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Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:35 pm

Lacie Eventide
"I wonder if Raina does this every day. Pay random people to row her to the middle of the fish pond. That's a lot of money you know." Lacie couldn't help but say to her friend Judina as she walked away from the warehouse where they just dropped off Raina after helping her to feed the fish. She ahd asked the Rune Knight if she had wanted to come along and do some other jobs, she had actually sprinted off to find her to inform her about the fact that Lacie had bumped into her missing brother.

Perhaps they would find him here as well, "You mentioned that he eats a lot, so if you travel, do you walk past restaurants to see if he might be there?" How did Judina tried to find Waylon or how did she tries to find answer for Regis his curse or whatever it was. She was rather curious about it, while she took one step after the next to walk towards Hargeon's square because near the fountain was the quest board where she was heading to find another quest that she could do with Judina at this moment. She had no specific idea but it would surely be more fun to do it together.

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#2Judina † 

Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:32 am

Judina †
"Well, I do not see why she would, logically it would be much better to just hire some one and keep a single person to row her around." But Reina was how she would be if that was how she wanted to it be like then she would not judge or point out, any mages on the go could use the money, both were positive and negative in some way."As long as she is safe and no one is hurt I do not think it would change anymore time soon and I will not be nosy about how Reina is."Quietly following along as she could it seemed about a normal quiet day of work and talk for Judina and Lacie the usual for them.

Judina had not thought about it that way, If she knew how her brother worked in such a manner why had not checked."Maybe I did not...think of that at all."Judina mentioned with that now in her mind."I will have to do that from now on, Even if there are most likely a lot of places to eat here in Hargeon."Judina mentioned to keep in mind of that as well, It would be able to look around after working.

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#3Lacie Eventide 

Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:12 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie who had voiced her wonders about Raina looked at Judina as she answered, "Perhaps she should train her arm muscles and row herself, would save a lot more money." Sometimes, as the case with Raina she wondered why people didn't work a bit harder to get jobs like they suggested done. It wasn't always, she understood a good amount of jobs anyway, she wouldn't complain about everything because it gave her money but sometimes it was just stupid. She didn't decide to voice this idea out loud because she thought more about nonsense things like Judina would do and she didn't want to have her friend think bad about her. "Perhaps she is very rich and likes to spend her money on things like this, pay for easy jobs." she tried to say to make it a more positive vibe and she giggled.

Lacie actually beamed shortly with happiness as she gave Judina an idea, "He will be looking for you as well." She said nodding herself as well to proof her point for herself, "I mean I suggested for him to look at the Rune Knight station from time to time. Where I found you this morning so for me it worked." Or would he be so forgetful that he forgot?

Not much later the two ended up at the quest board again and she read over the hand full of quests that were on the board. She pointed out that was called Bait for Jacob Fischer, "Should we stay in the fish department?" there was a ring of sarcasm in her voice but she was amused as well.


#4Judina † 

Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:10 am

Judina †
"We should most likely stay with the fish stuff for the moment, Water is nice to be around."for now the water is nice to stay by, who knows what all could come with this situation the water and fishing was nice to her still, she had no problem with it really if Lacie did she would have to mention it, then again what else there was to too was not too much so it was good to keep busy. With that she would ask Lacie."I wonder what all the fishing has entailing, It has been a few months since I have went fishing last."a few, remembering it since then it has maybe 3 months since she last was fishing.

It was a part of how he lived when often moving back here from her training, At one point she did actually have to learn from the people whom caught her how to fish, it was one of the many life things Judina learnt there, But it was useful along with various other things she had remembered and learned while she was there too. Too valuable to lose in her mind personally.

for once she wondered what her life would have been like if she did not go, she stayed home and left herself the way she was, having no doubt she would not be a good person to be around at all, but never be able to tell at all. "But fishing was an important skill for me at one person and useful over all so, I do not see it being anything too hard." Judina mentioned with a smile about it.

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#5Lacie Eventide 

Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:34 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie didn't really have an opinion about water, it sure could be nice to stay around, it was only hella cold right now so that wasn't something she would enjoy but she decided not to complain and to see the positive side of this; she wasn't on jobs alone. "I'm not a great fan of living fish but I don't mind to try." she said and looked at Judina for a second before taking the quest of the board before someone else would take it away right in front of them. She wouldn't worry too much about it but read the letter again before looking up at Judina again when she heard her talk, "Isn't this a fish town?" she simply asked, she had done a job for this guy before, she just recognized his name a bit late. She had worked on making him win a fishing competition and she hoped he would pretend not to know her. Just as she would try to pretend to have never seen him before.

