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Deadliest Designer [job| Chelflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
The sun stood high and mighty in the sky as it was a calm and relaxing afternoon for Chelvaric. He was enjoying the midwinter sun and the cool breeze that was going through Baska. This place wasn’t really the location that gets really cold or where it snows it was more a mild climate that cooled off in the winter to around seven degrees so nothing too cold. He could handle this temperature with ease but just to be more presentable he was still wearing a nice coat and shirt underneath it. His green tunic nicely blended in with the environment as he was sitting on a terrace surrounded by bushes and trees. The café was called one with nature. So it was no surprise that half of the café was actually an open air place filled with grass and trees and bushes and small animals like rabbits and hares.

The town was peaceful again and no one seemed to remember what had happened just a few days ago. He hoped he would never run into the person he knocked out during that job that would be so awkward. He sighed and took a small sip of his tea while stroking Elisa’s ears.


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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

A favourite pass time of hers was to observe the people and watch the streets from above, specifically the town’s roof structures. Now that her abilities had been better tailored thanks to a significant growth in power a while ago, navigating over the tricky surfaces of rooftops had been much easier for her. Unlike before, the streets somehow seemed empty, with only a few civilians wandering and tending to their own businesses. Perhaps, it was due to the cold season and the townsfolk were more willing to remain inside than to take a stroll around the town – unlike her. Despite the changing seasons, a morning walk was part of her routine and her curiosity to things never faded.

The demon swallowed a lungful of the cold morning air as she gazed right below her. There was nothing else apart from a blanket of freshly lain snow that covered the roads, and on top of buildings and trees. Time to time, Snowflake would glance over at the café in a short distance, the place where she was supposed to meet her lover. A soundless sigh slipped from her lips as she leaped off the roof, her body falling aimlessly from quite the height, her clothes flipping furiously until she landed with a loud thud. Thankfully, there hadn’t been any spectators to her stunt, as it was still well into the early morning.

As the snowy beauty approached the café, she would see Chelvaric seated at an empty table, waiting for her. A smile grew on her lips and pushed the glass doors open. The store was something that stood out well from the rest, seeing how it was decorated with flowers, vines and plants – something that Chelvaric would love to be.

”Good morning, Chel.”

With a kiss on his cheek, the young woman gave a short greeting before she seated herself right across him. Her attention shifted to his companion beside him and gave a gentle stroke on her head. It seemed that Elisa had decided to tag along this time as well.


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was quite impressed by the tea, it had a full aroma of oaken wood but also a small hint of lime deep inside the aroma which makes it refreshing when the aftertaste arrives in your mouth like a small present. He loved this place they really did serve the best tea in the whole town and it felt so relaxing. He wondered what Snow was up too when he suddenly saw her walking into the Café as she pushed the glass doors open. She seemed energetic and happy as she had a adorable smile on her face that made her shine like a diamond. She came closer and wished him a good morning after which she planted a kiss on his cheek. He stroked her arm softly before she went and sat down. He was happy that she was here, so that he could share this experience with her.

Good morning Snow”, he said back to her and smiled savoring the little kiss on his cheek. “Did you have a good morning so far? Do you need anything to drink?  ill treat you today”, he said as he wanted to do something for her. spoiling her was one of the things he always wanted to do so that Snow would feel happy.


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#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”I suppose.” She replied, propping her elbow up on the table before resting her chin on her palms. Mornings weren’t that eventful for her, since it only included with a simple stroll around the place and a quick observation to see what the townsfolk were up to. Being a wanderer herself, she loved exploring places that she had never been to before, studying things that she never knew that existed or those she had only read in books. It made her curious about life and what the world had for humans like. She quickly pushed her thoughts away and fixated her gaze on her lover once again.

”Hm, I don’t need anything, but a cake would be nice.”

Just as she said so, a young boy entered the café and approached them – the same boy that they met a few weeks ago and if she wasn’t wrong, he worked as a delivery boy for Fernando. While she wondered how the boy could even manage to find them in the entire town, she took the letter that he handed over to them. It had been a while since they last heard from Fernando, the famous designer and seeing from the pink letter, it seemed that the fashionista needed their assistance once again.

