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A Genocide of His Daughter's People [Seki/Nobu]

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A Genocide of His Daughter's People [Seki/Nobu] Empty Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:30 am


. . . And he hated them for leaving him, but he knew that in the back of his mind that they really didn't have any other choice. What else were they to do? This land was filled with their god's echo. They had witnessed the power first hand, to deny the existence of gods was foolish. It wasn't just ignorance, it was pure arrogance. That alone would fuel Nobunaga's drive to finish what they started.

He had caught a drift from passerbys, there was a group of people tending to the shrines in Magnolia that seemed to stick out from the crowd. Surely these people alone were the ones he was looking for.

He would find every last one of them. When he was done with this city, he would cut every last memory from that event from his mind. Nothing but success was in his mind.

He had little else to do here. There was no place for someone of his nature to find work in this city. He had to play it safe. As far as anyone knew, he was a knight, a samurai, loyal to a good cause.

No one had to know he was someone who waged war against the innocents.


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She ran with the boxes and letters in hand. She was working as delivery for the day. For now, she would take mail and other papers from one end of the city to the opposing side. It was nothing too hard. It was simple and easy to do.

It paid well enough that she even considered doing it again when she was finished. They paid her up front, and she was already halfway done.

"Maybe I can pay for the repairs for the other shrines and altars." she thought to herself, but she knew that sooner or later she would have to leave this city and go to the one temple in Fiore. It was there that she would find her power and the answers to the questions she asked her self every waking moment of every day.

She had held a large bundle of papers and boxes. They were stacked up just to her eye level. She begun to jog, hoping to get through the end of it soon. Maybe finishing under the time limit would give her a bonus. It probably wouldn't, but she could dream.

But this time, on this trip, she would run into something. . . or was it someone?

A Genocide of His Daughter's People [Seki/Nobu] Fjktq1


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Before he knew it, he would be broadsided by a girl with packages. It wasn't the most random thing he had found himself now facing. It still, however, was inconvenient for his state of mind and thought. . . or was it?

He found himself seated on the ground, only to rise up and grab a few packages to help the girl. He would have never helped her, but if he was going to keep his guise he needed to. Besides, his body already reached for them, maybe he was going to help her out of the goodness of his heart.

No, there was no good in his heart.

"Are you okay, miss?"

It burned the back of his tongue to even speak with a hint of concern. He felt the need to kill this woman when no one was looking after this was done. No one should tell a single tale of the great Nobunaga actually caring about others.

He would fight himself about it later. For now, he would allow himself to be entertained by this. Perhaps this girl could lead him to the shrine and those he came here to kill. Maybe, just maybe, she would be the first to admire him and follow in his footsteps, just maybe.


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She was a fool. Nothing ever stayed well enough for long. Something always went wrong. Rushing her day only made it happen much sooner, much faster. Why did she have to rush the trip? She could have made one more just as easy. She had all the time in the world. . .

She begun to pick up the packages and envelopes. Surely nothing was fragile, at least not this time. Maybe it wasn't as bad as she imagined, but still, she had a job to do.

"I'm fine. Sorry!" she apologized to the strange armored man. He seemed familiar, like she was supposed to know him, but something was amiss. Who was he? Her fathers friend? Maybe a famous adventurer?

"I really should be looking where I'm going. . . " she held out her arms, stacking them a little more careful than before. She did not need to move so fast. Everything would happen when it was supposed to. She just had to let things run its course and happen the way it was supposed to.

She had to put faith in her god that she would be protected until she had her answers. But soon, she would move to Dahlia and serve the temple. It was what she needed to do.

It was what was right.


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"The fault is mine." the mask man would speak out to the girl, "but if you can, could you point me to an old shrine?" He would smile as he asked the question, but the metal that hung over his face would hide the expression.

Even if he wanted her to devotedly follow him, each second wasted was a . . .well a second wasted. He needed to find the rest of them before he could even dare consider making his name again. As it stood, they outnumbered him, but not overpowered him. He would pick them off, one by one until none of them remained.

He would ask the questions needed and if the girl followed in his steps then all would be perfect. Either way, however this day would play out, he didn't want to leave this city without blood on his blade. Be it those of that cursed bloodline or a shrine maiden, he was going to end a life today.

He would pick up the mail that was within his reach and begin to help the girl pile it on top of her arms. Eventually the ground would be cleared and all of the packages and envelopes would be held in her grasp.