She looked at Judina a little longer as she didn't answer the question but seemed to have dazed off for a second and telling Lacie that she had the important skill, "It's good we are together than..." she laughed, "I can learn a couple of things from you." After which she pointed out the address that was on the paper to meet up with Jacob, "Shall we?" she asked and waited for Judina to response and walk towards the address, thank god she knew Hargeon a bit.


#6Judina † 

Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:01 pm

Judina †
Well a bit of other detail, There was a few other things that this town had as well that could be noted as well."A fishing town, a boat and port town, home of a highly known place to eat. Hargeon has a few things to it's name." Judia started to mention to Lacie of what else really it seemed like she was starting to keep knowledge into her thoughts of a few things around her but she realized she had paid attention to this area mostly, she knew she would learn all of that over time for other places.

"Teachings or words which ever you think of them from my father,mother and a few of my masters. You learn best from ones you are close too." Judina stopped for a moment and followed it with. "OR i think anyway...i could be wrong." She was not a person who thought she knew everything, She knew she knew nothing most of the time of the situations

"We shall, work is always interesting." Maybe Judina just like being on a boat or water a bit more. Leading the way with Lacie in which to do for this job it wouldn't be that far of a walk for Judina, maybe for Lacie.Hopefully she was still all good and okay or else Judina would carry her there if she had too, but would keep that thought to her self finding it funny to think about but also knew it could be embarrassing at the same time.

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#7Lacie Eventide 

Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:49 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie nodded, though all she related to the fish town, because most food that 8Island served was fish as well, of course they had other things else they would lose the customers that didn't like fish but yeah you could see it in the way that Judina did which was a very interesting prospect. Judina told her what she thought was the best way to learn things but she suddenly stopped said a doubtful or and continued and Lacie couldn't help but giggle a bit, "I think if the person inspires you it would work fine. So that's basically what you meant right?" As long as they were interesting and taught well in whatever way it worked. She didn't had teachers, the only teachers now apart from the nuns when she was younger were books. Thank god she had a good memory for she wasn't the smartest when it came to knowing or understanding things. She had a photographic memory, which meant she simply remembered not understood.

When Judina accepted that they would go, she walked on to the address where to meet Jacob and when she saw the boy, she introduced herself and he did the same, but their eyes lingered for a few seconds. Making a mutual pact to not mention they met before. As soon as Jacob was done introducing himself, he boasted that if they knew much about the town they would know enough about him, he was an excellent fisherman after all and won a lot of prices. Great for him, Lacie had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. He told them that he needed them to come along fishing because he had bought this premium bait and it had magic in it and he wasn't sure what the consequences would be.

Jacob guided the two mages to the boat and out to the open sea where he handed them both a bit of the magical lure and she placed it on one side of the boat and Judina could on the other. He would start fishing and all she could do was wait; she felt seasick so she didn't say much. At some point the boat started to shake a bit because Jacob tried his very best to get reel the fish in but it was very strong, "If it comes above the surface, someone has to use a spell, else we can't get it in!" Jacob said while Lacie jumped to help him, "I can't my magic doesn't work!" she hated to admit and looked at the knight, their last option.

If Judina was able to use a spell on the fish, they would reel it in fine now it was spelled and Jacob brought them back to the beach, where he gave them te money. "I think I need to sit down for a bit." Lacie answered after she accepted the jewels, her face was a little green thanks to how she felt.


#8Judina † 

Magical Bait [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:17 am

Judina †
It didn't seem that long until they were off fishing on a boat, well seemed more like Judina was fishing with some one and Lacie just seemed to be more watching if anything else. Not that Judina really mind if anything it was still more relaxing to her than anything else.

But she could understand how different this was for some one like her, but normal for some one like her well partly normal but in the end the job would be nice and such it would help Judina maybe settle her mind just slightly form being restless as she had been.

Maybe these jobs by water felt more like vacation then work but knew it was work still, jobs like these she would keep in mind might be rare for her in the end and that it is what she made of it.

For the most part Judina zoned out of whatever they were doing since it seemed almost she did not seem to take note of it, but looked back every once and a while to note Lacie was sea sick so she was not good here which was the sign it was good she was here.

Just heard."Then I can take care of it." Weird, how does one magic not work here? maybe it was a sea sickness that Lacie had or something else but she wouldn't worry about it in the end, When it seem to be happening Judina seemed to with in a moment make a metal paddle to lightly wack it back to the boat and looking to see if it was alive and on the boat in the end over all didn't kill the fish either, So far it all seemed well in the end the mission was done.

Judina would take Lacie off the boat they would collect what was due and he on there way.


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