”Actually, I think we might not need to order the cake anymore.” She’d say, as she flipped the letter open with two of her fingers and her eyes would scan the letters engraved on the brittle sheet of paper.  


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at snow as she didn’t seem to excited about her morning. He wondered if it was just a calm one where nothing happens, a regular morning so to speak. Maybe those kind of mornings were boring for Snow. But that was okay as in this way he would learn more about her. It seemed she only wanted to have some cake which didn’t surprise him as she was a sweet tooth. He was about to wave over a waiter so that they could order a cake for her but they were interrupted as a young boy suddenly came into the shop. He seemed familiar to him. He was thinking deep what it was about but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Till it suddenly came to him. It was the boy that had been sent every time they had to do something for the fashion designer. So it seemed he needed them again. Snow said to leave the cake as she read the letter that the boy had given her, he wondered what the job would be about this time. He hoped it was a bit more excited than some fashion problems. “So what is the job about this time?”, he asked of her.


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#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Right after the boy delivered the letter to the Blue Pegasus mages, he immediately departed the store as Snowflake registered the words written on the paper into her mind. The paper that was sent to them was a job written with precision and grace, as if the write spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to meet Fernando at the shop. When Chelvaric asked her what the request was about, she would simply say, ”Oh, Fernando asked us to meet him again.” She handed the paper over to her partner just so he could take a quick look as she stood up from her seat and grabbed her coat draped over the seat beside her.

Snowflake would wait for her lover to finish his tea and snack and after he had paid for them, they would walk out of the store and proceed towards Fernando’s shop next. The weather only grew colder and colder each day although it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing – not to mention, her body had grown completely immune to the climate, which was another perk of being an ice demon, to the point that she could probably walk outside bare without feeling the slightest bit of chilliness. In fact, winter was her favourite season out of all and she was always eager to go outside on these days.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
When Chelvaric had asked about what it was he wasn’t surprised that Snow answered that it was Fernando that needed them again. It seemed he had been spot on that the boy belonged to the fashion designer. It did seem that fashion designers had a lot of troubles with there show as this was the fifth time that he needed them. it was always fun to be the mage of service to the same client a couple of times as you get to know each other better and become friends with them since you solve their problems for them. Snow handed over the paper and he started to read it slowly. It seemed someone was after his show again and he requested them to come over so he could explain it in more detail. It did seem weird that there were still accidents happening after they fired the bad models. He drank his tea quickly and finished his food after which he got p and paid for them at the cash register.

Alright let’s go and see what is happening at that fashion show. I better button my coat up its quite cold today”, he would say to her and closed off his jacket before they left the café. The walk wasn’t that long and they could talk a bit in the meantime while Chelvaric was holding her hand which didn’t feel cold at all. He wondered if she was used to the cold environment.


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#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Upon their arrival at the shop, Fernando was busy preparing for the fashion show and all the rehearsals – as usual. After noticing their presence, he immediately welcomed them inside and to his office, where he would begin to explain the sole reason of his request. ”Everything has been going well, in a way. The models are improving a lot, since the last time and my team is amazing as I’d expected.” He paused, sitting upright and clasped his hands in front of him. The expression of his face altered from a relaxed disposition to a rather serious one. ”But, somehow, I’ve been in so many accidents recently that it almost seems very unusual, as if someone is targeting me.”

”I was in a near-death situation when a heavy cabinet fell on top of me and not long after that, a chandelier almost crushed me. I’m starting to feel that someone might want all of my plans to become a failure and my first and foremost suspect is Jaune Chameur.”

It was a name that Snowflake had read in magazines often, and she would even see advertisements with the name printed on it. It was no doubt that the person was a famous designer, just like Fernando and perhaps, there was some apparent rivalry between them for the fame.


#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked inside the shop together with Snowflake and it seemed everything was going well as people were running around and finishing the last touches to the stage and the models seemed to be more professional then how they were before. This could probably end up being a good fashion show. He thought and he sat down near Fernando so that he could explain what was going on.

