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To Wake a Sleeping Princess [Social:Esperia]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

To Wake a Sleeping Princess [Social:Esperia] Empty Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:48 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

She looked so peaceful when she slept. Fia, being the early riser she was, had the pleasure of waking to such a sight as a Princess snuggling on top of her on that particular morning. It felt like hours passed, as she lay there and watched the girl's obsidian hair sprawl out, heard the soft sounds that escaped her, and felt Esperia's small frame heave up and down against her bosom. She could've stayed there all day, she could've spent an eternity in that moment.

But, she didn't have the pleasure of time, and so it was time to awake her princess in a suitable manner. Shifting slowly to position herself, Fia was eventually face-to-face with the heavy sleeper. The steam punk leaned forward, closed her eyes and pressed her lips against Esperia's on a hard but chaste kiss, before leaning back and smiling.

"Wake up, sleepyhead."

If only was as easy now, as it had been back then.

If only fate hadn't intervened.

If only...


"You can't keep staying here, you know..." Doctor Gerard scolded a certain delinquent girl, though his tone had no bite to it. Instead, it was soft, understanding, sympathetic. Everything he thought she needed right now.

Fiammetta Barone, having been lost in a deep memory, stirred from the chair beside the doll-like girl's bed. She'd nothing but her long, loose pants and a jacket on her shoulders. Many other parts of her body were covered with bandaging. Her legs, her chest, her stomach, her arms, her collar... All scars left by a certain vengeful encounter she'd undertaken...

"Whaddya mean? Ain't I still a patient." Fia muttered to the doctor. Her usual fire, her typical abrasiveness, her stubborn pride... None could be found in the girl's voice. She just sounded tired, defeated. And as she spoke, her eyes did not once move from Esperia's comatose body.

"I approved you to leave 3 days ago..." Gerard sighed, staring down at the steam punk with deep concern.

"Doc... Don't make me go any farther from her... Please..." The Barone pleaded simply, tucked tightly in her jacket as she kept staring at Esperia's unmoving expression and body. Fia'd been in the hospital since her failed Lycan attack, and had stayed there just so she could be that much closer to Esperia.

"Fia, I..." Gerard spoke up again, conflict thick in his tone. "We're already overcrowded. Please, I'm doing all I can here, you can trust me! I can't-"

"Please!" A desparate cry from Fia stopped the doctor's words. He couldn't see her face, but he could her voice. There was no passion within her. Just sorrow, like a rainy day more than a raging fire. "Just one more night... Please... Don't... Make me..." Her words were soft, shaky, making it clear she was on the verge of sobbing.

Doctor Gerard straightened up, began for the door. "One more night..." He uttered in affirmation, looking back to Fia with a concerned look. "She'll be OK, Fia. I swear." With one last assurance, he left the room, leaving Fia in silence with Esperia's comatose body.

It was a nice room, at least. Everything you needed to keep an almost-dead girl alive. But Fia despised it, despised how peaceful the room was. Like it was supposed to be her deathbed.

The tired, defeated Barone gazed down at Esperia, a hand reaching down to brush some hair from her eyes. She looked so peaceful as she slept.

"Ain't it time you woke up, sleepyhead?" Fia said with a pathetic little chuckle. She sniffled back tears, bit her quivering lip. She hated this, hated not hearing Esperia's clever and high-spirited responses.

Fia hated herself too, for how weak she'd become.

Hell, part of her was even angry at Esperia.

"You don't get to do this, y'know..." Fia muttered, a hint of anger in her voice, as a tear streaked down her face.

"Comin' into my life. Makin' me feel... Like that. And then just... Layin' there, threatenin' to disappear. It's real friggin' cruel, y'know..."

More tears fell, Fia struggled to speak without choking on her words. "Fuck... It's all cruel..." Her lip quivered intensely, her face in her hand. "This whole fuckin' world, it just takes and takes... My family, my Dad, and now you? Ain't that just fuckin' ridiculous!?"

She panted a few more breaths, trying in vain to calm herself. "And worst of all, I can't do shit about it! Everythin' I do, and nothin' fuckin' changes I, no matter what I... I..."

She felt like screaming, but her sobs silenced such a cry, so she could only beg and plead.

"No matter what, I can't save the people I love..."

She just looked down at Esperia, her expression blank, empty. "I'm fuckin' pathetic, aren't I? All my tough talk, but here I am, realizin'... I can't do any of this without you." Fia leaned in, closer to Esperia, like the girl might hear her words.

"All those plans we made, to save my family, to save it all... Please, don't let me drop 'em... So please, please..." Fia leaned over the girl's body, her hands on Esperia's face as she looked down at her face to face, her tears falling into her obsidian hair.

She sobbed for a few moments more, before leaning down and brushing her lips on Esperia's.

"Wake up, sleepyhead..."

