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Lacrima Explosion [Selena & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Lacrima Explosion [Selena & Lacie] Empty Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:47 pm

Lacie Eventide
While she had just arrived in Baska the day before, Lacie had immediately scheduled an appointment with the lacrima healer in the middle of the town. She would go as soon as she woke up, fixed her hair and dress and put on her shoes and headed out. She headed back in because she forgot her coat and purse but quickly made her way into the town towards the healer. She was in time for the appointment, for a very long time and she would simply wait in the area and sit and read magazines before it finally was her time.

The healer wasn't there but some woman that examined her because of the fact that she was a woman. Especially the red spot at her back was examed, the spot where the needle of the lacrima had poked her. She had no idea what it meant but the man came and said he felt emotions that were mixed and she wondered if he would say that to everyone, because everyone had mixed emotions about a lot of things. He mentioned a blocked magic that she had not been using correctly and that's why she had not been feeling connected with her beloved Divine. Which was only half the reason but the look is his eyes told her that he knew more of it but choose not to say it.

She felt a strange burning feeling inside her, and at first she thought it came from around her heart but it spread across her whole body and the most painful spot was the red spot above her hip slightly to the spot of her back. She stood up, made sure the blouse fitted correctly and quickly headed out of the healer's house, afraid for the answers, for everything and she needed to get out. She hurried towards the town square but didn't feel safe there and out of the town. Trying to catch her breath and she felt like there were no answers, not for the blood, not for changing anything. Blocking her magic couldn't do this right? She simply looked at her hands while standing there, shaking. No one should see her like this, that was an obvious thing.

Because Lacie Eventide didn't like to look weak.

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