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♡ OAK - ALL FIRED UP [SAYAKA/SOLO] ♡ Empty Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:31 pm

It was her first day, officially starting to live for a short time in Oak. She had travelled from Baska Town to Oak by foot independently. Giving her the chance to witness the beautiful scenery of autumn, splashes of red, orange and yellow. It was a vivid memory that she will never forget with the years to come. Autumn - the season of goodbyes. The leaves would all eventually depart from the branches they had borrowed residence from. It was sad, and beautiful at the same time, as the death of life, allowed the growth of life. It was a paradox itself, and young Sayaka would not yet, be able to fathom the essential life skill of letting go. She had always held everything close to her as valuable, and had a difficult time parting with things. Perhaps this was what caused her pain, but she could not let go of the pain, as it reminded her of her duty. She had held the glorious responsibility of saving her village, and finding Elena, the prodigy, and her best friend.

She kicked off the rough morning by visiting a local family diner. The smell of fresh coffee caused her nostrils to flare. A cup of coffee would indeed be nice, and totally warm me up! Sayaka giggled as she was handed a menu by the male waiter, and flashed him a kind smile. Her eyes had a quick scan of the menu, before she halted and focused on the image of strawberry pancakes. Strawberry pancakes...that sounds really good! Instead of the normal "strawberry pancakes" of it just being pancakes with strawberries neatly layered on top. The strawberry pancakes served here actually is mixed into the pancake mix, and then layered with strawberries. The price was more expensive, compared to the normal price of other pancakes, but if it's good it would be worth it, Sayaka nodded as she decided that she would be having exactly that for breakfast this morning, today.

"One strawberry pancake meal, please" She offered the waiter another benevolent smile.

"Of course, and would you like anything to drink with your pancakes?" He returned the smile.

"Yes, actually! I would love to have a cup of warm coffee!" Sayaka closed the menu and motioned it towards the waiter, handing it to him.

"Alright, I will be just right back with your drink." He gently grabbed the menu and scribbled her additional orders on his memo pad, and turned his heel, exiting the dining area.

Sayaka sighed as she melted into her chair, it was a bit early, as Sayaka was too excited last night thinking about the new people she would meet, and requests she could help complete. She quickly sat back up in her chair, as the familiar aroma of freshly brew coffee returned, and she knew that her coffee was ready. She nodded at the waiter as he placed her coffee on the table. She grabbed the sugar and condensed milk on the table, and added them both into her coffee, and used the spoon to swirl the liquid, making sure it was mixed thouroughly.



♡ OAK - ALL FIRED UP [SAYAKA/SOLO] ♡ Empty Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:09 pm

She giggled as she accidentally dropped her mixing spoon into her cup, and made sure nobody around her was watching as she stuck her hand into the cup to retrieve the spoon that fell to the bottom. She wiped the spoon with a napkin, and placed it beside the saucer where her coffee was sitting on top of. She rested her head on one hand, and stared into the intensity of the milky coffee. She had wanted to wait for her food before taking a sip. She always had this weird sort of practice, and it was her pet peeve when others did not follow, it irritated her greatly.

A baby's laughter accidentally interrupt her deep meditation, she turned her head to the left, where the the location of sound was coming from. A mother was holding a baby in her arms, while holding a pink, plushed unicorn stuffy in front of the baby, waving it in circular motions around the air. Sayaka started to giggle, as it reminded her of her mother, and her own very favourite stuffed animal, unicorn. But her unicorn was slightly paler in colour. She remembered how her mother would used to play dolls with her, and sang various nursery songs to her as she had a good nights rest. Before she noticed, tears was already dripping down her cheek, and dripped into her coffee. She sighed as she held her hands, embracing the coffee cup, and sliding it towards her own body. She pulled it up and took a small sip, and savored the sweet yet bitter taste of the home brewed coffee.

"Here is your strawberry pancakes!" The voice of the previous male waiter from earlier sank in, and she turned around to thank him. She slapped her face with her hands, she did not have time to remain upset and nostalgic, as she would really need to cheer up to save her tribe and find her dear friends soon. Time was ticking, and was currrently her arch nemesis. She whispered a quick, prayer to the great goddess, Elestialus, and clasped her hands together tightly. After she finished her prayer and released her hands she started to dig in her delicious breakfast pancakes. She didn't know what go into her, but she had tipped the waiter handsomely, perhaps because it was the affection between the mother and her child that caused her heart to fill with benevolence.

Now that she was finally done with her food, she head towards where the client had requested them to meet, so she could help them. The client she would be assisting with today would be Lord Servas, who had an innovative plan to help construct the beacons. Sayaka visited multiple areas that the construction was taking place. When Sayaka finally arrived at the last beacon she found a dead guard. It seems like the beacon was almost finished but something or someone prevented him from finishing this task. Sayaka quickly moved through the woods again back to the gates and told the guard outside about the situation. He said that he will tell Lord Servas about it, and rewarded Sayaka before she went home.



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