A sort of pathetic laugh escaped her mouth, one that quickly turned into a full sob, her cries echoing out in the small room, falling on deaf ears...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was odd, despite the fact she was currently lying in the bed beside Fia, her expression surprisingly peaceful as if she had been trapped within a long slumber, her soul seemed to had been gone as if she had become a literal doll. Ever since Liana's efforts to find a rumored cure for her condition Esperia's condition had shown no signs of worsening, but there was no improvement either. And what about her soul? Where was Esperia right now?

To describe the answer to that question one would have to look somewhere deep within her psyche, within the very mindscape that housed her soul. Ever since the dream she had experienced had reached its ending the obsidian-haired girl found herself wandering along into an abyss of darkness, a lonesome girl trapped within an eternal night.

Of course, after a while exhaustion started to take its toll on her body, and after a while, it started to feel as if even just walking became too much. With a soft stagger, the girl collapsed onto the ground, feeling the darkness slowly pull her in like quicksand. She was so... tired... Her vision started to fade as slowly the urge to close her eyes followed when a soft feminine voice beckoned her.

"Are you already giving up?"

It was peculiar, how all of a sudden the darkness seemed to give way as if it was banished from existing and instead the abyss she had been in but mere moments ago gave way for a grand throne chamber. It took a moment before the girl's senses caught up with her, the confused thoughts of the girl evident in her expression when suddenly she saw the source of the voice she had heard before.

A female being was seated on a grand throne before her, an otherworldly beauty that gazed down at her with a spark of curiosity in her eyes. "Is that the limit of your desire?" The words only confused her further, in the end, she didn't even know where she was, or what that dream from before had been... One question after another plagued her mind, and yet the first thing that escaped her lips was: "Who are you?"

The question coaxed a little giggle from the woman, who idly raised a hand to her chin to rest her head on the back of her hand while she continued. "Answering a question with a question? But to answer yours, I am... a benefactor~ You may call me 'Asmodeus'."

The obsidian-haired lady whispered with a smile as she watched Esperia stagger back onto her feet. Disregarding her confusion about the woman's choice of name, she decided to instead think a bit further about the earlier words spoken by the lady.

"Where are we, and what did you mean with the limit of my desire?" The lady grinned sheepishly as she waved her free hand around the room. "This? This is merely the manifestation of my own little part of your soul, in the end sitting in darkness all the time is boring, don't you agree Esperia? And I meant exactly what I said when I asked my earlier question."

Asmodeus slowly rose from her seat, her lips curving into a smile as she descended from the throne, slowly and sensually approaching the young lady. "As we speak your body is slowly withering away, lest you'd break the chains that bind you."

The chains... was she talking about that oppressive pressure that was trying to pull her down earlier in the darkness? Asmodeus nodded her head lightly in confirmation at the thought before she continued musing out loud. "Fortunately desire is a very, very powerful source of motivation. And surely you have plenty of that, right?"

What did she desire... That's right! There was still so much she wanted to do! She wanted to travel with Liana and Fia! Speaking of Fia, just the thought of the girl made her vivid imagination of the girl's worried face to emerge in her thoughts. "That's right my dear~ Think more about it... Think about what you desire, what you long for... what you lust for."

The tempting whisper in her ear caused the girl's cheeks to flush up lightly as she started to think back about the night she slept at Fia's side... Of course she couldn't die here! Especially not after she had made that promise to Fia! She didn't get the chance to do some lewd snuggling yet! And she had wanted to get the girl lots and lots of flustered moments to experience with her!

"So tell me Esperia~ What is it that you want?"

She didn't need to be asked that question twice, her statement resolute as she declared loudly. "I want to be with Fia!"

The words started to illuminate the throne room almost blindingly as Asmodeus smiled briefly at her, humming mysteriously. "See you at the other side, my dear, ~"

And then she felt the light consume her. It must have been like a scene from a fairy tale, the moment Fia's lips brushed against her own, and she softly called out to her a soft whisper escaped her lips. "Fi....ah...."

Slowly the girl's body stirred, her hand making a small twitch as she slowly opened her eyes, looking up at her lover while she whispered in a soft and sweet tone. "Good morning Fia."

It appeared the dream had finally ended, and the girl known as Esperia Von Eisenberg had returned back to reality, back at the side of the person she belonged to. Pulling out all her effort the girl gently raised a hand to Fia's cheek, her fingers gently brushing away the tears as she smiled kindly at her. "A smile... better suits a girl like you~" the girl whispered softly as she tried to sit upright but found her body been rather unwilling to put the extra effort.

#3Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

How many times had she cried like this? How few times in Fia's life had she let herself crack, let out this much sorrow and abandoned her warrior-like pride? How many times had she been this weak, pathetic, and lost? She couldn't help but wonder such things as she clutched the sheet beneath Fia, her tears falling onto the girl.

In truth, the answer was only a few other times. And each had a common theme: Harm to someone she loved. Harm she couldn't prevent, because she was utterly powerless. Her anguish began to morph into a deep rage, less like a burning fire and more like a bottomless abyss. She gripped the sheet beneath Fia tighter, thinking on all those that'd gotten them to this point.

How she would've loved to break all the knights that arrested her father. To burn the accursed wolves that hurt Esperia. To crush the other eye of the Phantom Lord who she'd encountered while trying to save Esperia.

