly walked towards them, "Yeah let's finish this." so they left the hills back to the hospital in Baska Town. When they arrived, the doctor told them where to leave the boar and thanked them in a very hasty manner, he handed them the jewels, bid them goodbye and turned away. Muttering something about testing out the virus from the boar. She looked at Kon with a raised eyebrow as she was surprised that someone could be so excited about something like that. This was why he was a doctor and not she.


Alice: Canis Minor, Canis Major.
Jupiter: Shock Skin

Wordcount: 2314/2000

Raging Bull [Quest: Kon & Alice] RVxL5Jg
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Everything had gone to plan expect the other boars noticing their presences shortly before Alice assaulted the vanguard of their group. After the falling of the beast the remaining beasts’ morale was lost and as a result they scattered in the shrubbery around them whining loudly as they dashed away. Relieved about not needing to fight them in the awkward position he was in, he rose to his feet and patted himself down. “Sorry about that I could see what was beneath me faster enough and if I hadn’t moved the boar could have a chance to maul me.” The unconscious boar now in their possession they would make their way over to the hospital. The response that they received from the doctor upon delivering the boar appeared to have surprised Alice meanwhile his reaction was far milder as his eccentricity had saved his life and granted him the ability to see. Delivering the boar to the man, they were compensated for the work before ustered away as he needed to work fast to ensure the boar had been thoroughly examined before it woke up. With them now released from work they would now be free to continue their initial plans. “So, what was it you wanted to do today?” He questioned Alice as they left the hospital together.



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