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I'm Lost Without You (无名)

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#1Namé Les 

I'm Lost Without You  (无名) Empty on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:19 am

Namé Les


It had taken a week. The two of them had scrubbed down the entire temple, leaving not even a hint of rotted flesh. The main hall was as large as it was before, but it was now painted an off gray. The floor now had several rugs lined up with each other. The benches themselves were refinished, and the shrine stood tall. The lower room remained the same, only now housed caskets and a large dirt hole in the back of the room. It was for their own doing and to cover the scent of their other deeds.

Namé Les lay there, bowing to the shrine at the small steps in front of it. Few people remained in the front of the temple, using the building as refuge as they had before. Most remained outside, as the sun was still out, even though it was beginning to set.

Tears held onto her face as she tried to forget.

"Mother." she spoke softly, hoping her words would fall somewhere. "I don't know how much longer I can last here."

It didn't hit her until now. None of them had family outside of their god. It was the few of them against the world. They had to give it their all. They had to trust each other. They all had jobs to do. It was only together that they would survive.


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■ 217 WORDS ■ "Worry not, for we have a god on our side."

She sat not far from the girl. Her heart pained for her, but still, there was nothing for her to do in this moment. Her pain was hers to feel alone. She could not change the past, nor bring back the dead. There was no words that would ease this wound.

She continued to stare at the girl's back, her hand digging into the bag in her hands, pulling out a potato chip, one by one. The chip crunching under her teeth, the sound of a silent sob drowned out, made almost non existent.

She looked up at the stone lanterns, knowing fully of what they really did this for. There was no honoring the lives lost that day. All they could do was praise the deity that couldn't save them that day. They banished her. They bound her away. How she was freed, or where, would be known at a later date.

"We are Manji until the day we die." Caitlyn thought to herself, "When we die, our bodies are returned to our ancestor."

Ancestor. That was how that hymn went. It wasn't plural, it was singular. Caitlyn sighed. There was gods out there that had better things than to watch over a handful of mortals. But what was to become of them when they were lost to life?

#3Namé Les 

I'm Lost Without You  (无名) Empty on Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:18 am

Namé Les



The more it surrounded her, the more she found it comforting. But still, she wanted to reach to a higher purpose, to a higher cause. She wanted to be needed, to help others.

"What about until then?" Namé Les replied to Caitlyn's comment. As each day went on, Caitlyn became more and more of the parent they all lost that day "What if I want to help save people? What if I want to do more than just please our god?"

She felt as if that this life in Dahlia, while soothing and calming, was only a bandage to the wound and pain that lived within her. She needed another purpose. If her duty was fulfilled, then her life was her own, and when she died, her body, her soul, everything left of her would be returned to her heritage, just as everyone else before her. She had to find a hobby. She had to do something with her time.

Perhaps this new sister would bring her answers. Perhaps she would provide the path.

She had to. Namé Les would be left with almost no other way than to serve until she died. There was more to this life, she was sure of it.

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■ 202 WORDS ■ "Worry not, for we have a god on our side."

She didn't realize she spoke out, to her, it was all in her head. Now she was faced with a question she had no real answer for. But she needed a path. Namé Les needed a road. She needed direction.

"I doubt our god will stop you." Caitlyn answered in reply. She hoped her words would be enough. "Perhaps you should join the Rune Kngihts, but understand, that even if bear the sign of another society, you will always be a Manji. This is our destiny, and we cannot stray off our path. But nothing stops us from taking a small break, or going a little slower. It's our lives." She would smile, perhaps she did have the answers.

Perhaps she too would find a society that would welcome her own cynical attitude and feasting on flesh.

No, that was foolish to even consider. Caitlyn's duty was to serve this temple and her god. It was by their hand that she found somewhere to call her own home. She was not going to allow anything to harm her place in this world. However, if their deity allowed this stray, even for just a moment, then perhaps then she would make the leap.

#5Namé Les 

I'm Lost Without You  (无名) Empty on Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:24 am

Namé Les


Rune Knights.

It sounded honorable. Caitlyn was native to Fiore, despite being in the village more than some of the residents. This was her home, and she would know it better than any other Manji could. If she suggested something, it held power in the fact alone that she knew the history of this country. Here, she would guide them. just as they guided her in Sin.

She would remove herself from the altar and wipe the tears in her eyes. She would take a seat on the bench, a different one than Caitlyn. The distance between them was more than literal, they were from different worlds, connected only by a name and a magic that exposes someone's soul.

She would linger on the name and she would stay silent until she had thought out her plan. But perhaps this was the path she would begin to walk. If not, she would simply make note of what it was and decide in that final moment.

She would close her eyes.

She had a lot to consider.

She would sigh. She blindly served a god that protected them for so long. The god's power belonged to Sin not Fiore. Their voice seemed to hold less and less power here. But perhaps, when this other girl arrived, she would carry some answers with her. Just maybe she would have the information she needed.

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