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Nakamura family [newer version]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Nakamura family [newer version] Empty Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:25 pm

Lee Nakamura

Nakamura Family

General Information

Family Tree: http://www.familyecho.com/?p=OLDLK&c=hkj2bv980n&f=762567790187980999

The Nakamura family is a important and rare name within Fiore. They are a proud and humble bunch that take pride in their form of trade and profits. Gaining their fortune through trade of artwork as merchants within the first few generations. As time went on they became wealthy enough to stop doing that type of trade. Now they make a majority of their money off of investments and do some trading. They have a rich history with Fiore and it's magic.

The Nakamura family resides within the city of Hargeon, where their trades previous were held. Most of the family has scattered, but a lot of them have stay around the area of Hargeon. It's not a common name, but a powerful one. Most would shake at their boots into hearing the name. For generations, every member of the family was a mage and powerful. They are known to be one of the best in all of the country and skilled. All or most of the family members are aligned with the lightning element. The youngest child of Nicolas Nakamura, LeeAnn, is the only acceptation to this rule since she is adopted. Though has full right to the Nakamura name.

Aligned with Good

Much of the family stands for justice and the greater good for their country. All of them would live for the law and follow it as if it was the holy bible. A lot of the family resides within the Rune Knights, but some of them are in guilds such as Blue Pegasus or Fairy Tail. They are a hard working family that works their way up the ranks. You will notice a lot of famous titles in the past history of the Nakamura family. A lot were Captains and even one a kingsguard. Which is rare, they do not take failure as an option and continue to drive forward to become stronger.

They are a hardy yet accepting bunch of different races and people. As long you don't break the law or threaten the family, you are on their good terms. Although, they are extremely protective of their family since a few incidents within their past history. Outsiders came up with the nicknames of "The Nakamura Pack" since they act much like a band of wolves. They are loyal and trusting to each other and never giving up on one another. It in itself is their greatest quality yet their biggest downfall.

Enemies with Religion

Many, many times the family does not see eye-to-eye with the Church of Illumin. They will not go out of their way to do any harm, but ONLY involves a family member or a job. Thanks to past history, the Nakamura family has come close ties to loosing a lot of their members due to an attack that happened several years ago. This happened back in the day when a few innocents were capture and held against their will for being a different race.

The head of the family at the time, Haru Nakamura, sought to protect all of his family. A few family members, whom were Rune Knights, were sent on a job to save those innocent people. The reason behind why they were kidnapped is because they were lycans and vampires. Of course, society deems all of these races to be bad, but Haru and the family saw to protect them as they did no wrong. The most they did was theft from shops and small local businesses. The church had kidnapped the a few Nakamuras and other Rune Knights since they gotten in their way of 'making them commit to their sins'. In the process, Haru heard about this and went down there himself to try to free them. Haru was able to free the lycans and dark elves, but not his own family. The church refused to comply with his demands. Right in front of his eyes, two of the three kidnapped family members were killed right in front of his eyes. Only able to save one of his family members.

Ever since then, the family has always hated the Church of Illumin. It was a mutual hate until Nicolas Nakamura's wife and adopted daughter were kidnapped by the Church for revenge arresting one of their higher ups. It was a small band of people were rebelled against the Church's rules. Since then, the Nakamura family has had more reasons to dislike the church

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#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura


NAME: Nicolas Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Head of the Clan
BIO: The proud father of three boys and one girl. He stands at the wisest and permanet head of the family until Hikaru returns or LeeAnn claims it.
A former and well respected high classed Rune Knight who retired shortly after Gala and LeeAnn were born.

NAME: Elizabeth Nakamura/Sokolov
ASSOCIATION: Wife of Nicolas
CURRENT STATUS: Last known to be alive, but when missing
BIO: Not much is known to anyone about her past other than she was previous known to the Sokolov family. She was a former Rune Knight that retired shortly after LeeAnn and Gala were born.
Elizabath went missing around the same time as LeeAnn.

NAME: Ryu Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Eldest son of Nicolas Nakamura
BIO: As the eldest son of Nicolas Nakamura,
you would think he would get the title as head of the family. Though, he maybe the oldest he is one of the rare percentages that follows the dark path.
Ryu is associated with dark guilds which is frown upon by the whole family. Currently, he is seeking to claim the title as head of the family, but Nicolas knows his schemes and has given it to LeeAnn for the time being.

