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Brass rings [Fleur]

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Baron rose from the bench and gave his neck a crack. “Shit I’m hungry...” The marauder would begin walking down the street, black cloak around his form and over his head as he began his expedition of food. Luckily he wouldn’t have to go too far as he would soon end up in front of a ramen stand in just a few yards of walking.

He’d push the dorapery open and survey the crowd, they all looked like a bunch of… Civilians? He was expecting a rougher looking bunch given the places shabby appeal outside, but it didn’t matter much ramen was ramen. He’d approach the counter ordering a bottle of their strongest and a bowl of miso.

“What? Something on my face?” he looked down at the tattoo on his chest, the center skull ‘smiling’ at the bartender. “Get it? Face? Because it’s a tattoo of a… Ah you wouldn’t get it.” he waved off the cashier and took a seat at an empty table. At first glance he thought it was a simple stand but upon inspection it was a restaurant in moderate size, in a feudal japanese style there only being about six tables scattered about the place, no seats but instead cushions for sitting. Confused by the lack of chairs Baron plopped down at a table and waited for his meal.


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The spirits of dread loomed deep within Fleur's heart, so much so that she herself didn't realize that they would soon force her off the path of righteousness and glory and eventually along the path of pain and solitude. The burden wouldn't have been for nothing - along with it came a dark potential, lying dormant within the depths of her soul. All the horrid memories that ever happened to Fleur resided there, enhancing it so that the moment she harvested and accepted the wrath of negative emotions, she'd be able to maximize its use and potential. But today, she was still a girl with a sword.

Yoru strung across her back, the once bashful personality tackled the world with a new approach. Her sword was the source of her sudden influx of courage and pizzazz, granting her the audacity to finally wash out the black hair dye that had remained for months. Her pale skin accepted blood again and though the least amount of the three points that changed, she even grinned every once in a while. Natural blonde hair tied into a high ponytail, the female warrior decided that she was in need of a break from her usual odd jobs. Time to start it off with some lunch!

She hopped out her inn and strutted towards the marketplace. While most of the shops on the sidelines sold produce, there was a few food carts here and there. Her eyes surveyed the options, but none of them were to her liking. Then it hit! There was a decent restaurant that opened up a while back and the news about how wondrous it was spread from town to town. Why not give that a try? Within about twenty minutes down, she made it into the rather olden restaurant; even though time was ever-going, it seemed to have stop in this place with the finely decorated yet olden furniture. Its style was similar to that of the traditional Japanese, with a few differences that weren't relevant in anyway hence not worth mentioning.

As she seated herself and ordered their special dish, highlighted in a red circle over the image and price, trouble tapped her on the shoulder. She sat diagonally from the man she met on the beach back then, Baron! There was no doubt about it - his sheer size could differentiate him from any human out there. Nevertheless, her demeanor was calm and collected. Hopefully he wouldn't notice and she could leave. It wasn't like he could have recognized her - she couldn't even recognize herself.

Word Count: 425


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As Baron waited for his meal his legs crossed and his hands gripped his ankles as he weaved side to side waiting for his meal to come. He was beginning to get hungry as he thought over his last excursion in Oak: He had met Chi, a friend of name, and a woman who called herself Gloria, both were nice women the latter being a heck of a lot nicer than the former. While he thought about them there was another woman that didn’t cross his mind so often. The tiny little lady clasped in black that had managed to elude him for a moment before vanishing in thin air. He wanted to see her again for sure, but even with all of his travels so far she still evaded him and his wandering eyes.

Working his fingers through his dark locks he scratched his head trying to remember her name, it was on the tip of his tongue so close. He’d begin to make a short list as he tried his best to get it out “Lorie, Flem… Fluety.” he tried his best to remember but a blank was all he’d draw as she continued to weigh on him. It couldn’t have been too hard to remember her, yet he couldn’t properly identify her name nor anything but her eyes and outward appearence. He remembered her being quiet as well and her name put him in mind of an event similar to snow… Snow? Was that her name? No, no, he’d remember that.

When the curtain swooshed open he didn’t pay much mind as a hand cupped his dark patched chin. What was that name… His fingers drummed across the table as he thought on, “Flem sounds really close…” he drummed, “Rain? Slushie?” none of those sounded right, if only she could just drop into his life again so he could get her name off of the tip of his tongue. Now he was going to be obsessed with this. As he thought on his eyes traced around the bar, there were very few here the most eye catching being the young woman with a large sword on her back… Young woman with a large sword on her back. He continued to think over the phrase for a moment, it sounded a bit irregular given such a big blade was always a bit of a eye sore.