Her anger didn't boil like it normally did it, it darkened and sank into her core. She felt like screaming, like tearing everything apart. And she was moments away from losing herself in that rage, from hurting anyone and anything... But then...


Her eyes widened, her heart stopped a moment. Like a tempest, Esperia's words had swept away Fia's fury, a glimmer of hope shining through as the delinquent girl leaned back to see if the impossible had really happened. And then, as Esperia gave a simple morning greeting, that glimmer of hope... Exploded into a beacon.

"E-E-Esp..." Fia stammered out hopelessly, staring in disbelief at the raven-haired trickster. Tears continued to flow, but the reasons were entirely different. Shock, joy, and love. Her hand reached out to touch Esperia's shoulder, desperately checking that this wasn't some cruel dream. Fia's lip quivered as she found herself touching the soft skin of the doll-like girl.

As she did, a hand was on her own cheek, wiping away tears. Esperia delivered quite a smooth line, and it did prompt a massive, ugly smile from Fia. But the tears did not stop. There was nothing stopping the current emotional outpour, the events impossible to comprehend or think about. Feeling was all she had, and she'd no felt like she just did.

Her lip quivered a few moments more, struggling to find the words to say. But there were none. Suddenly, Fia's body lurched forward, throwing her arms around Esperia and holding her tightly, like she might slip away again at any moment. Fia's sobs were louder than ever, but interspersed with the laughter of disbelief. Any words she attempted were incomprehensible, lost in her sobs and crying of joy.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

No words were needed for their reunion, just the actions that were made spoke more than books could ever tell someone. Despite the exhaustion of her body the young Eisenberg couldn't help but feel herself smiling gently as Fia embraced her, the warmth of her body delivering that nostalgic feeling she had longed for while trapped within that dream.

One could even say it was an unnatural source of strength for her, one that allowed her to gently raise her weary body, to let her arms gently wrap around Fia. One had gently slipped around the girl's waist to keep her close, while the other trailed up to the back of Fia's head, her fingers gently caressing through the fiery lass her hair, to comfort the tearful cries of her girlfriend.

Although she had lost track of the concept of time, she no longer cared about how late it was, where she was or how long she had been trapped within that dream, she had finally returned to the reality, and was able to enjoy that warmth she had longed so immensely for. How could she had possibly not been delighted at being able to feel this warmth? There was no doubt a lot of her actions were driven by lust, but just as strong as her desire was, so was her love for Fia also.

A hand tenderly slipped to Fia's face, her fingers gently wiping away the tears that trailed along Fia's cheeks when finally she leaned in to gently kiss the girl's lips, whispering in a soft and tender tone. "I'm back Fia~"

However, at the same time she said this, she also felt something, a presence that until now had been too subtle for her to notice, but now that she was aware of its existence... it unnerved her slightly. The being that called herself 'Asmodeus' was clearly observing their reunion from within her, with a bit of amusement even as she was eagerly waiting for something. But what could it possibly want? Questions her mind idly asked itself, and amidst this all was the familiar warmth building up within her heart.

"Hehe~ Guess I overslept a little." Esperia mused softly, when at the same time rushed footsteps entered the room. "Esperia..."

Doctor Gerard's arrival in the room had been partly due to hearing Fia's cry, but now that he saw the source of it, his expression was struck by disbelief. "H-How are you feeling?"

His expression was twisted slightly between disbelief and concern, but of course, there was also joy on his expression to see she had survived. Yet, the fact she was still breathing all but confirmed the mysterious stranger's words: Esperia Von Eisenberg was not an ordinary human girl, and what saved her might have been considered a miracle, but it was not a miracle that rescued her from that dream. It was a much more mysterious, and possibly dangerous power that had been responsible for it...

#5Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Nothing, nothing at all mattered to Fiammetta in those moments. She didn't care how loud and ugly her cries were. She didn't care how tightly she grasped the still recovering Eisenberg. She didn't care about the indomitable image she was abandoning. All she cared about was that the girl she loved was right there, she was OK. Everything was OK.

The delinquent's hands tightly clutched Esperia's hospital gown as she soaked it in her tears. She wished time would stop, wished to forever hold Esperia that close, where she was safe and sound. Where no one would hurt her, where fate could not reach them. Esperia was Fia's haven, and vice versa. And in that moment, that fact was immutable.

Fia picked up her face from Esperia's shoulder, if only to look into the doll-like girl's vibrant and unique eyes. A hand wiped away her tears, and she smiled softly at her awakened lover before receiving a soft kiss. It felt just like their first, made Fia realize all over again just how much she cared for Esperia.

A soft chuckle escaped Fia's lips as Esperia mused that she was back. "Took yer time, Princess." She whispered gently as she gazed into the trickster's soft and noble features.

But moments later, an interruption to their reunion would come in the form of the good doctor himself. Fia turned to him, her expression still filled with joy and gratitude. As far as she was concerned, it was Gerard himself who was responsible for Esperia's recovery, right?