It seemed that everything was going well except for the fact that he was getting into weird accidents all the time. It did seem quite weird that this was happening. He also had a suspect already, Jaune Chameur, not a name that was familiar to Chelvaric but maybe Snow would know him since she was a girl and this was about fashion after all. It could be that rivalry in the fashion industry was more deadly then he thought. Well, it's better that they quickly investigated this person before another attempt was made on his life. “do you have any idea where we can find this Jaune?”, he asked the man. It didn’t even take a second or Fernando was writing the directions to Jaune’s boutique on a paper and handed it over to them. they thanked him for the info and left for the place.  


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#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Certainly, if they needed to spy on this fashion designer called Jaune Chameur, they would need his location to do the work. Without any hesitation, Fernando handed them over a small sheet of paper which consisted of the address of Jaune’s boutique. She peeked over Chelvaric’s shoulder to take a glance and it didn’t seem that far from where they were located. But then, the entire street was filled with shops that were either on trend or is very popular, so it was no doubt that Jaune’s boutique would be situated around here.

After a short walk, they finally reached the place of their target. Since they were spying on him, they were required to ensure to not get easily noticed by the man. ”Come, this should be a good place to hide,” she suggested and grabbed Chelvaric by his hand and dragged him near the gorse of bushes and trees growing around the area. Through the windows, she would watch over him and it seemed that Jaune was busy styling the outfits and relocating them on the mannequins.

For a while, there didn’t seem to be anything going on and thus, the two just simply remained in their hiding spot. They would have to wait for the time when Jaune would actually decide to do something or go out of his store, and then, they would tail behind him to see what he had been up to the entire time.


#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking together with Snow towards the fashion boutique of the suspect. It wasn’t too far as most shops were located in this area and they were all close to each other. When they were near the shop they had to find a location to spy on the shop from. Before he could even look around he suddenly got grabbed by his hand and got pulled by her. They were hiding behind bushes and trees so that they could watch him from a safe spot. Nothing really happened at first when they were looking through the window as he was just dressing the mannequins and working on clothes like any fashion designer was doing.

Chelvaric was quite bored from watching him but stake out jobs were mostly on the boring side. Nothing special happened for the next few hours till he walked out of the shop. He held Snow by the arm to make her wait till the man had some distance between them. They slowly walked behind him and tried to see what he was doing. At first, it wasn’t that much he was just walking and looking at the cloth stands at the market. He was probably finding some new texture to use in his designs.


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#12Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Not wanting to look suspicious, the Blue Pegasus wizards waited for a moment before they begun tailing behind Jaune. It was rather difficult for them to blend in with the rest of the crowd since they stood out more compared to other people due to their appearance, though it seemed that Jaune was oblivious to the fact that he was being followed by them. They just casually walked, pretending to look around the area whilst paying attention to what Jaune was doing at the same time. For at least fifteen minutes, nothing happened and Jaune only seemed to be searching for things that might interest his eyes.

Since Baska was a small town, there weren’t a lot of people in the streets – not to mention, it was winter season, so the majority of the people preferred to stay at home while the merchants and traders continued to do their work in the town. The two kept quite a distance from their target, so as not to attract any unnecessary attention, otherwise their plan would fail. It wasn’t until Jaune decided to stop in his tracks right after he laid eyes upon a young woman, who seemed to be doing her own routine of shopping in the market.


#13Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking along with Snowflake as they kept their distance as far as possible from the target they were stalking. He felt like a lion on the savannah, waiting in the grass sneaking and following the prey till it was time to strike for the kill. Alone the kill here was more catching him in the act of doing something to hurt Fernando. He just hoped he actually would do something today or they had to follow him tomorrow too and he rather not do that as it would be even riskier to be caught if he would see the same people behind him again. The town was rather quiet this time of the year and it was hard to shadow someone when there was barely any people around them, which made it hard to blend into the crowd so that he wouldn’t notice them.

But luckily he wasn’t that focused on his suroundings and mainly didn’t look behind him. He suddenly stopped and not much later he was trailing a young woman. It was weird now they were shadowing a person who was shadowing another person. But why would a fashion designer do that, he thought and they kept close to him.