NAME: Hikaru Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Second oldest son of Nicolas Nakamura
CURRENT STATUS: Alive, but missing
BIO: The most accomplished and responsible of the brothers. Hikaru is the ideal role model for LeeAnn. She looks up to her Hikaru like a god. Hikaru is associated with the Rune Knights standing at Lutienant. He is a powerfu mage, but sadly busy with a lot of his life. Currently, Hikaru has disappeared out of thin air much like Gala and Elizabeth.

NAME: LeeAnn Alister Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Only daughter of Nicolas and Elizabeth Nakamura
BIO: The only daughter out of four children and the favorite since she is the only girl among her father. She has gained special privileges. LeeAnn disappeared around the same time her mother did, but was saved by Hans, the kitsune and her previous lover. Since then,she has sought out to her career in an out of the hospital because of her illness called the Parastic Plague. The young redhead joined the Rune Knights and is now a Seated Knight.

The last two years were real eye opener for her. Coming to find out her mother, Elizabeth Nakamura was found the same day her ex-fiance died. His body was never found, but was killed by her service pet trying to save her life. From what she remembers, he was trying to kill her.

During the two years, her childhood sickness came back. Bed ridden for nearly two years, come to find out it was not a mana disease. In fact, she had a magic and true form supressed. Turns out, she was a kitsune. Despite not being told she was adopted, the Nakamura family still considers her apart of the family

NAME: Gala Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Third son of Nicolas Nakamura and only son of Elizabeth Nakamura
BIO: Him and LeeAnn were separted at birth by their parents to protect Gala from the family curse. He was given to a well known family that are close friends with the Nakamuras. They happily took them as his father sent them money each month to help with fiances. Gala found out about hte truth and joined the Rune Knights in hopes to find Hikaru or LeeAnn. The twins finding out each other.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura

Nakamura family [newer version] Tenor

Elizabeth (Sokolov) Nakamura

General Information

Name: Elizabeth (Sokolov) Nakamura

Age: 49

Nationality: Bosocian

Rank: S-rank

Faction: Rune Knights-Captain

Relation to LeeAnn: Adopted Mother


Not much is known about her childhood other than it was dark and crude. She did not like her family much as she felt it was all suppose to be a certain way. The only daughter of two wealthy nobles was tough on her. Her brother was no different from them. Often times, she would hide away to a fantasy land where unicorns played and knights and shining armor were there. As she grew older, she hated the ways her family. They were spiteful and peformed blood sacrifices. She was forced to watch it all. Everyone single one. It was horror to her and gave her nightmares.

Though her teen years, she ran away to untie herself from the family, but was caught and sent back home. Severely punished for her actions, she was forced stay inside. Though, one day her and her parents really gotten into it causing her to leave the family. Elizabeth cut ties with her family and never asscoiated with them. As a lowly fire mage, she grew to be more independent joining the Rune knights to give herself some justice. She wanted to start a blank slate. Upon joining at such a young age, she gotten married to a nice, young fellow named Rune Mikoto. He was around the same age as her. They trained together a lot in the early years and developed a deep bond. It was young love, but like all love sometimes it fades. Her nad Rune had a child together. They had a son whom she loved very much. The final straw was when their son died due to disease. Rune demanded a divorce, so heartbroken and sad, she complied with his wishes. Over hte course of time, she continued her work as a high Lutienate in the Rune Knights. Serving under a Captain, Nicolas Nakamura, she was out of work most of the time and was always tired. Nicolas saw her odd behavior and grew more concerned. She opened up to her captain and just vented letting out all the pain.

Nicolas understood since he, at the time, had a divorce with his wife, but it was a mutal thing between them. Unlike Nicolas's divorce, she was torn and lost. Her captain provided a sense of support and friendship. In a few years they started dating and within a few months, Nicolas moved things a little fast as they gotten married. They are still married to this day.

