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Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Lacie] Empty Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:58 am

Lacie Eventide
If you would look into the apartment on the second floor of the annex of the hotel, you would find a red head pacing back and forth because she was kind of freaking out and stressing out. Imagining that you had no idea what right amount of money was there, and that you simply would try and find it, but Lacie was stressed out because of the fact that she still had not done anything towards the fact that she planned to leave. There was a map on the coffee table, planning out the route to walk towards Baska because for crying out loud there were trainstations in Hargeon and she didn’t feel the need to first walk home to Magnolia and take the train from there, it would only take more time. Besides that, she was actually in a hurry yet it would never work if she stayed like this, wondering, thinking, not understanding anything. She needed answers about Lacrima and she needed to go there quickly. Especially because of the reason that she came to Hargeon, it was to find Alice and punish her for whatever she was doing. Yet she was still not leaving Hargeon. Which was why she was pacing back and forth because well answers weren’t coming. She finally dropped herself on the couch again and wrote a letter towards Judina as she should have done before and she had to be nice in it. Which wouldn’t be that difficult, considering Judina was her only friend but she wasn’t in the mood to be nice now that everything seemed to be going wrong.

In the end she finally wrote down that she had plans to go to Baska instead of Marigold because Alice was there and she hoped that the trip towards Marigold could be in later time of the year. It would probably be next year because the end of the year was coming rather quickly but that didn’t matter for now. She would have to hurry up and cut the loose ends. Which sounded much more hateful than she really was considering it was Judina. She hoped she would come along, that would make the trip so much more fun but you couldn’t fill it in for everyone and besides that, she really needed to hurry and find that bimbo! With a deep breath Lacie decided that it was time to move on, finish the letter, with her beautiful autograph underneath it. She dropped it over the map of Fiore because than she wouldn’t be albe to forget to send it. Although she had no idea where she should send it towards and the Rune Knights perhaps was a better idea, which made her think about the fact that she might needed to write towards Selena as well. But that traitor was in Baska as well, so that would mean all she could do was accidentally bump into her again. Perhaps she needed to look for people with the pendant and a drop of blood above the map of Baska before she would actually arrive in town.


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Lacie Eventide
She headed out of the apartment not much later, she should definitely write a to do list because there was enough to do and enough money to get so that was a thing. The red head closed the apartment door behind her and made sure that her trench coat was well fitted and her purse in her right hand before she marched off to find a job in town. The money was important and well since she had unpacked again because of the stress, she needed more time to stress again and pack again. She had actually thrown the clothes away from a couple of days ago instead of bringing them to the dry cleaners, she was getting crazy about the whole idea of what she needed to do and what the past had done to her. Maybe doing jobs was seen as running away from the problem. She got a letter at the reception of the hotel, telling her there was job for reconstruction. Considering her body was doing bad things again, making her cough, bleed internal, and so on, she decided to do it anyway. She needed the money and somebody invited her to do this job, so she would.

When she ended up in town, she had read something about reconstructions so she walked around, a bit forlorn because she had no idea where to look. Finally she ended up in the docks and noticed someone she had only read about, Reign Valystasia.. he was the lord of the town and she couldn’t believe her eyes that someone so important was actually doing the work himself. Oh well, she could use some good contacts and thus she plastered on her sweet smile and walked towards the lord and talked to him with a very polite tongue and no idea who he really was because she was from Magnolia. Asking the lord, if he needed any help with the reconstructions. She would suggest that she would do the walking back and forth as she had done that all day, so that was nothing new. It was something he had suggested so she could bring parcel to one location and one to the other and thus she would take up that job and walk from one part of the docks to the other, carrying sometimes too many items and that was quite tough but she wouldn’t complain as she told herself, in her mind, that there was money to be given after she would be done.

When she finally was done and her heels and feet were screaming at her again, because she had been walking in her uncomfortable shoes but she had been here the whole time, because she had been going back and forth and well she was tired now. The sun was going on its way back to the horizon and she noticed Reign again who walked towards her as well. She quickly brushed her hair over her shoulders and smiled at him, while he thanked her for her hard work and that she was a very nice young woman, he also paid her the money she needed, not enough yet. She hurried back to the apartment.


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