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Fantastic fabric quest

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Fantastic fabric quest Empty Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:38 pm

Elk peered at the quest in his hand, he had taken it awhile ago and responded that he was taking it, but it had taken him forever to build the courage up to go and do it. Taking in a deep breath he headed off down the street, walking was his favorite time to reminisce, no one wanted to stop to you and talk, as long as you paid some attention to where you were going you were set. Elk went back and thought about his favorite place in his old house with his grandmother. It was on the top floor, in a small room that she kept hidden, even though they rarely didn't need to, the pair lead a solitary life, no one ever came over, they practically never left the house, they grew food on their roof. The room was filled with pictures of Elphesia, and  books were piled into chest after chest. She would read them to him all the time, they had all kinds of different stories. Some were about when Elphesia was a young, scary world with many outlaws and dictators who ruled with an Iron fist. Some were about lovers who hid from the law to be safe. But his favorite was obviously the story about Amya. He would spend hours of his own time reading and looking at the pictures too. Its where he spent most of his free time, his grandmother would homeschool him in stuff that took him time to realize that what his grandmother was teaching wasn't traditional Fiorian stuff. He learned constellation patterns, how to read the stars, his childhood was all together different from typical things.

Looking at the quest once more he decided he wouldn't do it. rolling it up he threw it in the trash. Walking over to the request board he saw a bright pink and grabbing it he read it over and decided that he'd do this one. Walking over he met the man who wanted him to do it. Elk was to collect a mysterious fabric, that was supposedly fantastic. The man showed him a few examples. they ranged all over the "fabric" spectrum as the man called it. They were velvet, print, silk, etc. the man, named Fernando, waved him off. Elk felt like he had been in a daze the entire time fernando had been talking. Elk rubbed his shoulders, he felt all buzzy, like he had too many drinks.

Walking through the shopping district he looked around at the places, they're we're many different
stores, so many sold really weird fashion designs. One had three pairs of decorated wings protruding from the back. One was made from animal bones, another from gold chains and the last set of wings was made from branches. Confused Elk gave a disgruntled look, and continues walking away looking for the other stuff fernando wanted. After searching endlessly he decided wasn't going to find anything here at the shopping district. So in search of other materials he headed towards the flea market where he hoped to have better luck.

The flea market contained even more bizzare clothes, that six winged dress would have been considered down dressing here. The least flashiest piece he saw there was someone wearing what looked like a pile of golden chains that had been bedazzled 700 times over. After hours of looking he finally came across what looked like a stand of some sorts. An old woman ran the stand, she was overdressed as everyone else. She wore a green dress that looked like clouded gelatin. She had a headdress made from multiple animal skulls, MULTIPLE skulls. The lady gave a weird smile as he walked up, "Hello, I'm looking for a fantastic fabric" He told the lady. Smiling she walked to the back and came back with a golden box with 18 locks on it, is everything extra here? he wondered. She opened  the box and produced multiple fabrics, they were of all kinds, she even listed some off, "there's Linen, Lace, velvet, lycra, silk, canvas, cotton and jersey." she said. Elk stood up and used all the money Fernando had given him, to buy all the rare fabric. Taking the fabric, he walked back towards fernando's shop.

Getting lost in his thoughts again, it shifted to the first time he saw Elphesia in the sky. He was standing on his new roof in Hargeon. He was using the old eyeglass his grandmother had given him. He was looking at the sky, seeing what planets he saw. When he saw a woman soaring through the stars, he followed her path until she made a turn towards a familiar planet. Upon closer inspection he noticed that the planet was someplace very familiar. There were purple skies and clear blue water, with bright green case. And if he looked closely, there were cities that seemed to float on the green plain. Elk came back to as he walked back up to Fernando's shop, he almost tripped over a rock, but remembered the fact that Fernando wanted them unharmed, so to prevent damage he fell into a roll to protect them. standing back up he ran back inside to give the fabrics to fernando, he was tired and wanted to go back to sleep.

Opening the door of his office Elk stepped inside and handed him the fabrics. Fernando looked beyond excited and thanked Elk many times over. Reaching behind his table, he took out the reward and handed it to Elk, who gratefully accepted than left, sighing heavily, he headed home. Elk stuffed the bag of jewels in his pocket and headed towards his inn, he wanted to go to sleep. looking around he noticed that it was far away, moaning he broke into a sprint, he wanted to go to sleep. Running up ot the inn door, he swung it open and ran up the steps, opening up his inn door. he ran, placed the reward on the floor, tore of his jacket and jumped on the bed, and quickly fell asleep.


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