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Namé Les

With her armor and weapon on her waist, she patrolled the city for her own answers. She was sent here on a mission; To find a Manji girl and to make sure she made it to Dahlia safely.

It was the only job she would take this seriously. She could feel her heart beating. To find a new girl to call her sister brought her so much joy, but at the same time she feared she was as lost as Chi once was when she landed in this new country. This girl was no doubt a native by the way Nameless spoke of her. She was important in her own right, and the blood in her veins ran more pure than her own faint strain. While Namé wished nothing more than her happy love life to have a happy ending, she was devoted to preserving her family's legacy.

But that was something to get her going.

She was going to find this girl. get her back to Dahlia and after, she was going to find Baron. There was so much left unsaid between them.

She needed answers.

She needed him.

And after this was all done, he would be all she would ever need.


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Old shrine? Of course, he must have been a traveler trying to complete a pilgrimage. "The old Manji shrine?" she'd ask, nodding her head in the direction of the forest. "It's that way. My father built it long ago." She'd smile at the words she said. She would take in the last few packages and envelopes, carefully balancing herself before standing all the way up. She almost forgot where she was going. But she wasn't in a rush. If they man was seeking some kind of redemption, she would aid him in finding the shrine soon enough.

"The Manji Temple is in Dahlia. I'm going there to meet my sisters." Sekiya would say it with a bit of a smile. Perhaps her luck was changing around. Maybe he was the one to escort her there.

No, that couldn't be it. He was seeking the shrine. Perhaps he was just a new and devoted follower. Either case, she was happy to know that she had made a difference, even if long ago. It seemed as if everything she did mattered to someone somewhere. If not in the time they lived in, then perhaps the next. Maybe her father's shrines would be long honored.


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Her father built the shrine? No. There was no architect for them. They were self reliant. They always did it for themselves by themselves. Whatever excess was made was given, sold, wasted. There was no doubt in his mind. If she built a Manji shrine, she was a Manji. Perhaps this encounter was far more useful than he imagined.

He would reach to his blade and unsheathe it, only to swing it at the girl. She would most likely use the boxes and envelopes as her own protection. There was no way for him to avoid the issue at hand.

He wasn't going to be able to kill her in a single swipe. He was going to savor this moment. She was a lost Manji, one outside of the country. If that was true, then there was others. He would have to kill them all before he could move on. Fiore was getting more dangerous than he planned.

After his initial attack he would swing away at the girl's gut, hoping to watch her bleed out.

He would enjoy this day. He was going to slay a Manji. Even if she was a low life no name. he would enjoy it just the same.

#9Namé Les 

A Genocide of His Daughter's People [Seki/Nobu] Empty Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:40 am

Namé Les

The sound of metal turned her head to a strange armored man and an odd girl. Before she knew it, his sword was drawn and the girl was swung at. There was no doubt about it, she had to be the girl. This man, who was he?


Not him. Anything but him.

She ran after them. She drew the sword from her back. She would strike this man down. "You have to get to Dahlia!" she would call out to the girl. "Find Caitlyn!" And with her words, her blade would strike the man. If fate would have it, it would land on his arm, rendering him incapable of fighting. She would kill this man here and now.

But she knew it wouldn't be that easy. What would he do in response?

"I have to kill him. I can't fall. I have to do it for Chi. I have to do it for Caitlyn. I have to do it for Baron."

The relic sat in her pocket, the power of it waiting to be used. A green light coming from within it. It would soon awaken, and all of their answers would be revealed.


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How would anyone expect him to do such a thing?

He had to have known the power within her blood. That was the only possible outcome of this. That was the only reason he wanted her dead, right? As the thoughts raced in her mind, the boxes were cut down and she was left with gashes in her arms. She winced at the pain and stumbled backwards.

Before she knew it, a girl ran up to help her. She would drop all of the packages and make a run for it. It wasn't worth risking her life for just a few thousand jewels. She was worth more than that.

It was time to go to Dahlia. She had to go to this temple. Her wounds would have to wait. She held her bloodied arms to her chest as she begun to ran away. She had to get out of this town.

No. She had to find Nameless. She had to find this god and submit her will. That was the only way she could get power to protect herself. Whoever this Caitlyn was, had to be someone important enough to protect her. This had to be the power of the Manji Clan.

She owed her life to this girl

"Thank you." she thought to herself as she ran way.



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It seems his enjoyment only lasted so long. With a bit of blood on his blade he turned to meet with the girl's own sword. The crimson drip would splash enough to get drops here and there on the girl. Perhaps it was enough to remind her of what had happened.

