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Goddess' Prayer [Private/Plot]

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Sayaka sighed as her legs, and soon her entire body submerged into the warm water. She giggled as the bubbles stuck to her hair, which she desperately tried to rinse out with no apparent luck. She gathered a pile of bubbles with her hands, and held them close to her mouth, as water dripped from in between her fingers, blowing on the bubbles. The bath itself was enhanced with rose bathing oil, covering the entire room with it's floral scent. If only I could stay like this forever, she sighed as she relaxed into the bath. Even as a child, Sayaka always enjoyed a warm bath, it always helped soothe and relieve the tensions she had build up daily. Bathing was symbolic to her, it was a way of salvation, by riding your body of dirt. In a way, it was like cleansing your sins.

Sayaka had to tug her hair out from her back multiple times, her long luscious, blonde hair had always gotten in her way, but she adored it way too much to cut them off. She would have to suffer, having a little pain for beauty was nothing to her. Although, life was considerably easier back at home, she would have maids help her with menial tasks. During this short duration of time of living a lone, she had experienced and learned quite a ton. While she may still not be the best cook, she can now officially say she would be able to prepare up a decent meal. Her mother and father would be proud of her, after all they always nagged about how unlady like she was. Often comparing her to the likes of Elena, a child prodigy and ideal beauty. She had always secretly envied Elena's pale, alabaster complexion, and her... well kept hair.

The only reason she was praised by the tribe members just as much as Elena, was soley becase of her royal status, as the tribe cheif's daughter, making her the tribal princess. There was also the fact she had possess a hidden magical power inside of her, although she had yet learned how to properly harness such power. Why would the great goddess, chose someone weak like her, to inherit such glorious powers? She did not understand the intentions of the goddess, but she knew that her willis absolute, and always contain a precious purpose.

She wore her pale pink robe, and wrapped the band around her waist, securing it. She took out a can of coke, and leaned against her balcony, as the autumn wind caressed her wet hair, dripping from the bath. "Oh dear goddess, please bless me with your divine wisdom, and help me through this hardship. I have looked such a long time for Elena, and still have no luck, or even clue to where she is." Sayaka wiped a tear from her cheek, she needed to be strong for Elena, and crying was not going to solve anything. She is not the cry baby princess she once was, she is now a grown woman - one that will never give up.

"Follow the stars, when the time is ready." Sayaka turned her head around, trying to find the location of where the melodious voice was produced. She had no luck, however she knew that it was the goddess. As only the voice of the goddess can provide her with such warmth in the cold autumn night.


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