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Mermaid Picture [Quest: Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Mermaid Picture [Quest: Lacie] Empty Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:35 pm

Lacie Eventide
She woke up in a disarray. Her hair was horrible messed up and she was still wearing the skirt and blouse from the day before and they were crocked and ugly now and it was a horrible disaster. She looked around her because she had no idea where she had been at the moment. It took her a few seconds before she finally realized that she was still in her apartment and that she must have fallen asleep last night after walking around for so many jobs on the heels that had basically killed her feet and she quickly turned around to look at them and noticed the red spots and some crust from the blood that was now dried up. She should really work that out and perhaps see a healer because that would work out better, besides wear better shoes was a good idea as well. But having three pairs of shoes only here is a lot of work. She wouldn’t even be able to wear the golden ones because that definitely wouldn’t fit anything but sure she would do it now and pick out a black dress, these probably needed to go to a dry cleaner or else she could simply throw it away. It would give her more space in her suitcase, she simply decided about it, she should think about it later. Because else it would be a total disaster and she would immediately throw away her clothing. She with some whining, headed back to her kitchen to get some food from the fridge and figure out some serum before actually putting on the golden heels and the right dress with the right underwear. She would fix her hair what seemed to take hours before she was done. Especially since it was so full of knots but she was done after a long time and quickly braided it securely to not make the same mistake.

She fixed her make-up and took a deep breath before getting out and get out to find another job. As long as she had not contacted Judina and didn’t know when to go and have enough money for Baska, she would stay here and do jobs, as long as there were any which was a very interesting thing. She had never thought so much about it, she simply would find a job. She took the keys, her trench coat and her purse and headed out. Down the stairs back to the hotel and through the front door to get out of the way towards the quest board in the middle of town. It was near the fountain and she was sure that there were jobs. But she first had to survive the stairs and go to the healer, which made her realize that she forgot the clothes for the dry-cleaner. Which cost money, money she perhaps didn’t have so she could better not do taht and burn them anyway because she didn’t feel like spending money on things she didn’t need that desperately.


#2Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
But she first made the pit stop to the healers place because well it was obvious that she wouldn’t be able to walk any more steps if she continued this way. But she soon was sitting in the building of the healer. She would wait when the healer had time for her and was able to give her something to make her feet healed which was definitely a better feeling. He suggested that she would have to sit down for the rest of the day and take it easy. But she would find a job that would give her enough time to sit down and yet do a job. Which would be a tough nut to crack but she would find something as she stood not much later in front of the quest board, reading upon the quests that were there. Yet she heard someone screaming behind her, ranting that no one was willing to believe him. So she turned around and looked at the person that was talking to no one in particular. But it was Jacob, someone she had seen a couple of times before. Jacob Fischer again, she had met him twice now and she would wonder what his job was about. So she turned around, crossed her arms in front of her chest and listened to the story of him seeing a mermaid. Which was a very interesting concept. ”Need any help finding it?” she was definitely not good at sea but taking a picture didn’t cost that much as walking around doing other things so this was a good to go idea. Jacob seemed to be super excited that someone believed him so with this fake smile plastered on her face she followed him towards the docks and the little ship he had.

She would wait for the whole time, holding the lacrima photo camera in hands and wait. And wait some more. This wasn’t going to work, there weren’t even mermaids, she would never believe in it but who knows, he had perhaps seen a very sparkly little fish or well big fish else why make the mistake. But after hours on the ocean ad her face turning green because of the waves, she suggested to turn around, ”Perhaps you have another day that you are more lucky, I am afraid that the mermaid is not in it today.” she tried to say friendly not showing what she really thought but saying it in a supportive manner that perhaps he could deal with. So Jacob agreed and gave her already the jewels and sailed back to the main land. With one happy look over her shoulder, something Jacob shouldn’t see and her eyes on the water, she thought she saw a big shiny tail disappearing in the water and her face quickly turned pale and back to Jacob, but he hadn’t seen anything. Perhaps there was a mermaid here after all. But she needed to go to back to the main land if she didn’t want to throw up in her mouth. Once arrived she wished Jacob another good search and she was sure it would show up some time, perhaps now more aware of the real deal than before.


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