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Surgery [Request][Kon][Alice]

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Wails of agony rang out throughout the halls of the hospital countless men, women and child had been involved in a tragic accident. Word of the accident and the hospital's state of over capacity reached the holy knight quickly having placed his ear to the ground to the beat of the town’s news. He had heard the reports from a secondhand source that of a teenager short of breathe urgently asking for the help of anyone that was willing. Apparently the girl had running from building to building in the hopes to get as many hands as possible.

The accident itself was unimportant to the Holy Knight at least for now as he was far more concerned with the wellbeing of all the people that were either dragging their way to the building or being carried there by fellow townspeople. Folding up his newspaper swiftly and sharply he threw it onto the coffee table next to him adjacent to Alice who he had been sharing a pot of tea with and called for the girl as she almost sprinted off to the next building not noticing his behaviour. “So be it, where am I needed?, the hospital I assume?” Nodding to him, she replied with the same urgency. “Yeah it’s over there, I’m sorry I can’t take you, I need to go look for some more people.”

It was only a mere moment after she spoke that her presence was replaced by a puff of smoke, wanting to the most to help the people of Baska town, he left his chair with the same passion that had encouraged the girl. “Alice, I have to go help these people, who knows whether or not they have a magician who can heal there, I could be saving lives it might be a good idea if you stay here but by no means am I going to stop you.”

Leaving the cafe that He and Alice had been relaxing at, Kon sprinted forth towards the Hospital, Samehada absent having seen no need for it earlier in the day, when he left their shared room at the hotel. Entering the hospital it was truly chaotic with numerous injured littering the reception and the hallways, A nurse previously attending to a patient bandaging a wound, rushed over to them carrying a three boxes of coloured smiley faces, red, orange, yellow and green.

Not noticing that he and potentially Alice were there to help, the nurse simply ran down a series of questions ready to give them the appropriate smiley face based on the severity of the responses. It was only after he had received a green smiley that the nurse realised that he was here to help, “I’m sorry you just look like a normal person is all, where’s your uniform? Go to the change rooms there should be some extras in there!” She said with mixed emotions.

He had received a series of patients to look after, all in Wing A, room no. 1, 2, 3 and 4. His current patient wasn’t fairly very well and their prognosis didn’t seem to suggest that they would survive the next few hours let alone the rest of the day at least not without his help, he would have to heal them to ensure that they could remain alive long enough for him to come back another rotation during his shift in the hospital.

The patient's injuries consisted of major blunt force trauma to most of their right side as well as partial first and second degree burns to the face and neck. He had to have a mask over his face throughout his entire shift as his emotions would not help the patients he was looking after in any capacity. Words of encouragement and the occasional sedative was all that he could do to comfort them as he didn’t have, even with his gigantic mana pool, the strength to heal everyone. Finally managing to stabilise his patient he began to hear a familiar voice crying out for help.


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Adelaide Sokolov
While she had just been enjoying her book and a cup of tea, she looked up in surprised when she heard a voice calling out for help. She turned her look slowly to Kon as he threw the paper on the table and she remained seated at first, she simply watched what was going on and nodded when Kon said he needed to help, ”I shall see what I can do, I will be there in a minute, go, do what you do best.” She simply didn’t need to be there in a hurry, as she wasn’t a healer which made Kon a far better help for this quest than she was but if the girl was asking for everyone around, it might be able to work. She watched Kon go and stood up herself, albeit not so fast. She instructed Jupiter and Hecate to walk with her but not to go inside, it would probably be not such a smart idea and she simply looked in her pocket to find a hair tie and tie up her long orange hair in a messy bun to make sure it wouldn’t be in her way and she hurried off to go to the hospital as well, again not so fast as anyone else. She was getting there much later and looked around in the chaos, wondering who she should talk to, to suggest that she could help.

Just like Kon before she found someone to tell that she would be offering her help and heard some girl outside, the nurse pointed her out to the changing rooms to get something better on for working in a hospital and she quickly did that, it was good that the close weren’t tight fitted. She ended up back in the main hall where she had only got the instructions to change her clothing from the nurse that was walking around there with her colour codes and she got send to a wing to support the nurse over there, but she couldn’t do much and after helping with little bits, that nurse send her back to the main hall. Just when she arrived she almost bumped into Doctor Gerard, who looked at her for a second in surprise as she had come here a couple more times to speak to him and she simply mentioned that she was here to help. She wasn’t the only one here as she noticed Kon and gave him a short smile, ”The both of you should help me with this surgery. I need people and the nurses are busy with issues that I can’t get them away from.” Alice wondered how such a smart idea it was to get her to help in a surgery but she didn’t deny it.

