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From Baska to Oak [Foot Travel: Sayaka]

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From Baska to Oak [Foot Travel: Sayaka] Empty Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:25 pm

It was a sunny day as Sayaka looked out of her window, beside her desk. She closed her windows and quickly had a change of clothes. For today was not just any other day, it was a special day! She had planned for today to be a small break, she wanted to rest from taking contant missions and decided that it would be fun to travel to Oak Town, and tour the beautiful castles and trees.

She quickly checked that she had brought all her essential belongings that she would be needing her her short trip, before actually heading out. She quickly made sure that her appearance was at least presentable, bedore heading out the door to journey the beautiful, unknown world.

She took out her parasol to block the strong morning sunlight, as much as she had loved the light, opposite to Elena, she wanted to ensure that her pale complexion, remained bright. She had already applied layers of sunscreen, however she wanted to make sure that she would not get sun burned from the blazing sun.

Eventaully she made it to the forest, and passed through mountains. Finally seeing the flowing river, she knew she had arrived at her desired location based on her map. She could see the castle on top of the hill from far away. The monuments reflected the ancient history of Oak Town, as they had plenty of turrents and battlements.


From Baska to Oak [Foot Travel: Sayaka] Giphy

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