A few days after they gotten married, Nicolas was sent out on a job in a small secluded area. There he founded an infant, helpless and cold. He brought it home and clueless what to do. It was clear she was left out there to die. So, without hesitation, she and Nicolas adopted her. This gave Elizabeth a chance to be a better mother and to raise a child. They originally named her Leona Alister Nakamura, but due to demands from her step-son, Hikaru, they changed it to LeeAnn. through the years, Elizabeth never mentioned her side of the family to LeeAnn, but her husband knew about it all along. They raised their adopted daughter like any other child. They both loved her and aspired her to be the best she could be. Something she was not given as a child. Elizabeth pour her heart and soul into LeeAnn. She was tough, but fair with her daughter, sought to have her work for things in life.

Though, it did worry her a lot to have their daughter so sickly. She could not face herself to see her daughter in that state remind her of her lost son. Her reasoning was that she was busy with work and her daughter believed it. It was quite clear she favored her husband more, but still loved her mother. LeeAnn aspired to become a fire mage thanks to her mom being her role model. With lots of hard training and discipline from Elizabeth, she grew to be strong just like her. A lot of people could tell she was Elizabeth's child due to her harsh mannerisms towards other people. One day, the whole family was out, Nicolas, LeeAnn and Elizabeth, were walking from the Rune Knughts office dealing with paper work. LeeAnn mentioned they should stay with the Rune Knight's since she had a bad feeling. Elizabeth, having too much confidence, dismissed her daughter's request since she was with two S-rank wizards. Leeann paid no mind. After a while, Nicolas was knocked out by a man in black while her and LeeAnn were kidnapped.

Elizabeth woke up to see her daughter tied up and scared. Looking around, she noticed they were in the Church of Illumin and had to commit to their sins. Elizabeth recalled arresting a higher up priest for hurting innocent citizens for experimental projects. This seemed to be the place. Elizabeth pleaded to let LeeAnn go and for her to take all the punishment, but they would not comply with her requests. They insisted both should pay and allow a Illumin to save them. Elizabeth remembers clearly, having LeeAnn taken from her and tortured in front of her as a form of punishment. They used LeeAnn as a weapon to punish Elizabeth. All she could do was watch. She tried to break free, but nothing would do. After a while, they were separated. A long time later, she begged anyone to save her daughter. A small light of white shone through a little opening showing hte sky. A white kitsune appeared with a smile and bright blue eyes. He heard her requests and would comply as long as she is not there with her daughter. The only catch was that he could only save one of them and would not go back to save the other. Elizabeth agreed to have him save her daughter rather than herself. Until Elizabeth was freed, he would watch over Leeann.

Years of torture grew into pain and suffering, grew too much for her to the point she felt numb. It was becoming a daily routine to her. though, something odd happened. One day, a sacrifice went wrong causing her left arm to grew into this black-purple color. She did not grow change in eye color like her daughter, but was limited on diet and had to fall back on human for food. Of course, she was forced.

It was not until almost 7-8 years later, Rune Knights finally found her and several others being held captive. The Rune Knights arrested the members of the small cult of Illumin for illegal human testing. Elizabeth was recovered and brought ot a small hospital. LeeAnn and Nicolas showed up immediately. She was shown come out alirght, just extreme exhausted and mentally unstable. She was put on anti-depressants and mood swing drugs to help heal, but they would not work on her. The mother became stressed and constantly having flashbacks and guilt about everything that she put LeeAnn through. It was not the torture of her, but on her daughter. What they had done to her for no reaosn. Her anger had gotten so bad she took it out on her husband and LeeAnn. Leeann saw all of this and demanded to her and her dad to never speak or see each other again. Elizabeth in anger complied and walked out leaving her husband a wreck for months.  

Leeann had thought they gotten a divorce, but she did not and needed some time to think. She recently, came back after hearing what had happened to her daughter again. This time...doing the right thing.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#4Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
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[color=#ffffff]Nicolas Nakamura

General Information

Name: Nicolas Nakamura

Age: 56

Nationality: Fiorian

Rank: S-rank

Faction: Rune Knights (Retired)

Relation to LeeAnn and Hikaru: Father


Personality: Nicolas is a proud man who loves his family more than anything.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#5Miles Nakamura 

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Miles Nakamura

Nakamura family [newer version] Dfec2b0f5e1f5238ab8163c771fb4f10

General Information

Name: Leon Nakamura-Sutherland

Age: 27

Nationality: Joyan-Caelese

Rank: D-rank

Faction: Guildless

Relation to LeeAnn and Miles: Adopted Cousin (LeeAnn), and Half-brother to Miles


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