"Namé." she smiled from under his mask. "You want to know how to Fuma died?" HIs blade would equal hers. They would be in the same level of power it would seem, but he had much more experiences under his belt.

He would slip his blade to guide hers to fall to his shoulders, landing on the pad. With a quick one handed movement he would swing the blade outside and from under her. It would find its way to pierce her chest. His left hand would hold the blade to his body, taking in the cut as he did so.

A bit of blood went a long way if you landed your mark. He would walk away that day, but she would not.

What could she possibly do to stop him?


He was the fearless Nobunaga. He would end them all. That was the power of his own might.

#12Namé Les 

A Genocide of His Daughter's People [Seki/Nobu] Empty Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:41 am

Namé Les

Not him. Not now.

How could she possibly face the man that killed her family? She was too weak. Even if she physically matched him, emotionally she was underneath him. She was nothing compared to him. He was a murderer. But she was staying strong. She was going to prevail.

But then he mentioned her family name. The Fuma. Her parents were dead. She knew that. But to hear it from him destroyed her. Her grip lessened, and before she knew it her blade slammed against his shoulder. He had trapped her.

She watched the blade dance off to the side. She wasn't going to die like this. She released the blade and swung at the man. She was going to ring his bell. He was no skilled swords man. He couldn't use both blades even if he wanted to. She would kill him here. She would kill him with her bare hands.

She would end his life, for the sake of everyone. She had to protect them all. If she couldn't stop him here, now. Then what made her think she could do it later down the road? She had to defeat him. And she would. That was her promise. She would stop him.

She had to stop him... She had to go back to her life. She had to . . .


A Genocide of His Daughter's People [Seki/Nobu] Empty Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:47 am


As she released the weapon, he would throw it aside. Only one weapon was needed in this battle. With his crescent movement, her fist met his face. He'd be lying if he said it didn't hurt. He wasn't immortal. Not yet at least. But still, he was not an easy man to stop.

With her hands on his head, she had left herself open. he followed through and placed the blade through her chest as he planned. She would take her last moments here, and now.

He would laugh at the idea of her trying to stop him. The Manji would fall soon enough. No one would stop him, not some stupid little girl.

"You've grown." he said it wit a laugh, "I'd have thought you'd have told me to stop, or to give up. I wouldn't listen anyways. I want you all dead." before he knew it the hilt would meet her skin, and blade would protrude from behind her.

"What do you want me to say? I won't kill your family? You can die knowing they'll die too." He'd laugh. It was one more girl off his list, and the one that ruined their shipment to begin with. And he enjoyed this.

#14Namé Les 

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Namé Les

"Don't tell me something you're not gonna do, only yo do it anyways." It was on the tip of her tongue, but she knew it was all wrong to say. She hadn't stopped the blade. She should have done something, anything else. She lifted her foot and kicked off the man, but it wouldn't do. She took in a breath, only to choke and fall backwards.

The totem had failed her. She had no idea how to use it. She had keep it away from that man. She reached into her chest pocket to take it in her hands and to throw it into the crowd, anywhere, to anyone.

She took out the small talisman, only to have it flash green. The next thing to go through her mind would be darkness, blackness. Her mind would stop and disappear. From her eyes and mouth a light and smoke would emit, only for the totem to suck it in.

It was the end.

She was no more. And she had been taken into this small object. . . but what was it for?

Her story was over. She did not find her sibling. She could not honor her deity. She could not stop the murderer. And most of all, she would never see him again. It didn't matter how much she loved him.

Here, now,

She would die alone.



A Genocide of His Daughter's People [Seki/Nobu] Empty Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:02 am


That was certainly a sight to see. It was odd and strange, but he seemed to understand it completely.

Whatever she held in her hands, must have taken and sealed her soul away. He would have to be careful with it, but it would seem to be something related to their bloodline, as all of the relics were. He wasn't here to understand it. As her lifeless body fell to the ground he would take up a small pouch on his waist and sheath his blade. He would pick up the tiny totem and begin to leave on his way. He was going to head to Dahlia to find the other Manji. The only question now was if he was to stop.

No, he could catch up to the girl, surely. He could stop her before she asked for help. . . . no, that wouldn't do. She would tell that god soon enough and the others would know. There was no good in doing that. He knew where they were. And soon, he would come

He would come, and death would follow that clan.

/exit /end

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