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Stop The Plague [Quest: Chelflake]

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#26Chelvaric Walderkat 

Stop The Plague [Quest: Chelflake] - Page 2 Empty Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:33 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked over at Snow while he was holding his nose close to not have it bleed too much. It wasn’t like he was going to bleed out or anything like that but still he shouldn’t lose to much blood if there would be even more infected coming at them it would be a hindrance. Snow seemed fine as always not a scratch on her and the infected knocked out at her feet. He smiled at her as he was happy that she was alright.

yes I am fine, just a bloody nose nothing too bad

He said to her as he walked closer, they looked at Gerard who should be finishing the device by now. He hoped it wouldn’t take long to work so that they didn’t get overrun or attacked before the device fired off. Gerard answered Snow as he was working on the device. And shouted that it was nearly done. “You don’t even seem to have broken a sweat Snowy, you definitely one of the strongest mages I met so far”, he said to her and gave her a slight peck on the cheek. They could hear a horde of infected coming closer to the city center. “Hit the switch now and the device will be activated!”, Gerard shouted to them.


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#27Venus Rosé 

Stop The Plague [Quest: Chelflake] - Page 2 Empty Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:26 am

Venus Rosé

The woman simply smiled at her lover when he reassured her that it was merely just a bloody nose. At least nothing bad happened, she thought. ”There’re far more stronger mages than me,” she commented, and as she spoke Finn and Alisa came into mind. She had aspired to be like the veterans one day and possibly, stronger, seeing how she was holding such an important position in the guild, it encouraged her to hone her abilities further, just so she wouldn’t be left behind compared to other guild members.

From the distance, she could hear Gerard telling them to switch the device on to distribute the cure. Upon request, she would do so and fumes of coloured gas were released into the sky and filled the entire area. For a brief moment, nothing happened. And the next second, those who were knocked out from the fight with the wizards began to wake up. After gaining their consciousness, they almost seemed confused as to why they were at the location, whilst some groaned in pain from their wounds. Everyone exchanged glances between each other, with confusion written on their faces and even though they probably had numerous questions unanswered, it was best if none of them mentioned what exactly happened.


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#28Chelvaric Walderkat 

Stop The Plague [Quest: Chelflake] - Page 2 Empty Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:41 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric agreed to Snow’s mention that there were stronger people then her. Nobody was ever the strongest there will always be someone stronger then you, but still she was quite strong. Although Chelvaric and her had the same mage rank they still were quite far appart in terms of strength. Mostly because Chelvaric didn’t even have a magic right now and in melee combat he was useless.
After Snow had pressed the button to activate the machine it didn’t take long or it shot out a cloud that spread through town.

The other parts of town would be covered by the other devices. It took a while but the knocked out infected suddenly got up and seemed quite confused on what had happened. Chelvaric helped them get up and checked if they didn’t had any wounds that needed treatment. When they were all okay he explained to them that some strange event had put the whole time to sleep so that they wouldn’t have to explain how they tried to kill each other. The wounds were to blame from the falling of the persons to the ground when they fell asleep. Gerard thanked them greatly and rewarded them handsomely. But this was far from over since the bad guys were still out there.

[job finished]
3239/3200 (team and guild bonus)

Stop The Plague [Quest: Chelflake] - Page 2 HVEbuMl

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