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Marigold to Dahlia, Foot

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Marigold to Dahlia, Foot Empty on Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:27 am

Syliph began to walk out of the town, he had plans to go searching thorugh Dahlia for a short time, he hadn't seen kerii in a really long time, so she'd probably never notice he was gone, he really didn't want to ruin their friendship, the fact he was looking for a dark guild to join probably wasn't a good thing to mention to a light wizard, but he hadn't exactly told her the whole truth when he told her his backstory, he simply stated some of the simple facts.

    His parents were in a religion, and so was he
    they had magic
    they were killed by the illumin

and that had really been it he wasn't fond of telling her that, he'd probably lose her trust if he told her he'd lied, and the only grounds he had for hiding the truth was the fact he didn't trust her fully, but that made him seem like a bad friend. Hugging his arms he felt the air getting cooler as he moved farther north, away from the comfortable weather of the southern regions of fiore. Syliph wondered if he'd be lucky to find a dark guild to join in Dahlia, the place was crawling with evil. That was where he met Ameliae for the first time, searching for little kids ot be exact.

The mist rose up the hills like a evil blanket trying to consume its prey. Syliph broke into a sprint he didn't want to be here long, he was hopefully gonna find someone who was in a dark guild and convince them he had a some enemies and this was the best way to take them out, through a dark guild, who knows maybe they give him that family feel, wouldnt that be ironic?

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