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Back on South (foot travel) ~marigold~

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Back on South (foot travel) ~marigold~ Empty on Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:11 pm

The path seemed to go on forever, Syliph groaned loudly, but obviously no one managed to hear him, he was probably miles away from any form of civilization, and those who did hear him probably thought he was something big and bad coming out of the darkness to devour them. Opening his hand Syliph produced a small amount of light to guide the way through a rough patch, the light produced was not using any mana, at least not enough to be noticeable later on. Finding a calm little area to camp on he spread open a sleeping bag on a thick branch and rested for later.

THe next morning he woke and continued on his way, he still passed through Hargeon, his old stomping grounds, it had been so long since he'd been here, he'd hate to be recognized, so instead he kind of rushed his way though it not to be seen by anyone, he didn't want to be recruited by any of the good quest people, unfortunately there was nothing he could do for them, he was pretty sure that Grimoire heart members couldn't do good quests, he'd obviously have to pawn that off some way if any good- guilder wanted him to.

As he walked down the last of the pathway to Marigold it felt nice to finally be returning to the warmer breeze, flowing fields, the glorious windmill, the wide open theater, and the castle he was partially not banned from, but probably would be soon again now that he had switched sides, it actually felt kind of good to be on the wrong side of the law. He had been on the wrong side of people before and it never really bothered him, sliding his face into his hands he sighed as he breathed in the sweet marigold air.

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