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Self-Reflecting [Training/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Self-Reflecting [Training/Solo] Empty Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:27 pm

Lee Nakamura
They were alone. Just the three of them. Secluded from the small town called Baska. He was sent here by his father to retrieve his memories of the past when he was known to the vast world as LeeAnn Alister Nakamura. The name was still foreign yet familiar at the same time. Slowly, he will gain that name again as the spell keeping him as Leon was slowly fading. His true identity and gender was starting to show slowly, day by day. There was no one out there to help him be rid of this amnesia. He had to admit, the moment when he discovered he was actually LeeAnn that's when he starting to slowly remember things. The grudge against Fay was starting to loosen now that he was focusing on recovering his memories while he was here.

His new mission was to become stronger as a fire mage and enhance his powers to protect the Nakamura clan. Leon was the chosen fire gurdian. There was only him, Fay, and Abraxas in this meadow. Usually, he liked being around people and the small peaceful town. Though, today was a special day. It was a nice warmer day enough to just wear a light jacket and some jeans outside. The meadow was turning into the fall colors as the grass was still green, but held a semi-transparent coat of frost to them. He wanted to come out this day and see everything around him. The clouds, the trees and even grass. Leon stood on the edge of a rolling hill. Fay and Abraxas were at his side. His ar was around his fiance, holding the kitsune close to him. Abraxas held her ears alert to every noise and sound that was being made.

Only the wind howled giving a warm current through her fur. No one dare spoke or break the peace. "You okay, Lee? You havent spoken much at all today" she asked. His red and black eye gave a glance down at his beloved. Had she been worried about him? How long did he make her mind race? Perhaps, a while now. The neko breathed in deeply and exhales longingly.

He was not sure how to answer her question. It as such a simple answer. Something you get asked almost everyday yet it was the hardest question to answer. Deeply, he carefully made his choice of words. "I was just thinking. All this time searching for the answer and all along it was right here. Under my nose, now that I figured out why I have this illness...what my true purpose is...things are finally....finally coming back together.
Piece I have never thought I would uncover are now being revealed before my eyes, Fay. We are the Fire Gurdian and the Fox King. True legends or recarinations of them. Though, I also feel alone.Yes I have you and Abra, but like I am missing something. Something I have wished for a while now and I think I know what it is"
he replied. For years, Lee was trying to find her true purpose. Why he had this illness in the first place. Why he as different from the rest of his family. The puzzle pieces were now making sense from what he had remembered. His memory was not fully recovered, but was coming along just fine.

The mage now felt a piece missing though, not in his memory, but in his heart. His heart ached a fragile fragment that was somehow there before, but now it was gone. Fay tilted her head. "Is that Hikaru" she asked. Leon shook his head. Hikaru was the only thing that he remembered clearly. Someone who was strong and coruagous. A true big brother he loved dearly. Now, he was gone. Not from this world, but from his. He was still alive. Just missing. His father had said he was busy doing jobs for hte higher ups. Both of them never got to see much of him according to Fay and Nicolas. "Yeah, from what my father says the guy is always busy. He only sees me. Ga;a is pretty much like Hika aswell. Ryu...he wants nothing to do with. So I just have you and my father. I feel kinda lonely. He said I did not have that many friends besides Kon. It's kinda sad how I was back then" he mentioned.

Fay could see how right he was. Perhaps this soul swap and amnesia was a good thing after all. It made Lee realize how important it was to keep an open mind and reflect how you could be. "I know. Lee, when we change back. Why dont we get married and finally have this wedding. Invite your friends. You have more than you realize. Lee, you have Alice and Selena along with Kon" she smiled. Leon's eye grew wide with a happy smile. He threw his arms around the kitsune. "That would mean the world to me! Fay, let's do some training. I need to get pumped if I want to become the next Fire Gurdian" he said.


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