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From Oak to Baska [Foot Travel: Sayaka]

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From Oak to Baska [Foot Travel: Sayaka] Empty Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:32 pm

Sayaka had her fun, touring around the medieval monuments that were build long before she was even born. They were even older than her father, who had been around for a quite a long time. Oak Town was indeed beautiful, Sayaka would even claim the town to be the Town of Romance, because of it's numerous castles. Although Oak's scernery was indeed... mesmerizing, it did not compare to her beautiful home, the tribe of Elestia. She had missed the cold weather, and the beauty of falling snow. Sayaka decided that she had long enough of a break, and decided to head back to Baska, where she had rented an apartment for a short time. She would need to do more missions to compromise for her heavy expenses, and fooling around as tourist would definitely not help.

She turned her head back, to see the beautiful town of Oak from a far, and kissed it good bye for now. She travelled through the same forest she had passed prior before, when she walked from Baska to visit Oak Town. Sayaka always had a hard time parting with scenes, whether if it is a person, feelings or a place. But that is what made life so special for her, she smiled as she saw the familiar scenery of her temporary home - Baska.


From Oak to Baska [Foot Travel: Sayaka] Giphy

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