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Baska Town To Oak Town [Foot Travel]

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Fleur was gradually changing. Not only physically, but on the psychological scale. She noted that she wasn't the same old innocent persona any longer, but a memoir of the person she prayed to be in dreams. As she ventured off towards the next town by the name of Oak, she believed that she was evolving perhaps a little too fast. Though only a year subsided since the wreckage of her family, she considered slaying people without a care in the world, exhibited only recently when the thought of slaughtering people came to mind. It may have been for the sake of a good cause, but the thought alone hardly ever crossed her mind. When it did, she had to pause herself and ask what she was thinking - having said this much, it seemed as thought she was on the verge of insanity not too long ago.

Hours passed by - who knew the closest town could be so far? Left foot, right. Left foot, right. Her rhythmic steps made the long walk easier and time seemed to flow by at a faster rate, may it have been for her sake or another reason. In time, she made it. The town of Oak, a place that was supposedly a friendly environment, assuming members of society didn't get involved with the wrong gangs and mafia.

- exit -

Word Count: 222

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