"She... She's alright doctor... You really, ya did it... Haha..." Fia stammered out, laughing a little in disbelief. All the pain she'd suffered through seemed worth it. The injuries she sustained from the Lycans, the deeper wounds received from that mysterious Phantom, none of that mattered as long as she had this chance to defy fate.

Yet, little did she know, fate was just getting started with the tragic pair.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Gerard had remained silent during the brief endearing exchange between the two girls, yet it was when Fia addressed him that the doctor shook his head lightly. "It's nothing short of a miracle that she is alive." He wanted to believe that, he really did but miracles didn't happen for no reason. Every miracle, no matter the type had its price, history showed that more than often enough, and the words of the mysterious man who had visited Esperia had only affirmed his concerns. "Esperia, forgive me for asking this when you only regained consciousness just a few moments ago..."

The doctor looked at Esperia who tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion as she observed the doctor with a hint of curiosity before he continued his question. "It's unheard of for someone to survive... to wake up after their body rejected the Lycan curse. It's something that is considered impossible for most human beings."

The doctor had a point, there were no records of a human surviving such a rejection... could that mean he knew about 'her'. As if to sidetrack the man's thoughts the girl merely smiled at him and answered him in a soft tone. "It's nothing short of a miracle, right?" Yet she leaned in against Fia, her lips moving softly to her ear as she whispered softly. "I'll tell you more when it's just us two~"

Yet, perhaps there was still something she needed to deal with before she could do that. "Doctor Gerard~ Could you please let Fia stay for the night? It would make me rest at ease knowing she is watching over me, and it feels like forever since I had the opportunity to talk to her~"

The doctor sighed briefly in amusement as if her tone suggested something. "Fine, but make sure to rest enough, your body is going to need a lot of recovering before you're back to normal. I'll tell the nurses to 'knock' before entering." God bless the thoughtful doctor! He smiled briefly at the duo before allowing himself out of the room, closing the door behind them while Esperia turned all her attention back at Fia, humming with a soft smile. "Now... where were we~"

Hands gently trailed up to the back of the girl's neck, an attempt to pull her closer as she whispered softly. "The doctor was quite right on the matter, it wasn't a miracle that saved me. Rather, it was 'someone' who gave me the means to return to your side."

The girl explained in a soft tone as she leaned in to try to kiss Fia's lips once more, continuing her explanation in a bit of a more cheerful tone. "Almost ironic that it's the Demon Lord of Lust that ended up saving a pervert like me, hmm?"

A brief giggle escaped her lips as she looked at Fia to see the reaction her girlfriend would make at that revelation.

#7Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia looked confused, for but a moment, as Gerard seemed to dismiss her praise, claiming it was more of a miracle than it was his own skill. "Ain't no such thing as miracles. Made this happen ourselves, right?" Fia said with a half-hearted grin, trying very hard to suppress the unsettling feeling building within her. This was easy, too easy. Even now, she couldn't help but feel like there was a catch. It just didn't make sense for fate to suddenly grant them happiness so easily.

Her unease was only heightened by the doctor and Esperia's exchange, which highlighted just how abnormal the Eisenberg girl's recovery was. She could feel her hands quiver a little at the mention of the Lycan curse, horrified at the idea that there was still some downside to Esperia's awakening, that maybe she could still lose the girl she loved. She was about to open her mouth, shout a protest to the doctor, claim that it was some miracle after all, but Esperia already made that claim.

Fia gulped down as she heard the doll-like girls whisper, feeling a chill as her fears were confirmed - there was more to this than met the eye. And yet, she also felt more confident, her hands steadying as she nodded to Esperia. It seemed the girl knew to some extent what was going on, and part of her knew that that meant they could fight whatever burdened her together.

Esperia requested that Gerard leave, so they could have this moment to talk, justifying it by saying that she'd feel better with Fia watching over her. The delinquent girl couldn't help but chuckle a little. After all, she'd been just doing that for the past few nights, abusing her position as a patient as much she the doctor would allow.

She couldn't even get angry at the doctor for his little comment about knocking, she was far too grateful to the man. "Thanks, Doc. I'll be outta here tomorrow, I swear." She assured him as he left, unconsciously touching the bandages still on her that he'd also applied. Her own experience with Lycans may not have left her in a coma, but she had her own scars from the beasts...

But there was no time for that. No, right now the present was just for her and Esperia. She smiled softly at her lover as she was pulled in, moving from her seat to sitting on the bed as she leaned down to Esperia, taking in her awakened and lively features, even her scent was blissfully familiar.

But her smile slowly faded as Esperia revealed that 'someone' was responsible for her return. Nonetheless, she returned Esperia's kiss, enjoying the way the contact made her heart flutter. It was a sensation that didn't last long, thanks to Esperia's extremely casual dropping of a pretty major bombshell.

"H-Hold up..." Fia uttered out with eyes wide and panicked. "Demon Lord of Lust? The hell? You mean... Yer back cause of a fuckin' demon!?" She was confused, exasperated. She'd known there was a catch, but this? This was all but impossible to comprehend.

