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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Seira]

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When Seira was woken up from her deep sleep, she immediately noticed that the bed was half empty. It was almost noon by the time she’d completely gotten out of her sleepy phase, and even though she was alone she decided to laze around for a little bit longer instead of actually getting up. She had plans for the day but Seira was feeling lazy and decided that those plans could wait for now. The reason she was alone and not with her human lover was simple: Finn had left to spend some time with Jake to do whatever (boy stuff, apparently) and she was just fine with that; it was good for them to spend some time apart every now and then, especially now that they planned on being around each other for a longer amount of time. Seira absolutely hated being away from him, since this meant they were mostly separated for several weeks up to months — this time would be different however and the vampiress could live with that. She thought about spending the day outside, maybe shopping or looking for some work as well, couldn’t hurt after all. Eventually and after some time had passed the woman slowly got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, where she would take a long shower and get dressed. She had some cereal for breakfast — nothing big, she didn’t really like eating right after she woke up — and then left the house. The weather was alright. It was cold in Baska Town, winter had arrived in the north and she couldn’t help but freeze during these low temperatures. Seira thought of purchasing some better winter clothes before, since most of her wardrobe was suited for the warmer days. Seira knew a shopping street that had a few nice stores and due to all the merchants in the city, there were also some shops that had pretty nice clothing.

Baska Town wasn’t exactly overwhelming or nice in most aspects but the merchants was what made this place bearable. Due to the different items they sold there was something here for everyone and her stay became worth her time. She usually prefered places such as Magnolia and Hargeon — the south, basically — but it wasn’t a bad idea to switch up from time to time and see what other cities had to offer. Still, she couldn’t wait for Finn to return so they could explore these places together. Seira went to said street and looked through the shops for a while. She bought a few things — for herself and also for Finn — and eventually stopped by the local request board to see if there was anything interesting she could do while on the go. She immediately noticed a flyer that was different from the others and picked it up out of sheer curiosity. It was bright pink in colour and had a very fancy envelope. Seira opened it and began reading. It was signed by Fernando Milano, who was a fashion designer in Baska who has his own clothing shop.


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His style of clothing is considered quite eccentric and flamboyant, which is why Seira had never bought anything from his store. Not that she didn’t like his clothing, it simply wasn’t her style and she preferred simpler and more modest pieces. Either way, she decided to give this a try and approached his shop, quickly entering and introducing herself to the designer. She showed him the flyer which he had signed and he understood immediately. “Thank you for coming!” He said and walked over to her, giving her a handshake. “I take it you are not from around here?” Seira shook his hand and gave him a smile. “No, I’m from the South but I came by to visit and see if I can find some work. What exactly do you need help with?” Fernando began walking around the boutique he owned and Seira followed him. He presented her a few pieces of clothing and showed her the different fabrics he had used to make them. “I’m currently designing a new collection and I could use some help. I need new, special fabrics to make clothes from but I don’t have much time to go around looking for them on my own. If you could find something beautiful, rare and unique for me, that’d be great. Of course I will pay you accordingly — but you do need to find special things! Not just wool or anything common like that, I need rare and expensive fabrics, because my customers all have expensive and extravagant tastes, do you understand?” The vampiress nodded and accepted the credit card he gave her to pay with.

Once he’d given her money, Seira left the store and started looking around town for fabrics to buy. First, she went to several stores that sold fabrics in general and while some of them had interesting things she did buy, most of them had more standard looking fabrics and she figured that Fernando wouldn’t be happy with that. Luckily, Baska Town was known for its flea markets and there were dozens of merchants who sold all sorts of things and some of them had some rare fabrics as well. Going through the different merchant booths took a lot of time and work, but it was also quite interesting. Seira found several beautiful fabrics that she figured Fernando could be working with, but all of them were expensive as well. Seira bought some and made sure that all of them were packed up nicely so she could bring them back without getting them dirty or harming them. When she was back at the boutique, she placed all the fabrics onto a table and showed them to Fernando who was (thankfully) loving all of the things she’d gotten for him. “Perfect, they really are perfect. Just what I was looking for, I can certainly work with those! Thank you, please take this as your payment and a sign of my gratitude.” Seira accepted the money as a reward and then waved him goodbye while leaving the store.


Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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