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Golden Scissors [LeeAnn/Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Leon and Abraxas took the paper off the Rune Knight request board. It was something simple enough to bring in some extra jewel in his pocket. He walked towards the client's boutique. Leon was never a man for fashion. He just threw on clothes and went on about his day. Though, he only wore black and greens most of the time. They went well with his hair. He opned the door to fin the client searching and happily going throuhg his fabrics just fine. The sound of the chiming bell caught his attention and his eyes were on the two of them. Abraxas sat there silently stood by her master's side. She never dared to leave.

"Welcome, you must be the taker for my job request, no?" he asked. Leon shook his head. "I am indeed. My name is Lee or Leon Nakamura, Rune knight. I am here finding something called the Golden Scissors" he asked. The client shook his head in response. It seemed this item was in need or something. "This item is rare. They are a special magic tool used by some of the most popular fashion designers. Sadly, I dont have any. That's why I asked you to bring them to me. There is a rumor going around a traveling merchant has something of the kind. I want you to investigate this said rumor" he said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some money. Handing the wade of cash to Leon, the Rune Knight put it into his safe pouch for safe keeps. Money was never an issue with him since he always knew how to save and use money wisely.

"Take that to the market and see if you can find any. The market does not open yet, get there early to be the rush. Everyone wants this item as well." he said. Leon nodded as he and his companion were off the market. Leon arrived at the market. They both had to investigate. Abra's ears perked up hearing a man behind one of the boohts. She paused then looked at her owner and back at the booth. They both heard rustling causing the sound to draw then nearer and nearer. Once they arrive, a little old man showed up and popped his head from the what he was doing. Giving his old eyes at quick look at them closely.

The merchant gave a look to Leon. "Let me guess you here to buy the Golden Scissor " he asked. Leon shook his head in a agreeing state. He spoke no words in response, only body language. The merchant rolled his eyes. "Here is the jewel, I would like to buy it" he asked politely. The Knight had not wore his armor, he looked like a regular citizen. He could pass as someone just wanting it like the rest. Though, he had his badge on him in case it was needed. It came in handy mostly like this.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
He gave a rude look at the young neko and his companion. It seemed they were not the only ones to be begging to buy the rare item. He seemed to have a lot of bidders on the product, but having a hard enough time to decided who was worthy. Leon had a plan already. It was risky, but it just might work. "Just scram, I have enough stress. I dont need you and your pesky little rat coming around here" he shooed. It hurt that this old man called his beloved pet. Abraxas gave the man a glare and refused to move as so did Leon. Another customer walked up asking for the same thing and then another. Clearly, they were not the only ones thinking of the same idea. Leon had to work his plan into action.

Abraxas was very well trained and being a Rune Knight most definately had its advantages. Normally, he hated using his title to his full capacity. Though, most of the time when he used it he gotten a good and respectful response. Knowing how hew as going to use it, he approached the rude merchant. Politely, he smiled. "Come on, cant you give it to a nice guy and his pet" he bribed, showing the jewel. Yet again, he turned them down even more rudely. "Scram you two, I have enough to deal with" he hollered. Abraxas growled. Leon slammedh is fist to the table and got up close and really personal. His eye narrowed as his neko claws shown. "You want to play that game, I also happen to be a Seated class Rune Knight. Easily, I could throw you in jail for refusal of service to me. Either let me buy that Golden Scissors off your hands or its in the slammer for you. You're choice" he snarled. The rude merchant shook while Leon reached into his pocket and pulled out his badge proving his statement. Titles were one thing he would use to get the job done. In all honesty, he have a small thrill when seeing someone else shiver in fear. Abraxas helped back this up by showing her teeth and the rings on her body glowing.

After enough conviincing, he made a decision. "Fine. Here take it! Take it, just give me the money" he said. He swiped it from Leon's grip. With a pleasent yet satisfying smile, Leon bowed his head. "Thank you. Pleasure doing business with ya" he said. They both turned and walked away like nothing had ever happened. Abraxas gave a glance up at her master then shook her head. Lee noticed. "Why you shaking your head at me? My method was effective, risky, but effective. We got the item. Am I correct" he replied. Abra nodded. They made their way to the client' boutquie where he was still srot fabrics from silk to polyester. He opened the door when the bell rang. "We're back and we go the scissors" smiled Leon. The client raced to him and smile. "Thank you thank you! Here is your reward. I can now become a better fashion designer thank you" he said. Leon and Abraxas went back home.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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