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Smuggler's Scheme [Quest: Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Smuggler's Scheme [Quest: Lacie] Empty Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:15 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie didn’t feel like returning to her hotel room, the fact that the bowl and the smoking old fire would be there to prove the point that even her dead family was lying to her made things even worse. She was glassily staring in front of her, seeing nothing, noticing nothing. It started to rain but the red head didn’t even notice. If she did she would have made a noise as if the world was trying to prove a point that she was a very sad person and that she was too much drama for her own world to handle. It would be a nicer life for Lacie if the world did turn around her but unfortunately everyone seemed to walk away from her anyway and end up by her sister side or just lost in general. Which made Lacie lonely, as she had figured out she always was craving for attention. She got that when she was a child because as a little baby and toddler she had a very bad health. Where her sister had always been the active one and running off to find new adventures; things she apparently did now still as she was a Rune Knight. Her sense of justice far more than the one from Lacie as she only thought about herself. She sighed and leaned with her elbow on the banister that was there to prevent people from falling into the ocean. Finally she noticed that she was getting cold and turned to look up and blink against the rain, that’s when she finally noticed. With a shake of her head, the red locks sticking to her cheeks, she turned around and headed back to the hotel apartment that she was hiring.

She shook off her coat with a lot of difficulty and felt herself cold and thus shivering while she made her way to the shower. She would shower and after that go to bed and see what tomorrow would bring. With one final look in the bowl that she had used for the séance she turned towards the bathroom and stripped herself off all the drenched clothing that she was wearing and simply dropped it around before putting on the hot water and step underneath it. She should stop her self pity, she had better things to do. Work out how to get to Baska and if she was healthy enough for that, she had to figure out if Judina would want to come along, but she also needed to gather an amount of money because she wasn’t sure if she would be able to make it with the money that she was throwing around right now. Especially if some lacrima specialist would need more money than she could offer. She had quite a lot of money, having both her parents out of her life when she was young and living in a monastery was easy. But yet it was not enough compared to the money that Alice must have been making as a lieutenant.


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Lacie Eventide
Which made Lacie realize that she should get a better job and to do something that was worth it. Perhaps she should join a guild as Liam had said, he said she would be able to fit in somewhere but she doubt it. She had assumptions about every guild and didn’t feel the connection with any of them, besides she didn’t know any on the bad side or the evil side of the coin and thought she would fit in there far more better. Perhaps her mask would be lowered in that case and she would get far more information about things that she found interesting from the occult, witchcraft and anything else that was related to that but the light guilds would only pretend to be something and she hated that mask. Judina would probably dislike her though and she wasn’t sure if she was able to handle that as she had enough people disliking her. When she was done with her shower and had taken a short nap, to wake up early again for some unknown reason she decided to put her thoughts into action and got dressed in a black dress and put her long orange hair in a knot to make sure it wouldn’t become a burden. Instead of heading towards the quest board in town she headed down to a pub where Maxwell had told her were more jobs. This is where she bumped in a matter of speaking into Reagan Hullston who asked her if she was here for a job and thus she admitted, waiting for the job to be brought towards her. Reagan quickly explained what needed to be done to her without going too much into detail, which she appreciated for she didn’t care about that. Shortly after noticing what she had to do and the right time she headed towards the docks. There were indeed many people, knights but also other people from security. They were clearly expecting something, but she could play this game very well. She dropped her bag behind some barrels and headed into the part where she could round a corner. Reagan passed her and nodded, to which she let out a yell and scream as if she was in pain. Which was something she always was so that was not something.

People came running towards her and she let her shoulders shake, ”Someone..” she kept repeating and pointing at the corner, the security came and ran past her to the corner to which she was pointing, ”Get-Get-my sister.. She is a-a-a knight.” Her eyes scanning the crowd and waiting for the ship to leave the port. Which wouldn’t take long and she thanked the people around her, normal civilians and apologized for the commotion, she would find her sister in this crowd. To which she picked up her bag and made her way by quickly walking away. She heard something like: hey wait, but she quickly ran on. She definitely wanted to be questioned. When she rounded another corner, and another one, she bought a pair of sunglasses and a scarf and add that to her looks and put the coat she had away in her bag and headed towards the docks. Where she found Reagan pretending to be a fisher, she didn’t say anything but stood next to him. He hit the bag next to him with his elbow and she bend to get a little plush of her leg and took the bag and quickly added the jewels to her bag and left the docks in general.

Smuggler’s scheme

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