"So... The hell does that mean then? For, uh, our future, I mean..." The steam punk's voice didn't have much fire to it, rather, there was genuine concern. Concern for the future she spoke of, concern for what would become of them with this new deveopment...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

She had expected Fia to react with concern about the revelation she had made just now. Of course, she understood it entirely, even she, despite being glad that she had found a means to be reunited with Fia was still wary about the existence of this demon and her intentions. But one thing was certain...

"It will change nothing Fia~" The girl reassured her as she allowed her hands to gently slide onto Fia's cheeks, hoping to be given the chance to have her look straight into her mismatched eyes as she continued her explanation. "Nothing can change my love for you, not even a demon lord of lust has a chance to intervene with that."

She heard the inward giggle of the demon but decided to ignore it as she continued speaking in the same gentle tone as before. "I don't really know what she wants either, but it seems she wants to find out where our future together~"

There was, of course, another matter, one she intended to make clear soon enough as the girl gently allowed her hands to slip behind Fia's neck, leaning closer to whisper temptingly into her ear. "It does seem she amplifies my umm... desires somewhat due to her feeding on emotions of lust. Fortunately for us, you got quite a way with coaxing those feelings out of me."

The girl giggled softly as she playfully took a nip at Fia's earlobe, ensuring their close contact wouldn't cease just yet. "No matter what happens, I'll always continue to love you, and I'd be willing to pay any price to remain at your side until the end of time~"

Well, almost any price, committing cold-blooded murder and other illegal things didn't exactly seem to be on the list of activities she had in mind. Her legs shuffled a little so that she was now seated on her knees, a sudden lunge forwards making her try to nuzzle her face against Fia's bosom while she whispered playfully.

"How much I missed doing this~ being so close to you and feeling so warm and happy..."

Peeking up from amidst that valley the girl remarked with a curious little tone. "Don't worry Fia~ I'm still myself, it seems that there is a process involved to draw out the power of the demon lord, and unfortunately my body is still too exhausted to be able to handle the transformation. Else we'd be able to ask her directly."

Hands playfully squeezed those soft pliable mounds while she mused out loud. "But I'm really glad I was able to be at your side again. It was scary, to think I would remain trapped in that darkness by myself forever... I simply can't imagine a future without you~" The girl whispered the last words tenderly, waiting to see Fia's reaction to the bombshell that was dropped and her attempt to reassure the girl about what had happened.

#9Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

If Fia was to be truly honest with herself, then she'd admit that almost nothing in her life had gone how she'd planned or expected. From day one, it'd been fate itself kicking her about the place. And yet, when Esperia held the larger girl's cheeks, and told her nothing would change, every single part of Fia believed her. Because if there was anyone in this world who could help her defy fate, it was the girl she loved.

And the girl who loved her too, it would seem. Hearing Esperia say nothing would change that made Fia's heart skip a beat, and twisted her concern look into an assured smile. "Not even a demon lord, huh?" She uttered softly and proudly, feeling that tempered fire within her. For so long she'd felt tired, beaten down, and yet now she felt that energy of hers return, just by Esperias touch and words.

"Wants to know where we go? The hell does a demon lord wanna know about that for?" Fia queried with some renewed concern and skepticism, though chose to leave that there. Esperia seemed to, for whatever reason, trust the terms of her and this demon's arrangement, so Fia would put her faith in her too.

Feeling the doll-like girl her closer, Fia once again felt her heart beat faster. It'd been far, far too long since she was this close to her, close enough to feel her warmth. Warmth that she felt redden her own cheeks as Esperia explained an apparent side effect of the demon's contract. "Th-That so, huh? Well, if they get too much to handle, just lemme know, aight?" She stammered out with a slightly salacious smile. Of course, she'd have no problem relieving some of the 'tension' accrued by this newfound boon. When the girl was properly healed, of course.

Fia was silent as Esperia once again assured her of the permanence of her affection, only smiling softly and wrapping her arms around the smaller girl's waist to hold her closely. And yet, she also felt a little guilty at the comment, at the fact she could not so easily say how she felt. After all, there were a select few words she hadn't even told Esperia yet. 3 words, to be exact.

But her guilt took a backseat to a more pressing concern, namely that Esperia was pressing herself against Fia's sensitive breasts. Steam rising from her body, Fia was about to scold the girl for being so intimate when they were still in a hospital, but Esperia's words about being close to her halted such thoughts. Instead, Fia allowed the trickster to do as she wished, even moving a hand to the back of her head and running her hand through her hair.

"Y'know, yer really like a baby sometimes..." Fia remarked almost teasingly, as Esperia went on to explain some more details about the demon lord within her. It was relieving to her this demon's presence would not be constant.

After a squeeze that had Fia holding her tongue and summoning willpower to not take the obsidian-haired girl then and there, Esperia once again played on Fia's heartstrings, with words about being unable to imagine a future without her.

The steam punk smiled even wider, leaning her head down onto Esperia's shoulder and holding the girl so close. "Likewise, Princess..." She whispered affectionately. It was about time she just let those emotions of hers be free.