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#14Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Just as soon as Jaune stopped in his tracks, Snowflake immediately pretended to be checking out the items on display in a shop nearby, though her eyes were still fastened in the location of where he was standing. She noticed Jaune looked around him cautiously, which only made her wonder what he was actually planning to do. Her attention drifted towards the targeted woman and she would raise her eyebrows in question. ”Isn’t she one of the models who work for Fernando?” She asked to none other than her partner, Chelvaric, who stood beside her.

Snowflake found it quite ridiculous finding out that they were following someone, who was also stalking another person. Whatever the reason was, all they have to do was to see what Jaune wanted to do with the woman and to make sure that she was safe. The two continued tailing behind their target for quite a short while, until they approached a more isolated area where there were almost barely any civilians around. Perhaps the girl was returning home, she thought. Albeit, Snowflake wondered how this model can be so oblivious that she was being followed – same for Jaune.

With less people around, it was much easier for them to attract attention and thus, she decided to hide behind something, continued stalking and the procedure repeats. It was then Jaune suddenly whipped out a dagger from his pocket.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was still shadowing the person till he suddenly stopped and he pretended to check out clothes inside a shop together with Snow like how a regular couple would be shopping. He sighed and looked back at the man when he wasn’t noticing them anymore. Snowflake asked if the girl was one of the models of Fernando. And he was thinking deep about it. “I think so yeah, I have seen her before at least”, he said to her and they kept following the both of them.

They were starting to enter a more secluded area as they were walking toward the house district where not a lot of people were wandering the street. It was here that they had to go more for a run from cover to cover approach or they would be spotted. It was going to be harder to stay hidden but in the end it didn’t matter as the man suddenly pulled out a dagger.

Chelvaric ran forward and shouted at him, “hold it right there!” The man turned around and looked mad as he was interrupted by what he was doing. He smiled at them and before they were at his place he disappeared as he pulled out a magic scroll. Chelvaric cursed to himself and walked up to the girl. “Are you okay?” , he asked her.


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#16Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”Hold it right there!”

Chelvaric’s voice was loud enough to attract the attention of both Jaune and the young model, followed by an ear-piercing scream as the sack of groceries hit the ground. The designer froze in position knowing that he had messed up his entire plan, only to reward the two mages with a smile and suddenly poofed out of existence using a magic scroll. ”Tch, he escaped,” the woman clicked her tongue at the roof of her mouth and although it was a disappointment that they were unable to catch Jaune, at least they discovered that he was indeed the man behind the scenes to harm Fernando.

Shock and fear were apparent on the features on the model’s face, it was very fortunate that they were at the location – who would have known what might happen if they weren’t at the scene? ”T-thank you,” she stuttered, her words cut short by the sobs that grew loud each moment. Snowflake would simply reassure her with a gentle pat on his shoulder and left the rest of the job to Chelvaric since she wasn’t very good at comforting others. The female only cried harder and scared from the situation, she threw herself into her boyfriend’s arms, only to piss Snowflake off.

”Okay, we’ll take you back to your house.”

With that, she immediately shoved the girl away from Chelvaric and ended the scene right there and then.


#17Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the position where just a second ago the designer was standing but now nothing was filling up his space as he had disappeared into nothingness. It seemed the designer had a teleport scroll and had used it to get away before they could do anything. It was quite annoying but nothing they could do about it. They walked to the girl to see if she was alright. Snow asked her and she replied she was all right.

Although she started to cry and sob since she was scared from the incident after which she threw herself in his arms. He catches her and tried to make her feel better while he looked with a helping face at Snow who didn’t seem to happy about this event. He patted the girl her back and said that the man was gone and wouldn’t be back soon. They started to walk to her house and when they arrived they made sure she went inside safe. But before she did she gave a kiss on Chelvarics Cheek and said, “Thank you for your fast save my hero”, after which she also threw a thank you to Snow but it seemed she didn’t care to much about that part.

Well, we saved her although she was quite ungrateful to you, lets go tell Fernando about what happened. Sorry for that kiss Snow, I didn’t know she was going to do that”, he said to her while he was quite embarrassed about what had happened.


