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White Claudia [Quest: Fleur]

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White Claudia [Quest: Fleur] Empty on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:24 pm

Fleur was gradually changing. Not only physically, but on the psychological scale. She noted that she wasn't the same old innocent persona any longer, but a memoir of the person she prayed to be in dreams. As she ventured off towards the next town by the name of Oak, she believed that she was evolving perhaps a little too fast. Though only a year subsided since the wreckage of her family, she considered slaying people without a care in the world, exhibited only recently when the thought of slaughtering people came to mind. It may have been for the sake of a good cause, but the thought alone hardly ever crossed her mind. When it did, she had to pause herself and ask what she was thinking - having said this much, it seemed as thought she was on the verge of insanity not too long ago.

Through the fall the only problem at night was the blackness, some nights even the stars had been hidden behind a wall of foreboding cloud. As they moved on toward winter those nights drew longer, eager to arrive, reluctant to pass. No longer could they sleep in the open with only their thin clothes for cover and each other for warmth. The nights were as ferocious as a dip in the frozen lakes would be, taking their body heat until their lips blued and teeth chattered. There were times Fleur began to tremble uncontrollably and they knew finding shelter was a matter of life and death. Those frosty Oak Town mornings they'd found so bewitching as children sapped at their spirits and every day that passed they watched the trees for signs of spring. The fading of the sunlight had also meant the fading of the heat. Wintry air swirled around Fleur taking every lick of warmth it could. She wrapped her arms tighter around herself, pulling her coat closed and tucking her chin downward into her pullover. Her breath was now only visible under the sporadic streetlights, the few which still lit up the decaying city. As she walked from the east end to the north, she felt the icy sidewalk beneath her boots for the first time that season. With hours left before dawn and the air smelling of overdue rain, Fleur quickened her pace. The cold onshore breeze blew right through Fleur's sweater and she bowed her head to one side, closing lashes weighed down with mascara to keep out the salty sting. The dampness of the sand was making its way though her skinny jeans and she hugged her knees close. Her hair fell loose about her face, tousled, tangled. Under the fading sun it appeared brown, the honey blonde streaks lost to the night. She could hear the waves lapping like the ticking of a more leisurely clock, but never telling her the time, never demanding that she move on. When more light came from the moon than the sun, she stood and walked over the cool black sand to the inky water, letting it kiss her toes through her socks. The frigid brine quickly wicked up into the wool and soon her feet were icy.

Tonight she had a job - a task in which she had to meet a shady man in his shady business in the middle of the night. Despite the rough corners that she had to mentally cut in order to assure herself she wouldn't be taken advantage of, she still doubted whether or not this was a smart move. As she eventually made her way in, she instantly regretted it. Dr. Mabuz had a skittish behavior and aura around him; needless to say, he wasn't very sociable at the least. Fleur nodded and the doctor strapped her to a chair, injected some unknown liquid into her, and blood blurs her vision. The entire world was melting and blood took over, like a plague. True fear only occurred as a fleshy monster came into existence in front of her, which she didn't see as a human that was the doctor. As she opened her mouth to scream, the world goes black. Fleur wakes up, dazed and remembering the scene very vividly. What she didn't understand was how she was splat against the floor and the scenery around her was shattered, literally. Glass bottles laid on the ground, broken and battered. Did she do this? What were the effects of the drug that the doctor administered in her? Would the effects continue past this point?

These questions haunted her like a ghost, a relentless one that didn't quit. Dr. Mabuz didn't say a single word when it came to be, only presenting the jewels to Fleur and mumbling amongst himself. Did she have to worry about any of the things she did or was she being too wary for no reason?

Word Count: 805

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