"Listen, I dunno how to say all the sappy stuff like ya do, but I know one thing, Esperia." She'd say seriously, using the girls full name to make clear that this was not a joke or tease. "I love you. More 'an I've ever loved anyone outside my family. 'Cause yer the first person to make me realize... That we ain't alone."

She leaned back from Esperia, gazing deep into her heterochromatic eyes before resting her forehead against the smaller girl's. "I used to think it was my family against the world... But then I met you. And since then... My world's gotten bigger. For once, I can talk to people without doubting them." She sighed a little, trying to hold back her quivering lip.

"Yer the best part of me. And all my goals, my dreams... I wanna complete them with you at my side." Fia continued to speak, before pressing a light, reassuring kiss on the other girl's lips. "So I don't care about any fuckin' demon lord. I won't let any friggin' Lycans or Phantom Lords or whatever the fuck get in our way. Cause we gon' fight them all together, aight? So somethin' like that darkness that trapped ya... I won't let it come near us again."

She smiled, not her usual wild baring of teeth, but a softer display of affection.

"Cause I love ya, and it ain't anymore complicate 'an that."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Fate was a peculiar something, at times it seemed like events unfolded in such a way there was simply no way of changing them, as if the events were set in stone, and that defying them as a fool’s errand, yet at the same time there were moments were someone felt like they could overcome anything, to crush any obstacle that would stand in their way, truly… as if not even fate itself could stop them, as if fate itself was bending to their desire.

It was that type of feeling that Esperia felt right now, as if her love for Fia was strong enough that she could overcome whatever obstacles life would set before them, as if she could bend fate itself to her will. It was an invigorating feeling for sure, and when she saw Fia smiling in response to her words the obsidian-haired trickster smiled sheepishly in return. “Mhmm~ Not even a demon lord~” She whispered reassuringly.

It felt comforting to see Fia return to her usual mood, the rekindled energy and feisty nature of the steamy lass bringing a little chuckle from the girl’s lips as she explained in return. “More like, she wants to know what the future holds for us, I guess?” Esperia hummed softly, yet it didn’t take long for Esperia to take the opportunity to snuggle closer to her girlfriend, her face rubbing gently against her bosom while she replied in a playful tone. “Aye~ Aye~ I’ll make sure to let you know~”

Nonetheless, the steam that was rising from Fia’s body as a result of Esperia’s affectionate snuggling made her giggle briefly, the words that followed making Esperia look upwards in a mixture of confusion and amusement. “Hehe~ you’re not the first one to say that~” It was true, despite her age Esperia did often show a more childish side to her, but those thoughts were slowly dismissed as she felt Fia’s gentle caress of her hair, the fact that Fia was taking the resolve to say something with a more serious tone, the fact she was using her actual name causing Esperia to sit upright as if to answer the more serious tone with a suitable reaction of her own.

Still, the words that followed made her heart skip a beat, and her cheeks to turn a healthy hue of red from joyous embarrassment. Of course, she had known before that Fia loved her, in the end she doubted the girl would have allowed things like the earlier squeeze of those pillows to happen, but to hear her actually say those words… Those three words were more than enough for her to feel like she truly could defy fate itself, to find the strength to overcome any challenge or obstacle.

She wanted to respond, to tell her the words that obviously were waiting to be said, but at the same time she also listened attentively to how Fia explained her love for Esperia further, and each word warmed her to the core of her being.

It was pleasant to feel the warmth of Fia’s body as she rested her forehead against her own, and yet as Fia finished her explanation with a repeating of those joyous words Esperia finally replied, a repeat of the earlier gentle kiss, albeit this one seemed to carry on for much longer as Esperia’s arms gently wrapped around Fia’s waist till she finally leaned back and replied with a sheepish smile.

“I thought: Since Fia said everything that needed to be said there was no reason for me to repeat those words~ But I’ll still repeat a part of them: I love you Fia~”

Indeed, right there and then that was all that needed to be said as an answer to her feelings for Fia.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It wasn't an unfamiliar feeling to her. Love, that was. She'd loved her family and her father after all, but the brand of affection Fia held towards Esperia was something different entirely. It was more than her desire to protect, or the passionate flames in her heart. It was the light of that fire, the salvation that she seemed to find in Esperia's grasp. She didn't quite understand, but she felt it. That Esperia would be the one to save her, and that she would be the one to save Esperia.

And it was for that reason she laid her heart bare, for the first time in her life, to someone untouched the bonds of family. She had a feeling she already knew Esperia's response, but some deep darkness called doubt had her a little nervous just after she'd finished her emotional outpour. But like a tempest, Esperia's lips managed to wash away that doubt completely.

The kiss was longer than their last, but Fia found herself wishing it had lasted even longer. It'd been too long since she'd felt those soft lips, that sweet taste. Hands moving to Esperia's cheeks to hold their kiss, she found herself gazing with eyes full of fire, and a heart beating with equal intensity as Esperia delivered her own declarations.

