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Rum Diary [Quest: Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Rum Diary [Quest: Lacie] Empty Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:27 am

Lacie Eventide
She would see later if there was need for her to do something else, it was good to make connection with the people that had the less practical and good quest. She needed some activity and thrilling jobs in her life, not that this screaming for her life had been interesting. The fact that she had to pretend to search for her sister because of this quest, was ridiculous. But it was good to be able to use Alice her name in cases. As long as the Knights wouldn’t tell Alice or Selena she could make use of this, and this brought a smile on the red head her face and she headed back to her hotel to get some lunch. She would perhaps be best i f she cooked for herself but she had no idea what she would eat. In the end she decided to use some falafel and make wraps. While she was cooking there was a knocking on the door and she looked at the pan before she walked to the door, where there was a boy from the hotel; he was wearing the uniform after all. He handed her a note and she thanked him and quickly made him leave because she needed to head back to the kitchen for her food. She would leave the letter on the table next to the door and read it later, first she needed to eat of course, after running around this morning she was hungry.

When the food was done she took a plate and made the package together before taking it to the living room and sitting on the couch, it would be too difficult to read the letter and the like so she waited until she finished her food and washed her hands and the plate before walking back to the door and pick up the letter. It was sealed and she hooked her index finger around the seal and picked it so she could open the letter. There was a short note in there to meet Reagan later today again in the bar where they first met. Apparently he had another job for her that he hadn’t been able to tell at the docks for they had not spoken to each other. She wondered for a second if she should take this job or just pretend that she had gotten the letter too late, was that even an option? Or did this Reagan had more spies than she could imagine and they would know if she was home and got the letter. She dropped it back on the table next to the door and walked to the window of the living room and looked outside, but no one was in sight. Of course they wouldn’t be, but she was rather interested in what this job could be and money was always a good thing. She decided that she would go, she only had no idea what to wear because if it came to running again and if it was at the docks it might be smart to do something about her outfit.


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Lacie Eventide
She changed her hair from the knot into a braid and redid her make-up in another way, she changed into a skirt with flats and a blouse and put on a different coat. She headed out of the door with her bag, now emptied and her keys. She had no idea what it was about but she met up with Reagan soon enough and he explained the idea. She nodded shortly and headed out of the door to go back to the docks, hoping that most of the security wouldn’t recognize her. No one looked at her twice so she simply looked around. Most of the people around the docks and the ships were the workers that loaded the crates of and on the ships. She walked past looking as if she was trying to find someone by checking out the faces, but basically she was looking for a crate with a banana drawn on it. The one she needed to get the rum out for Reagan. When she noticed it, she had to find out a way to get closer to it. She wasn’t too far away from it but she also needed to find a way to open it. She simply moved towards it and still looked at the faces, ”I’m looking for someone, can I wait here or am I in the way?” she said while trying a half attempt to flirt so she got this guy’s good attention. He didn’t mind and she stood next to the crate with the bananas, now all that was left was to open it correctly and unnoticed. She worked on it slowly and when no one was looking at her, she opened the box and looked through it, moving the bananas aside and picking up the little crate inside with the rum and quickly dropping it in her bag.

When she got out of the docks, she noticed Reagan and walked over towards him without much further ado. He guided her towards a more secret place so she could get the crate out of her bag and hand it over to him. He opened it and checked out how many bottles were in there before he handed her one, ”I don’t need it?” she said surprised but he told her to keep it and give it to Balthazar, because of her work he could try and find other jobs for her and she gave him a thumbs up and put the bottle in her bag with the jewels that he gave her immediately after.  She quickly left the docks after that again, two jobs in one day was enough. She perhaps had enough money to go to Baska but now she had to find this Balthazar, which was not exactly what she had planned. This meant that she had to be quick before Judina would perhaps leave without her or before her father, her cousin or her twin sister would have already moved away from Baska.


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