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Nakamura Family

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Nakamura Family  Empty on Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:49 am

Lee Nakamura

Nakamura Family  Jointh11

Nakamura Family

General Information

The Nakamura family is a important and rare name within Fiore. They are a proud and humble bunch that take pride in their form of trade and profits. Gaining their fortune through trade of artwork as merchants within the first few generations. As time went on they became weathy enough to stop doing that type of trade. Now they make a majority of their money off of investments and do some trading.

Generations and Generations of famous mages have been produced within recent years. The family became magic rooted. Most of them invest their element as Lightning, but there have been a few strays of fire, sky, and darkness. Even with a rare last name, it became widely known through Fiore. Most of the clan were known and are still known as mostly Rune Knights. A few of the members such as Ryu Nakamura are associated with dark allies and want nothing to do with the family. In recent years, Ryu, the eldest son of Nicolas Nakamura, has been trying to seek into becoming the head of the clan through evil and sneaky schemes. The head of the family goes to Nicolas and LeeAnn Nakamura. It was previously Hikaru, but with his disappearance it has gone to the next responsible one.

Every family has their dark secrets, years ago there lived a kitsune called the Fox King. He married the daughter, Homura, who's father was the head of the family. With the Fox King, came problems. It came with a series of creatures attacking the clan. The Fox King then taight his wife how to use fire magic. It was then in one of their battles to defend the clan, a curse was placed upon the Nakamura family that haunts them to this day. Visits from dark creatures slowly kill off and haunt the family still. Recently it has been, Elizabeth Nakamura.

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Lee Nakamura
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