Perhaps she could help him with his little endeavor. Uncrossing his legs he crawled over to the other table, not saying a word to the warrioress and narrowed his eyes at her. Hm, if he wasn’t certain he would think he had seen her before. “Excuse me miss… I have a question. What’s that thing that happens before it snows? Like it’s not snow but it's lightly snowing? Oh wow… Nice eyes by the way~”


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The giant named Baron waddled over, squinting his eyes and seemingly delved into her deepest, darkest secrets. As he opened his mouth in order to inquire, the food came about. Unfortunately, both bowls came out at the same time. Despite having seen the man move to another customer's table, the waiters, uneducated of the event that trifled with Fleur even now, let it be and served the bowls of deliciousness.

The giant asked what it was called when snow fell lightly. What a peculiar thought. Not comprehending what he was working towards, she answered him without a moment's hesitation in a suave poise. "A flurry." she said before breaking the chopsticks in two, almost intimidatingly. Adding no extra spices atop, the ramen bowl was mixed and mashed until everything looked messy - similar to chop suey, the bowl was unorthodox. But that was just how Fleur enjoyed it. Though she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, the cruel ploy of travelling had forced unusual and sometimes irrelevant skills upon the maiden, including how to use a chopstick. With careful precision, she picked up a few strands of the noodles from the oily broth and slobbered them up. It was delicious and the relieved sigh that she exhaled was proof of it.

If he continued to stay, Fleur was unsure of what to do. She felt uncomfortable in the situation given what had happened last time between them. Though, she wouldn't be able to be caught like this, would she?


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Flurry… “Fleur!” he beamed as her name rolled out of his lips with remembrance and friendliness, “Thanks alot, I’ve been thinking about her all day and I could not get her name back to save my life.” he laughed as his bowl was soon brought out, as the waitress departed he tried to mention that she had brought his bowl to the wrong table but just as fast as she came, she left. Baron wasn’t one to intrude on others, but alas he was already sitting down. “I hope you don’t mind some company.” he’d chuckle the words as he broke his chopsticks in two.

It didn’t seem she minded given she could have very easily told him to buzz off, but neigh the unthinkable happened instead! She’d let him sit, “Mmm, smells good.” he hummed to himself as he picked up the first of his red, spicy noodles, “Oh hey, yours looks pretty good, wanna try some of mine?” he pointed at his bowl, speaking whilst he ate. How uncouth could he be, in the presence of a young woman yet here he was acting like uncultured swine. He swallowed his food with a hard gulp as he gasped a bit, hand covering his mouth. “My apologies, allow me to introduce myself.” he placed a hand over his heart and feigned a light bow, “My name’s Baron, Baron Corbin. And if you would be so kind, may I have the name of the beautiful young woman I’m eating with this evening?”

Baron was… Unsure what to do right now. Plenty of times he invited others to eat with him, but now he was the guest to a complete stranger, an uninvited one at that. Did he speak up and asks her too much? Hopefully not, but on the subject of her… She seemed vaguely familiar in her tone of voice… Many people had similar voices though could have been nothing.


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Fleur could not handle the situation any longer. Baron stated the obvious albeit himself not knowing - he introduced himself (again) and asked for hers. The female warrior stood up and strutted out the restaurant. The suffocating environment and air that a single man could create was astounding, to say the least. As she reached the exit, she pulled a legendary movie scene in which she turned her head just a pinch before spouting a name that held no relations with her. "Olivia." There was no need to give her real name and bring up an even strained situation than the one being presented.

As she turned her head back, allowing all the spectators to catch a glimpse of Yoru on her back, a waiter hopped in front of her with a frantic look in his eyes. "Ma'am, you have yet to pay." he sheepishly formulated from his lips. Though her face didn't show it, embarrassment hit Fleur like a speeding bullet train, shooting straight into her heart. But alas, she was a new person. Reaching into the pocket of her jacket, the blondie picked out a couple of coins; they were more than enough to pay the bill. And with that, she stepped out.

"Oh, goodness." she whispered, something only audible to her. What a sticky situation she was in. Would he give chase because of her awkward and nonchalant behavior? Hopefully not, as a bigger scene would just be caused nor could Fleur keep up the facade any longer.

- exit -

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