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Stage Hand (Solo Quest)

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Stage Hand (Solo Quest) Empty on Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:07 pm

Walking into the theater he was met by a small thin girl with black hair and vibrant green eyes, her hair was short and curved inward and bounced around when she moved. Turning around she waved her hand to follow him towards the back, Ms.
Nightingale doesn't like to talk for long, so when she gives you the directions living, if you have questions they can't be longer than 6 words, they can't be about anything related to her performance and when you're done don't try to shake her hand smile and nod your head respectively, she prefers that, and oh, don't refer to her as Alice, she'll cut off your head."
The protege opened up a door adorned with multiple different stars, each with an AN written in a fancy letters. Opening the door a woman with chocolate brown hair stood up and continued to comb her hair, smiling a layer of malice surfaced on her beautiful face, "Its so Nice to see you, Im Alice Nightingale. Follow me, we don't have long." Syliph stepped to the side as Alice walked elegantly out the door. She quietly walked up the stairs to where are the tools were, waving her hand she showed the lacrima lights, telescope looking things like, Alice placed his hand on a switch, "Just switch this and the light will turn on." The telescope light shined brightly, "Make sure these follow me all the time, and that button over there turns the curtains,
make sure you open them when you see the cue,
it'll be a green flashing light,"
than in a whisper, "If you see anyone walk up here, ignore them, if they try to pester you,
tell them I sent you up here and you aren't a threat."
Alice smiled and left, waving and groaning for her Protege to follow. Sighing Syliph leaned against the catwalk and looked over the side, he was bored, and he wanted something interesting to happen, like the show to start or for something like those bad people to show up. Rolling agianst the edge he stepped over the railing and decided to dangle from the edge, he didn't need to start yet so this was just something to do while he was bored there wasn't much he had to do for this. The light began to blink on the far end, quickly pulling himself up he ran over an flicked the switch and the curtain pulled up, revealing a fully costumed Alice Nightingale and clapping crowd. Positioning the lights on Alice he watched her Bow. [color=#ff0099]"A long, long time ago, in a land far far away, A witch by the name Of Elena cast a curse on my daughter, the princess, so in an attempt to save her I went on a journey."/color] The play went on for a little bit, it was about some warrior queen, but then it was intermission, and Syliph clicked the curtain Lacrima.  Stepping down, he went to go get a drink, he was thirsty.



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After intermission he went back up and clicked the curtain button again and opened the curtain, and set the lights back on Alice, and he got pretty bored just watching her walk back and forth, and this play was pretty boring, the queen fought, than cheated on her husband, the king, fought, cheated,fought, cheated, interrogated a witch, cheated, fought, basically he was watching the same thing over and over and it was beginning, not it already was boring. Sighing he just set the lights to move on their own, apparently they had a button for that, it only worked every other 15 minute for 15 minutes, so worked for 15, than didn't work for 15. So he turned around and leaned back against the catwalk. Out of the blue two muscled men walked up the catwalk and eyed Syliph suspiciously, "Get lost kid." One of them said, throwing a thumb over his shoulder, "I'm up here for Alice, she said juts to go on with your work." Syliph said. The man shook his head and mouthed the word no, then he said, "You gotta go, no matter what she said, she ain't are boss." The other man said. Syliph shook his head. The other man shrugged and started walking towards Syliph who sighed, the man leaned forward as he was about to punch,him. Syliph dodged and kicked the man against the railing, the other ran at Syliph, who grabbed the man's legs as he ran towards him. the two men were subdued for the time being, so Syliph kindly dragged the two men to the other side of the catwalk, where they looked like they were originally heading. Walking back over he listened to the play again while directing the lights. "OH MONTEGUE, I CAN'T BE MARRIED TO YOU ANYMORE, IM MARRIED TO ARIC NOW!"she yelled. The actor who he assumed to be Montegue began speaking, "WHAT ABOUT OUR DAUGHTER,
the yell fight seemed to go over and ended up with  he warrior queen promising that she would be quitting her philandering ways and that they would be happy together and that she had found a anti-curse for him. Smiling they made up and became on happy family. Quickly Syliph clicked the curtain button and the curtains withdrew. Alice practically murdered the Motegue actor afterwards, calling him a buffoon and totally unqualified to be an actor. Sighing she slammed her door, with a small note on the side. Walking back down the catwalk stairs, he picked up the note, asking only for Syliph or her protege. Knocking quietly he opened the door and walked in to Alice drinking a water, a bag of money next to her. "Here you go, just take the money and leave I'm exhausted, I can't do this,
see you again another time."
She tossed him the money. Syliph nodded and left, the job had been fairly easy.Sighing he left. It was too much sometimes it was too much.


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