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From Baska to Oak [Foot Travel: Sayaka]

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From Baska to Oak [Foot Travel: Sayaka]    Empty Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:04 am

This actually would not be Sayaka's first time visiting Oak town. She had been previously a tourist, that vacationed in the beautiful town full of ancient history. The castles and tall trees were quite a magnificent sight. She recalled also having really delicious food there, although the price was rather hefty compared to Baska, or cooking your own delicious dishes. This time, Sayaka was no going as a visitor or tourist, but rather a worker. She decided that she had stayed in Baska Town for a little too long, and that she needed to leave her comfort zone, if she wanted to find her friends - Elena and Esperia.

They were no where to be found, and she had received zero clues in Baska, so at some point she finally decided that staying would simply do no good, and that it was time for her to move on. Sayaka decided the journey to somewhere closer, as it was already getting slightly late, by the time Sayaka finished her final quest before leaving. She had already packed her important belongings prior before, so she was all prepared for the travelling. Soon she passed by familiar trees, and eventually found herself looking up towards the beautiful monuments, that stood through storms and centuries. It was the castles of Oak Town.


From Baska to Oak [Foot Travel: Sayaka]    Giphy

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