It sent such a warmth through her, one she felt right in her heart. It wasn't like her usual burning energy, which surged from her gut, no, it was something much softer. It was soothing, calming, cleansing... She felt crying all over again, but all she could was bare a massive smile.

"Heh. Yer makin' me the happiest gal in Baska, y'know." Fia remarked with a weak little laugh, her hands moving from Esperia's cheeks to hold her body close. A few more moments passed, just allowing them to feel each other's warmth, before Fia finally opened her mouth again.

"So uh... What now?" She'd inquire simply, her tone a bit more serious. "I mean... After yer done recoverin'... Where do we go next?" Fia leaned back out of their embrace, if only so their conversation could be heard more clearly. "I honestly don' give a shit where I end up, long as it's with you an' it gets me the money I need. All I know is... There's fuck-all here in Baska. Nothin' but Lycans and liars..." There was a clear bite to her tone as she spoke of the city, her hands moving to her bandaged wounds, and indicating that the two obviously still had some catching up to do...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

One could say that love was a mysterious source of power, at least it was to the obsidian-haired trickster. Being one who held such an intense longing to experience the feeling, it was not an understatement that ever since she met Fia, things had changed for her significantly. It was true, that while love came in all sorts of forms and shapes, like the love for her family, the adoration, and admiration she held toward her elder sister, or the affection she held for Liana, the emotions she was able to express around Fia were different. Certainly, deep within her heart she still felt certain... feelings toward her best friend, feelings she had been forced to suppress and ignore for the sake of their bond, it had been steadily submerged in a sea of blissful warmth that came from the emotions that Fia had coaxed out of her. It was so peculiar, yet so fascinating that the steamy lass was able to coax such intense emotions out of her.

There was no doubt, that if anyone could save her from the sorrow, pain, and regret that lingered behind her cheerful demeanor, then there was no doubt that it would be Fia.

Perhaps it was for that reason, that when Fia laid her heart bare and revealed the emotions that dwelled within her heart, that the obsidian-haired trickster knew that just like she would keep Fia safe and support her through any trial and tribulation that might cross their path, so would Fia be the savior that she needed.

And then there was her reaction to the kiss, that passionate response that kindled a familiar warmth inside her, and it reminded her of one of the reasons she adored Fia so much. The way she expressed her emotions with such intensity and honesty was refreshing and endearing, the way it felt like her emotions came bursting free without restraint.

Feeling Fia's hands gently hold her cheeks as their lips remained connected, their tender yet passionate kiss lingering for a while longer as she enjoyed the blissful sensation of just being able to stare longingly into Fia's eyes.

Of course, that massive smile that appeared on Fia's lips led to her to smile sheepishly in return as she heard Fia declare that she made her the happiest gal in the whole of Baska, something Esperia couldn't help but remark with a hint of amusement.

"Only Baska hmm? Guess I'll have to work on making you the happiest gal in the whole of Fiore then~" Esperia giggled sheepishly, knowing that considered to some other cities Baska was, in essence, a smaller village on terms of population.

"Hmm~ I guess we could travel to one of the larger cities, I'm certain there will be plenty of jobs for us to handle there." The Eisenberg hummed softly as she leaned a bit backward to look at Fia, a hand rubbing over her eyes as her vision started to get less blurry and she focused a bit further. "Not to mention there are a lot of pretty sights to enjoy around the country also while we're working~"

The girl mused softly, yet hearing about Fia's comment about Lycans and liars, the bite in her tone and the subtle movement of her hands causing Esperia's eyes to widen slightly. "Fia! w-what happened to you?" The girl worriedly exclaimed as she raised her smaller hands to the bandages that covered Fia's injuries. The worried look in the girl's eyes clearly betrayed her concern and worry for Fia's well being.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

They were each other's light, that much was plain to see. Fia and Esperia both had their fair share of sorrows and pain, the steamy lass, in particular, bearing the burden of an immense anger at the world. And yet there they were, their exteriors melted away by the embrace as they laid themselves bare, and allowed the better parts of each other to flourish. The steam punk's deep-seated rage was reduced to a controlled flicker of flame. Fia wasn't a very religious person, and in Esperia she had found an oft-cited principle of such institutions: Salvation.

Maybe it was Esperia's calm and thoughtful approaches, maybe it was her affectionate and social nature, or perhaps it was just her delicate and genuine touch. Whatever it was, Esperia had something that made her seem nothing short of godsend for Fia, and she believed every word the smaller girl said about making her happy.

"That so, huh? Lookin' forward to it then." Fia replied to the assurance she'd be the 'happiest girl in Fiore'. She didn't doubt it at all, at least not while she was by Esperia's side. After all, there was no one could make her as happy as her own lover.

"Yeah... That don't sound to bad. Plenty a bigger cities with bigger paydays, I'm hopin'" A half-smile was given in response as Esperia's casual declaration of future plans sent a wave of relief through her. It was good to hear nothing had changed, and they still had a way out, a way to take the path they wanted, to defy fate. At the mention of new sights, a sly grin found itself on Fia's lips. "Dunno whatchu mean Princess. Yer the prettiest sight in Fiore, y'know? But I don' mind if you wanna climb see some others, maybe climb a few more churches."

