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Clean up crew [Baron]

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Clean up crew [Baron] Empty on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:53 pm

Baron jumped out of bed early this morning as he prepped himself to get ready for the day ahead. He stripped himself out of his pajamas, his bottoms green in color and covered in white polkadots, his top was a white short sleeved t-shirt he had fashioned for himself from scratch materials. The shirt was white in color and he had managed to do his best in getting over. The clothes were the least of his worries at the moment. If only there was more he could do with his current choices of outer wear. Decisions, he could pair them up with other things.

Once in the shower he began with cold water, believing that cold water would revitalize his body and make him feel a new way today. Cold showers were generally good for long nights on his own and the benefits ranged from helping his skin look shiny and new as well as keeping his ink clear and concise. His tatts usually didn’t concern him that much, in fact he wanted to get them removed so his parents wouldn’t scold him too much whenever he went back home for a visit, that was if he ever decided to do so. If only there was an issue with these sort of things for him, he stood in the cold, chilly water and let the water cascade over him.

After standing under the water for a moment he opened his mouth and gargled it down, the water was making him flinch a bit at first, in fact when it first hit him he was breathing sharply and trying to keep himself under the water without retreating. If only he could stay under longer, one day he would get used to the chilly water but for now it was just a tasks to keep under and get himself good and wet. He’d reach for the soap, a green mint scented bar that would ensure that he’d smell good today. The green bar was like any other piece of soap, like a minty square.

Without a second thought he rubbed himself down, green suds slowly collecting on his pecs and abs as he tilted his head upward with closed eye the water no longer affecting him as much. With a low sigh he looked up at the ceiling as he tried to think of anything but his current situation. His fun was somewhere, he forgot where it lied at the moment but he would make sure to clean himself well the scent of the mint clearing his mind well as he did his best to get himself up and ready. He would need to stop showering soon. Maybe. He stayed in the shower a bit longer and sighed.

Once his body had a sufficient amount of soap on it, suds bubbling down his body with a slow seep. He stood under the water and cleaned himself up properly. Sooner or later he’d have to shampoo… He put the soap down and rinsed his hands and body.



Clean up crew [Baron] Empty on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:08 pm

Dunking his head under the ice cold goodness of the waters he whipped his head back and forth side to side as water passed over him. There was so much going on at once, he couldn’t keep himself from relaxing in the shower as he stood with his head in the water. It ran down his body like he was a mountain, the water a babbling brook, his body like a well toned, well cut stone master piece. He was like a statue or something, it felt food to be so cut and well rounded right now, he was pretty and pretty athletics.

After a long rinse he shook his head once again, he had to get the cobwebs out and get himself better fixated on the day ahead. He looked up at the shower head again, the water hit his eyes there was a light sting or at least there was some irritation as his water got colder and colder. He took a hand and ran it over his eyes as he got all of the water out of them. He would be shampooing soon but for now he would just keep at it. Baron corbin was an exceptional man indeed when it came to personal health. He stepped back from the water and ran his fingers through his hair.

The Baska native looked around the shower for his shampoo, he couldn’t find anything at the moment that looked like his shampoo. It was a little green bottle shaped like a rubber duck. “Rubber duckie, you’re the one for me.” he chuckled, it was a childish toy, but he didn’t mind it too much though. Hey, it was a fun little toy that he got from a market, no problem with it besides his entire debacle with the ladies and how it might ruin his street cred with the women folk. He picked up the duck and squeezed it once to make it quack, him chuckling.

He squeezed it again, the duck’s mouth oozing a green substance, thick and smooth into his palm, he squeezed another amount the minty flavoring making him shudder. It smelled so good he had to make a third helping come into his hand for the heck of it. He looked down at his hand and rubbed them together creating a nice white lather of mint and soapy goodness. Ran his finger through his hair and let it sit for a moment before really working it in as his hair became covered in suds and bubbles. This was going to be very interesting.

When he was done he held his head under the water again the suds rinsing out of his follicles and onto the floor of the tub. He would repeat this process twice and then turn off the water and step out of the shower fresh and new. He rubbed his hands together and laughed. Time for his next job,it was gathering bodies and cutting them up. He went and did the job with no issue and got paid with ease though he would need another shower.


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