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Sayaka slowly adjusted her position, crossing her legs to let her other leg rest from being applied weight on. She sighed at the typical, boring ending of the romance novel. She threw the book onto her bed, and buried her face into her pink, stuffed unicorn plushy. Why it is always the same cliche ending, and unfortunately, nothing like it ever happens in real life, to me anyways. Sayaka grunted and stood up, slipping into her furry, comfortable slippers, before walking to the kitchen counter to pour herself a glass of room temperature water. She looked out her window as she gulped down the water.

It was almost winter, and she could feel the coldness of the air, as she gently pushed open her windows beside her desk. As she sighed, she could see her own breath appearing in front of her. Some tea would be great right now, she nodded at her own advice and filled the kettle with water before putting onto the stove. With a few taps, the stove was turned on and started to heat up the kettle filled with tap water.

She was on a search for the prodigy of the Elestian tribe - Elena. Sayaka muttered a quick prayer for her safety as she thought about her, please be safe Elena, until I find you. She rolled her huge map of Fiore on to the kitchen table, she grabbed a pen and crossed out a few potential places that she had already visited. She pushed the pen against her chin, as she thought about where to look for her child hood friend. Her thoughts were disturbed by the ferocious grumbling of her weak stomach. She giggled at how silly it was, before marching to the fridge, and opening to check what food was remaining. Damn, I need to go visit the grocery store again. I'll also need to do a few more quests to pay for my expenses here, life is so much harder when you are by yourself. Elena must of had it rough.

Once again, Sayaka's deep thoughts were interrupted by the high pitched screeching produced by the kettle, notifying Sayaka that the water had boiled, and tea was ready to be served. Sayaka hummed, as she grabbed a tea bag from the cupboard and dumped it into a ceramic mug. She gently grabbed the handle of the kettle with a wet towel, ensuring to not accidentally burn her hand, before pouring with precision into the mug. She inhaled the aroma of the freshly brewed tea, before blowing on it, in hopes of cooling it down faster, so she could consume the delicious liquid. She took a small sip, and winced as she burned herself due to her lack of patience. She quickly pulled out the freezer, grabbing an ice cube, and popped it into her mouth, attempting to soothe her burnt tongue. She also grabbed the milk, and sugar on the counter. She carefully scooped two spoon fulls of sugar, and sprinkled it over her tea, and mixed it with her tiny spoon. After the sugar had melted she poured some milk, to cool the tea down, and change the colour to a more intense brown.



♡ BASKA - GOLDEN SCISSOR [SAYAKA/SOLO] ♡ Empty Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:14 pm

She giggled at the sweetness of her delicious creation, after taking a larger sip. She held her hands around the mug, warming her body up, from the inside out. She threw her mixing spoon into the tap and sat down on her rocking chair, where she had read her romance novel from earlier before. Her rocking chair was purposefully positioned beside the window, so she could see the beautiful scenery from inside. It reminded her of home, her room had a lot of windows, ensuring lots of light to come in. It was interesting how Sayaka absolutely adored the light, while her best friend Elena, despised bright lights that are too strong. It was partly due to her oversensitive eyes, however she still found it extremely amusing. Everytime Elena had visited, she had made sure that the room was dim, by covering the windows in her room. Unlike Elena, Sayaka is not as talented, besides having a close relationship with the goddess, she had yet discovered and developed her magical abilities as of now. When she finally finished her home made tea, she poured water into the mug, and started washing it along the mixing spoon that she had used from earlier before. She went to the bathroom and unclasped the hair clips that held her thick, blonde hair up in a rather odd looking ponytail. She started to form her hair into two buns, before putting a portion of her bun down, forming two long ponytails. She checked in the mirror to make sure that her appearance was at least presentable. Before brushing her teeth and washing her face.

She had already accepted the mission yesterday, it was from the same person who had previously requested help for his own clothing shop. The client was Fernando Milano. Fernano Milano is a very well known fashion designer, who is currently located in Baska. His style of clothing is considered to be quite eccentric and flamboyant. Because he tends to use fine and rare fabrics, his works are often purchased by the more wealthy who could propose a high price. Sayaka had helped him previously by looking for rare fabrics that would he would like. Fernando had informed Sayaka that he is still working on designing his new collection, and that he now has all the right fabrics and many ideas, but he is still missing a very special item - the golden scissor. Which apparently is said to be an extremely rare magic tool that only very few fashion designers in Fiore have in their shops.

Sayaka quickly made her way to where the other clothing store owners met, in order to bid for the golden scissor themselves. She had decided to visit before the market had even opened, however unfortunately many people had already started lining up way before Sayaka. Sayaka noticed that the merchant seemed familiar, and realized it was a friendly merchant that her tribe had traded with before. It seemed as though the merchant had recognized Sayaka as well, as he waved at her and asked what she was doing here. Sayaka explained her circumstances, and explained why she needed the sacred item, and eventually he was persuaded into selling the item to Sayaka for the amount of money she had been given by Fernando. After that Sayaka returned to the boutique and was rewarded greatly by Fernando.




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