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After the events that transpired with Saera and the mysterious Visenya of Phantom Lord, Urion felt that he needed a day to himself to rest up properly and relax before he would undertake more expeditions around Oak Town. It had been about a week since, no doubt, and there was the opening to a new bathhouse that was right for the opportunity. Heading out of the inn he was staying at around nine in the evening, Urion brought with him a pair of sandals, change of clothes, a book, and the letter that was given to him by Visenya. He figured that in the privacy of a private bath he would get some personal relaxation time to sort things out mentally.

The opening night was more or less composed of a healthy crowd and all staff members of the bathhouse ready to get to work. The line was not as bad as assumed, and it only took five minutes for Urion to ask for a private bath and changing room. He kept a brisk pace behind the staff member that was taking him to the room. The staff member asked if Urion would want any drinks and small food platters while he took his bath. Urion agreed without hesitation, knowing that some food and some sake would keep him at ease for the night.

The Blue Pegasus mage slipped into the steamy bath, fully naked and mind ready to relax. By the side of the bath was the book he brought, which was a copy of the history of the sand country Desierto, and the note provided to him from Visenya. Before he would get to those items, Urion would lay back and relax in the steaming waters, letting the steamy air itself invade his skin pores and cleanse him out of dirt and other trivial impurities. Urion was not a bad swimmer, but being in the bath reminded him that he could always improve on his form, no doubt. As he began to relax, he remembered that he did have some pot to roll up and smoke.

It took a few minutes for him to retrieve the items from his bag, but before long he was back in the bath smoking a freshly rolled joint. He felt more relaxed and wondered whether he should get back into the life he had before Blue Pegasus. Contract jobs were good and always in good demand, but the murders and robberies were beginning to sound more like turnoffs. However, having an outlet to get anger off his chest was appealing, but knew that it was not worth the things he'd have to do to release his anger. Urion's mind went on to other things, such as love and emotions.

Aside from his ex-wife Saera and a Draculina he fooled around with in his teenage years, Urion had no expertise in regards to love and emotional bonding on an intimate level. Saera was her own case, a case of love and hate that slowly became only hate and malice on both ends. Saera was an enchantress, pimp, and trafficker; Urion was a murderer and contract killer. However, the difference between the two was that Urion was able to keep work and intimate emotions separate, while Saera was not as capable in that regard. Ultimately, their marriage was doomed, to no one's surprise.

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The fling he had when he was younger was... something else entirely different. Urion was different as a teenager; he was not as humbled, or full of rage as he was as an adult. He was more reckless, carefree, and adventurous. His behavior eventually led him to the companionship of a female vampire by the name of Shelly. At first, the two were cordial, good friends. However, the two teenagers had carnal desires and sexual frustration that helped open the gateway to a very intense and sexually-driven "friends with benefits" dilemma. Shelly and Urion grew apart, however, when the Draculina began her own coven. Their interests conflicted, and they decided to part ways on a good note before things got sour. Reminiscing on all of those memories, Urion took another draw on his joint before taking his mind to the subject of his contract job.

The sight of the steam rising from the bath gave Urion the memories associated with setting houses on fire after murdering the occupants. As he stared into the mist his mind took him to several memories he had, including when he first started working contract jobs for his primary employer. The employer himself was a drug-peddler and convicted smuggler of exotic contraband. He was always in need of someone to do his dirty work for him to avoid prison time, and Urion at the time had no issue to lay his life on the line for insignificant agendas of lesser men. His first task was to retrieve a new shipment of experimental drugs from Desierto operatives who would meet him at an undisclosed location.

The pickup had turned more bloody than it should have been, with Urion killing the operatives when they got very brutal with their conduct. Urion's employer, who only went by the codename of Marzipan, was more than surprised and interested that the then blonde-haired man had taken to killing without a moment of hesitation. The robberies did not stay too long behind that first assignment. Urion began working for Marzipan when he was twenty-one, and by the time he was twenty-four he had already committed several dozen murders across the outskirts of Fiore. Urion was glad to say he was done with that chapter of his life and took another draw of his blunt in gratitude for the change in atmosphere.

The unstoppable force of change was always appreciated, and Urion of all people could appreciate the statement. His past was more than questionable on most accounts, but he saw himself as someone different now. He felt that a new chapter in his life was beginning very slowly but surely. Oak seemed to be the beginning, and the letter received from Visenya was the key to opening the new door of possibilities. Thinking about the letter, Urion reached over and grabbed the letter after drying his hands. With his joint in his mouth, he unraveled the letter and began to read over the information written down. It would be sensitive information to the next location, so Urion read it silently, taking in the words he saw.

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