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♡ Baska - Medicare [SAYAKA/SOLO] ♡

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 ♡ Baska - Medicare [SAYAKA/SOLO] ♡    Empty Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:52 pm

Sayaka was blessed with magical abilites, that was something she and the rest of her fellow village members knew. However she had never had the chance to truly harness her own magical powers of manipulating light. The concept was still foreign to her, unlike her friend Elena, who had been naturally gifted in such things. She would of been the laughing stock of the tribe, had she not also been luckily born as the tribe's princess. People often dismissed her lack of raw talent, simply due to her royal status. Only Elena, had seen her as a person - for who she truly was, not a shallow title. She would need to learn how to manipulate her magic soon, before it was too late. She would need to be able to defend herself, and Elena, if there was ever an incident that would place them in peril's way. It would defintely make her search a lot more efficient, as magic would come in handy. But for now, Sayaka was just as normal as the average human, only at crucial, dire times could she unleash the wrath of the goddess, whom she borrows and channels her magical powers from.

She had refreshed her food source in the refrigerator yesterday, after completing the mission. So currently her food supply was plentiful. What should I make for myself for breakfast this sunny morning? She leaned her back against the kitchen counter, as she peered into her fridge, scanning for ideas of what possible combinations of a dish to make for breakfast today. She slammed her fist onto her open palm, when she had a sudden idea that came to her mind. Apple Risotto!

She giggled at her own preposterous way of living and fetched the frying pan. She peeled open the package that contained the raw bacon, and poured oil the size of a penny into the pan, before waving the pan in a circuluar motion, spreading the oil evenly. She placed two pieces of bacon on to the frying pan, as it made a slight sizzling noise. As she waited for the bacon to be cooked, she opened her fridge for some apple juice, iced water and mirin. She also grabbed some fresh apples, onions and a lemon. She wanted to prep the materials before actually starting to cook it. She drew the knife from the wooden display, and started dicing the onions and apples into even cubes. She put the apple and onion cubes into two small bowels, before cutting the lemon in half, squeezing it on top of the apple. She used her clean hands to mix the apples with the lemon juice, ensuring that all the pieces were covered, the purpose of this is to preserve the apples for a bit longer duration of time. She turn off the stove and removed the bacon from the pan, and placed it on a separate plate. She poured the apple juice and water together into the same pot, with an even ratio, and added a tiny bit of mirin to the broth. She pressed the button to turn on the stove again, and slowly stirred the sauce of the risotto.


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After this, she would leave the broth to boil, as she grabbed a bowl of uncooked rice and dumped it into another pot. She would put some of the broth into the rice, and as it the rice absorbed the concotion she would continue to do so until the sauce ran out. She would then continue by adding the diced apples and diced onions. Only than would she grab the secret ingredient, and teaspoon of sweet white wine, tying the dish together. She carefully scooped the risotto into a pretty plate, and positioned the two bacons, layering them on top of each other slighty for a delicious, and beautiful breakfast dish. Then she inhaled the aroma deeply, and the sweetness of the risotto caused her empty stomach to growl, lusting for the food.

She grabbed a spoon and poured herself a glass of orange juice, and sat down on the counter. She muttered a quick prayer under her breath, to the great goddess, Elestialus. To thank her for life, the warm food and shelter she was forunately graced with. She dug into the food with her spoon, and started shoving the delicious food into her mouth. Soon the plate was empty, and Sayaka was left with only fulfillment, as she sat lazily in her chair. She swirled the orange juice in her cup a bit, and took a small sip. After she was done with cleaning the dishes and put them into the drying machine, she would change her pajamas into her work clothes, before she headed out for another mission of the day.

The client she would be assisting today, would be Gerard. Gerard is a doctor in Baska who is having a tough time taking care of all his patients. The recent influx of patients is the work of the Cold Colliers according to Gerard. He believes that the Cold Colliers poisoned the river for themselves. Gerard feels bad for what happened to Mattoro since he tried to rescue some of his friends and saw what the frostbite did to them, but can not accept innocent townsfolk getting caught up in it. As she arrived at the hospital, the doctor of Baska, Gerard was already there to great her with a warm, benevolent smile. He told her that is too busy trying to find a solution to this new infection, to the extent that he doesn't have time to deliver medicine to those who have ordered some. Sayaka nodded as he told her that he would need her to deliver medicine to his patients.

Sayaka was lead to his office by the doctor himself. She saw two white bags with different labels lying on his desk. He had informed her that these are two different medicines that are for two patients that ordered their prescriptions for today. Sayaka quickly memorized what each bag contained, and the name of the patient the medicine was ordered from. After hours of walking and knocking, Sayaka succesfully delivered the two bags to the addresses provided by Gerard. She happily walked back, as she knew that she had taken part in saving lives, or at the very least living conditions of some people. It was two birds one stone for her, jewels and the charity work. Gerard was happy to see Sayaka return empty handed, and rewarded her handsomely for her contribution.


 ♡ Baska - Medicare [SAYAKA/SOLO] ♡    Giphy

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