She'd been a little concerned about their future, but hearing Esperia's eagerness in spite of their circumstances gave her some much-needed reassurance. Unfortunately, the uplifted mood would soon be challenged by Esperia's sudden recognition of Fia's own wounds, prompting a conflicted look from the hazel-eyed girl.

"It's, uh... Well..." Fia said awkwardly, placing a reassuring hand over Esperia's as they touched her bandages. "I, uh... I chased down those dog fuckers that did this to you. Gave 'em hell, but they got a few good hits on me too." She tried to give a reassuring look to Esperia, not wanting her girlfriend to worry about something long past.

"I'm fine now. All healed up, nothin' to worry 'bout. Take more than some Lycans to bring down a Barone." Fia commented with a cocky grin, using faux arrogance to try and cheer Esperia up however she could.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

She was glad that Fia agreed with the idea of traveling to one of the larger cities, in the end they would prove to be more useful in terms of having a larger collection of potential people who needed help with a task or two, making it all the more rewarding for them to visit one of the big cities. She had thought of some potential destinations already, but nonetheless, it wouldn't have been the same without Fia by her side. Still, Fia's playful compliment about her being the most pretty sight in all of Fiore made the girl giggle softly, her cheeks coloring a healthy tint of red once more.

However, that playful blush had quickly faded for concern when she saw Fia's injuries and learned about the source behind them. The fact that Fia survived an encounter with a dangerous foe like a Lycan was already an amazing feat of its own, but to think she had actually given several of them a beating... yes, she wasn't sure if Fia was extremely lucky to have survived, or had an unnatural amount of stamina, well the last bit could prove to be very useful for other endeavors!

"Geez Fia... That recklessness is so typical of you~ But no more 'hunting', you hear me? I don't want to see you getting hurt." A hand gently raised to pet the girl's head, a tender affection while Esperia allowed her body to gently lean back against the pillows, exhaustion seemingly starting to settle in.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It was with the slightly bitter taste of guilt that Fia had explained the origins of her wounds. Though her confidence in the correctness of her actions remained as certain as her constant anger, she nonetheless felt her heart sink at seeing her girlfriend so worried. It was enough to make her wonder if she'd really done the right thing by pursuing the Lycans, enough to make her wonder if her fury could mislead her...

But she put all that aside for now, deciding a problem is deeply-ingrained as her own anger-management issues was not the kind of thing she ought to have on her mind during this incredible reunion.

The faintest of smiles appeared on her lips at Esperia's kind scolding. There were very few people who Fia loved enough to accept criticism like that from. "Aight... That won' be a problem." Fia would say with resolve. "I can't promise I won't be reckless or anger, hell, I need that part o' me. But no matter what I do, I ain't gonna do it without you at my side, so it's all good, y'know." Perhaps she wasn't the most eloquent when it came to language, but Fia certainly knew how to get her point across. A confident and strong look would let Esperia now that Fia truly did believe that as long as the two of them were together, everything would turn out OK.

As blissful as their reunion had been, it would seem that it was going to be cut short, given that Esperia was quite clearly not in the best condition. Fia noticed the girl getting tired, placing a hand on her back and easing the girl back.

"You aight there Princess? Look like yer ready to hit the hay..." Fia commented with a small smile, reminded of the many times she'd looked after tired children at her home. "You oughta get some sleep, y'know... And, uh, don't worry I'll still be here..."

Fia leaned forward, briefly and gently brushing her lips against the other girl's in a soft and loving kiss. "I'll be here to wake you up again, aight?"


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The girl nodded her head sheepishly in return to Fia's response, her arms gently wrapping around the feisty girl's waist as she hummed in return. "Of course~ it's part of what makes Fia the Feisty and steamy girl she is~"

Declaring those words with a smile it seemed exhaustion was slowly starting to settle in for the girl, a little yawn escaping her parted lips as she felt herself slowly growing tired, likely the result of her body still recovering from her injuries. "mhmm~ as long as I'm by your side everything will be fine~ cause I'm good at handling you~" the girl teasingly poked out her tongue in return to the jest while she listened onwards to Fia's concerned suggestion.

"Mhmm~ I'm a bit tired..."
the girl replied with a soft smile as she rested her back against the pillows and was starting to get comfortable in her bed once more. "Of course~ You better be here when I wake up, because else I'm going to be searching for you~" The girl exclaimed with a playful remark as she felt their lips gently brush over one another, the sensation making her smile warmly before she finally closed her eyes and whispered tenderly.

"Sweet dreams Fia~"

For some reason she really felt comfortable, even with her injuries, it was no doubt the presence of Fia that helped make her feel at ease, the girl slowly closing her eyes as she tried to slowly doze off into a peaceful slumber. It didn't take long before her breathing started to relax and slow down a little, till she was finally drifting off into a world of pleasant dreams, at least they seemed to be quite  pleasant judging from the smile that lingered upon her lips and the occasional whispers that left her lips.

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