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Surgery [Quest: Liana]

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The Nature's Bonder
It had already been quite some time since Liana had to perform quite the sacrifice in order to save one of the most precious things in her life, in this case, an individual. Her best friend at that. In result, the young Sylvaine had to be turned into an elf, only to not die whilst finding the necessary cure for her companion Esperia in the form of a herb. Though, today things were going to be a little bit more different. Now it wasn't just about the Eisenberg, it appeared there was some sort of commotion happening within the hospital as the late teenager walked by.

"I wonder what's happening..."

Liana thought to herself, deciding to make her own entrance only to notice Gerard frantically running around just to help so many people in apparent suffering. Luckily, he already knew of what she was and had already seen her with such a new appearance. He stops once spotting the young Sylvaine, his eyes widening as he made a hurried approach, quickly closing the gap and desperately staring down at the elf.

"L-Liana...! I'm glad you are here... I need your urgent aid!"

Of course, after stepping in and noticing the kind of scenario, she would have no need to doubt he truly required even her help. A not so hesitant nod is offered up at him. "Of course! What do you need?" She asks, only for him to look to both his sides once and back down at her, prior to starting to explain the entire situation.

"I need you to assist me in a very important heart transplant. Most of my assistants are sick and the few of the others are already too busy with other patients. I really can't do this operation alone."

He states in the same state of desperation, which Liana replied with another nod. "I'm glad I came around then. Let's do it." The elf affirms with clear confidence in her tone of voice and emerald gaze. "Follow me to the operating theatre! I'll hand you the necessary garments when we get there!" And with that said and no more wait, she begins to follow him to the aforementioned destination.

Once the door is shut, she studies the scene. She had never truly visited such a kind of room, so complex-looking, with so many things sticked to a wall, resembling power plugs. A lot of technology as well, such as monitors and in the middle of it all, standing on a light blue carpet of sorts was a thick, though comfy stretcher, on it lying down the supposed patient, covered in a large blanket with a bunch of utensils by his side.

"This is it."

Gerard states, pointing with one finger at the garments she had to put on, placed neatly down on a small table. Without much hesitation, she walks over to them and begins the procedure of wearing each piece, whilst observing the doctor making early preparations.

Things were about to get serious.
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The Nature's Bonder
It started then, after not too long. The young Sylvaine made sure to stay near the doctor at all times, ready to receive all of his orders. Now she could understand why he desired the help of someone, and at the same time, she was truly starting to learn about the kind of requirements one needs to perform a surgery. It wasn't an easy task and it appeared to require a lot, and I say a lot of patience and caution.

"Bring me the scissors, Liana."

He stated and she heard, immediately turning on her heels and proceeding to fetch for the desired instrument. In no time, she returns to him and carefully holds the utensil in both hands, allowing him to pick it up and continue with his task. She attentively watched it, in case he actually needed her to perform something out of her skill. After all, was she really only here to get things for him whilst he worked?

"Don't worry. I won't ask you to do more than fetch things for me. It's just impossible to perform a surgery without an assistant."

There she got her answer. It didn't disappoint her. Matter of fact, it made her feel way more relieved about everything. She didn't want to be responsible for the life of someone when she knew literally nothing about executing such kind of task. It held a lot of trust and the elf wasn't sure if she could actually allow herself to be trusted by Gerard in the area.

"Alright, go clean them for me now and then bring me some forceps."

Liana takes the scissors, a bit disgusted at the sight of blood which prompted her to quickly step over to the nearest sink and use the right products to fully clean the utensil. Luckily, she was wearing gloves, so the late teenager didn't have to worry about getting too dirty. Ultimately, the forceps would be brought back and she returned to observe.

"Ahh, crap!"

Her eyes widen at what she had just witnessed. Gerard had cut himself on one of his hands, incapacitating him from continuing.


She yelled out, only for him to look down at her in some pain, clenching his teeth.

"L-Liana... I'm sorry. I... I need you to remove the diseased heart and insert the new one all by yourself. I can't risk finishing it while injured." It hit her, such a heavy toll it was.

But she had to do it.

With sudden adrenaline, the elf takes the necessary utensils, having to thank the previous observation for knowing what she needed and would proceed to remove the already dead heart. Then, the new one would be inserted with some surprising swiftness, only for her to give it the final touches by stitching the body back up. It was a struggle and it was apparent by the almost panicked look in her eyes. Though, at the end of it all, everything went perfectly well and even Gerard himself was surprised whilst treating to his own wounds.

A couple minutes forward and she's already on her casual garments with the doctor standing in front of her and looking down with a satisfied look on his face. "I have to praise you, Liana. For your natural ability to work under pressure. It's a thing you don't see everyday." He states, which she responds with a wide smile.

"Thank you, doctor Gerard."

After all of that, he would proceed to pay her for the help before she bids farewell and walks out, a bit thoughtful after eavesdropping on the loud thinking of the man.

She had a feeling there were going to be more calls for help soon.
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