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Era to Mag Foot Travel (Nobu)

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Era to Mag Foot Travel (Nobu) Empty on Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:58 am


He had gotten word that his instinct was right. but without his travelling force, he was going to be put in an odd position.

He was going to kill every last member of the Manji clan, no matter what the cost was. Those two girls were the top of his list. He had their faces burned into his sight. He would never forget what they looked like.

He laughed, his grasp tightened on the sack that slung over his back. He looked like a jolly man sent to give gifts to the world, but he wanted nothing more than to bring death to this country.

He begun his walk to the end of the city limits. There was no reason to hide anymore. He was no one in this country. His name no longer had any meaning. To the locals, he was the Lost Samurai, and as such he would act.

Wherever he went, he would find his own following and he would find his own family to train and rise up. This country was going to be his. It was all going to be his. He was going to be king of this world.

And he would paint this world red with blood.


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