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#18Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The entire journey towards the model’s apartment was filled with silence as the mages escorted the girl back to her home. Snowflake didn’t like any woman approaching her boyfriend – he was her man and it was natural that she would feel jealous if someone was flirting with Chelvaric. It wasn’t an issue of self-confidence nor esteem, but it was simple enough that what’s hers remain as hers and she hoped her lover felt the same way. After they arrived to their destination, the young model bid farewell to them, though intentionally ignoring Snowflake before she did something that the snow haired maiden would never expect.

The girl planted a kiss on Chelvaric’s cheek with a slight blush growing upon her face. The action triggered Snowflake to the point that she could have slammed the model’s head into a wall and ruin her pretty face right there and then – yet, she remained quiet, as it would have been very inappropriate to displease their client if Fernando found out what happened. Oh, that face, how good it would be to have it perfectly ruined, she thought to herself. It wasn’t often for Snowflake to display her sadistic side – only when it angered her.

Chelvaric apologized for the girl instead although Snowflake paid no attention to him, simply because she was mad at the man. ”How could you even let her kiss you on the cheek right in front of your girlfriend?” Her voice was loud and there was an apparent hint of anger in her tone. She didn’t expect herself to be so angry by such a trivial matter – no, it was not – and perhaps, it was her own insecurities that kept her worried about Chelvaric leaving her for another woman. A sigh escaped her lips and she walked away to return to Fernando; alone.


#19Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric had it coming that Snow was mad at him. He would be too if the roles were turned around. And maybe she was scared about the incident as well. But he just didn’t know what was happening at the time or he would have stopped it. “Snow hold on I am sorry, I didn’t know she was gonna do that or I would have stopped her”, he said to her as he grabbed her arm trying to stop her from going. He didn’t want to end up at Fernando’s while she was mad at him. But he wasn’t in time to grab her as se was way quicker then him . He ran after her and walked in silence behind her for now as he felt like she would kill him if he would press anything right now.

When they arrived he stood in front of the door and looked at her. “Snow I promise you I didn’t know that was going to happen. Please I love you don’t be mad at me”, he said to her and he looked sad he didn’t like it that she was mad and he didn’t wanted to end the job like this. He looked at her showing remorse and wanting forgiveness.


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#20Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Her lover attempted to apologize her after Snowflake’s outburst, but she simply responded with ignorance. It was childish of her to act this way, yet she was truly angry that Chelvaric would let someone do that kind of action in front of her. She felt guilty – somewhat – for being so difficult and if it was possible, she regretted calling him out in the middle of the streets. At least, they could have discussed after they arrived home. And once again, a sigh left her lips as she neglected all the attempts that Chelvaric would try to talk to her along the way.

At the arrival at Fernando’s boutique and right before they entered, Chelvaric ceased her from opening the door by standing in front of her. For a brief moment, their gazes locked, only for her to divert her attention elsewhere – she couldn’t bear to look at him straight in the eye after what happened. Embarrassed and guilty, she folded her arms and decided that she would listen to his explanation.

God, why am I acting like a child?

Snowflake accepted the apology and finally broke into a small smile; she knew she couldn’t stay mad at this man for so long. ”I’m sorry I acted that way.” A blush grew on her cheeks out of embarrassment before she nudged Chelvaric to enter the shop, just so they don’t delay the message to their client any longer.


{ EXIT }

#21Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was lloking at her when she said sorry for her behavior he smiled at her as he wasn’t mad at her for behaving like that or anything. It was quite normal and he just wanted to make her happy again as something like that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. He would treat her to a nice dinner after the job and they could go shopping she would be happy from that. Maybe they could go for some cake or something, sweets were a weakness for Snow after all. He smiled inside himself and walked into the store after ruffling through her hair.

It’s alright Snow I am sorry too, let's finish this fast and ill treat you on some cake”, he said to her smiling and they walked into the shop which was still quite busy in transforming to a fashion show. He looked at the many people to find the person they needed Fernando. After looking for a while they found him and they walked over to his location. They greeted him and he asked them what had happened. Chelvaric explained to him what had happened and that they couldn’t capture him. The man wasn’t too worried about it as he could now ask security to keep an eye out for him so that he could stop worrying about his life. They said goodbye and left the shop to go out on there own business.


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