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Normal Standards [Solo/Plot]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Normal Standards [Solo/Plot] Empty Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:28 am

Lee Nakamura
Lee sat alone with Fay and Abraxas, who were busy. Fay was cooking him his favorite dish, Deer stew. The cravings for human flesh has increased over time. A more humane way was to trick his body to thinking deer was human. It worked surprisingly worked for them. He laid back in his chair reading a chapter book on a mystery novel to pass by the time. No new jobs or requests had come in from his father or the Knights headquaters. He was still recovering from that attack his cousin had set on it. Poor Abraxas was terrified and more on edge than ever. The incident drove her to have higher anxiety. At least Fay took the least amount of the damage. Which was a good thing in his book. The aroma of cooking meating and spices made him hungry. Looking up from his novel, he smiled at his beloved.

"That smells really amazing, Fay.
You need help with anything"
he asked. Placing the novel on the end table next to him, he got up to his fiance. She was almost done. Her blue kistune eyes stared up at her."Thank you, its almost ready. I tried something a little different. I need you opinion" she said. The aroma made him even more hungry. Carefully, she took a spoon full of the stew. Leon slowly taken the spoonful. A few moments went by as he taken in the flavor it was really good. As he was swallowing, he grew a face of pain as he felt his abdomen give a sharp shooting pain. The spoonful of stew slithered down his throat no problem as she fell to his knee coughing. Fay raised an eyebrow.

"Sheesh, if you didn't like it, you could of just said something in the first place" she said. Leon shook his head. Fay still thought it was her cooking that caused him to react like this. "Stop being so dramatic.
Its not that bad, give me a little credit here"
she said. Going on nagging at him for racting the way he did, finally Leon got up and looked at her. "Its not your cooking, i feel a sharp shooting pain in my abdomen" he mentioned. Fay took a glance up at Leon, who's hair color was not fully crimson. At that moment, Fay started to fully change back to being taller. "Lee, the spell is slowly starting to wear off" Fay mentioned.

-In terms of she for Lee, terms of he for Fay/Hans-

Slowly, the transformation was coming to a complete. Leon was not LeeAnn. Back to her original self. Her eye opened up hazily and groggy. The pain had made her black out, Hans was just fine pretending like nothing ever happened as he turned off the stove. Looking at her hands, they seemed small and more feminine. Then her sight focused on Hans. He gave a smile seeing LeeAnn. He picked her up and set her on her feet. "How do you feel" he asked. LeeAnn was lost at words trying to get a feel what it felt like to be a girl again. "Weird,
but good. Its been so long since I felt normal again. So let's eat"
she smiled.


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