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I Hate Them, I Hate Everyone

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I Hate Them, I Hate Everyone Empty on Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:42 pm

I Hate Them, I Hate Everyone 0-10

He cursed them and all of their relatives. He wanted nothing more than to kill them. He had traveled so far, with so few men. They had the ill fate of landing up in Era, and day by day, more and more of his men disappeared. Some joined dark guilds, to serve someone stronger than he could ever be. Others turned a new leaf and joined other guilds like Lamia Scale as an act to repent for this nightmare. Others were taken in the middle of the night, killed and taken away, with nothing but puddles of blood to show they existed.

They had angered this god, and the last of his men, the final few, had decided to serve this god and beg for forgiveness and pleaded for their master to do the same.

It was ironic, the families they killed, the village they destroyed, was now their safe haven in this godforsaken city. He left that stone lantern and the last of his following behind.

"I will never serve that god." Nobunaga scoffed at the idea, "In this land, I will bring the same chaos I did before. But here, I will show them I am the eternal greatness."

But he had no idea, that even this merciless god had already branded him. His face bore the mark of a guild, and thus his allegiance was pledged without his knowledge.

WC: 232


To pray at these shrines, please light the lantern, or place a lit candle around the stone lantern. After your post, please exit.

Please bow, however it is not required. On this shrine it is apparent to honor a single god who's name has been long weathered away.
Generalization of God:
The name of this god has been weathered away by time. The name that was inscribed on many of these stone lanterns and altars are unreadable,
or in an old language. Few will be able to read, and even less will understand the god's given title.

To those that heard of this Nameless God, will know that this is a god of second changes and of destined opportunities. It is rumored that the god will one day return. Some refer to this god as Great Nameless, The No-Name God, Forgotten God, or simply, just as Nameless God.

Commonly, people simply come to this shrine to see if it really exists. It's said that even those who don't honor the god, even if they close their eyes and bow to the shrine, will leave the area with a clear mind and relaxed.

#2Rishi Namatzu 

I Hate Them, I Hate Everyone Empty on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:32 am

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had come to pray again today. She had heard many rumors about there being a very illusive god here, and she had come to see if that wad true. She had prayed at one shrine like this before, with the writing that had been withered away on the shrine, the lantern, the pillow, everything. She had brought her offering and her soul, and she was planning to clear it today, even if she didn't end up encountering this god today. She lit the candle that had been right in front of the shrine and haf set her offering down right alongside it, just far enough to where it didn't get burnt. She let her knees fall softly onto the velvet pillow, bowed her head, and closed her eyes, praying to the mighty gods up above.

She had stayed there for a while, just thanking them for so many different things and then afterwards just thinking, wondering if her message actually gets heard by the gods when she prays. Either way, her mind had been cleansed and she was feeling happier, ready to get back to her normal life. She bowed one last time to the shrine and walked in the other direction, feeling happier than she had before.


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Word Count: 209
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#3Namé Les 

I Hate Them, I Hate Everyone Empty on Fri May 04, 2018 9:27 am

Namé Les


There it stood, proudly, as if it had something to say, something to prove. She hated what it stood for. It wasn't what she believed in, it wasn't what any of them were supposed to believe in.

She stood there, holding her blade in hand, her clothing stained red, cuts along her face. Her hair was unkempt, as if she had just awoken from a life long slumber and would not rest until her task was completed. She was on a mission, and it would forever change her ways. There was no rest for her. She knew her sister was long gone, and now she awoke to finish the job.

She walked to the shrine, this time not for prayer. She lifted her blade and struck the lantern, cutting it down, letting it crumble and fall to the ground. She would continue to hit it with her blade until it was nothing but rubble. Then she would leave, for there was many others to follow the same path.

This was not the way of the Manji. All of them would have to fall. They were nothing but towers of lies that would feed on the weak, offering them a false sense of salvation. The Manji we not leaders. The Manji were servants. All of them would find their makers, if they could not serve their master.


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