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Apparently Doctor Gerard needed the couple, Alice and Kon, to aid him in surgery with all the nurses being otherwise preoccupied with patients of their own. The caring doctor hurried them along to the surgery room pushing the two of them with great force only stopping for them to scrub up to ensure they didn’t infect the patient in the procedure. While he did want to question Alice regarding her presence at the hospital with her never mentioning any skills in medicine he blurted out something before being cut off by Gerard. “Now you two, I’ll need 100 percent of your focus on this, ignore everything else, the patient needs to have emergency heart surgery, uhh yeah, I need you to hold open the chest of the man so i can get to work and I need you to monitor all of the vitals and watch over everything to make sure he’s stable okay?” Pointing at Kon and then Alice to demonstrate their roles seeming to forget their names in the serious of the situation. It seemed that the good doctor preferred to have him the male of the couple doing the heavy lifting while wanting to let Alice still work but in a less demanding role given her obvious bump that was growing.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was hurried towards the room and to clean up more, she had just arrived but she understand the idea because of the hygiene that was needed. She looked at Kon when he started talking to her but was distracted immediately because of doctor Gerard talking about the focus that he needed from the both of them and she only nodded. She could do that, because she was sure she couldn't do much else. That's why she was here, to calm down people and see what else she could do. So once they stepped in the room, the doctor gave her a quick run through of how anything worked and she also would have to be the one to give him the right instruments at some point to clean them up while perhaps Kon had to give the instruments, she would see it when it came to her.

With one last look at Konstantin she focused on her job. Which was to see the heart rate, the oxygen and to clean up instruments when necessary to make sure that the doctor could use it again. She turned her back to check on the heart rate when she heard a a bad sound and a curse from the doctor and she quickly turned around to see the doctor turning away from the patient, she quickly noticed the red on the glove and him holding on to his right hand with his left, "You both need to fix it."

Which was definitely a weird thing to say. Because obviously she still had no idea how to do that, she gave him another glove to stop dripping the blood in the steril room, she didn't know what to do but the doctor could stay in the room and tell them what to do, which was exactly his plan, he pointed out Kon to fix this. Which was for the best for more than one reason; Alice was pale and looked not very happy about the idea, but she tried to focus.

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A silent grumble from the Holy Knight was uttered as the doctor injured himself preventing him from performing the surgery personally instead leaving it up to the two unexperienced knights who knew little of surgery much less heart surgery. “Okay what do we need to do?” The doctor wrapping his own hand up with some spare bandages after washing the wound began to cover the process itself, the information was thorough with Kon needing to get pointers on what to do every now and again. As the good doctor had managed to cut himself at just the first incision of the patient’s flesh, Kon would be essentially completing the entire task with Alice assisting throughout it. Making incisions around the chest to reveal the ribs he went to work at flipping open the patient both figuratively and literally, his entire upper torso was bare with his lungs and heart visible. The replacement heart was close at hand but the patient would be temporarily put on a bypass system that Kon introduced by inserting to tubes into arteries of the heart both to receive old blood and deliver new blood in their body.

Eventually the procedure was completed with minimal injuries to the patient with them needing to likely receive treatment. With the job complete, Gerard commended the two of them despite the circumstances and rewarded them a moderate amount which is to be expected from doing hospital work instead of helping nobility who are more likely to have bigger pockets to give their workers. Cash in hand, he thanked the doctor in kind before pardoning both himself and Alice from the hospital needing to recover from the surgery and the work prior to it.



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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wondered if it had been the pressure on the doctor that had him cut himself but she didn't say anything, she didn't want to say anything. This meant also that Alice had to do more, watch the monitors was something the doctor could do now as well so she dropped that task and focused more on helping Kon giving him the right instruments and make sure that he could see what was happening with all the blood around. She felt nauseous but told herself that she had no time to complain and that she could sit down after this was over and complain about it to herself at that point.

But Kon managed and she could only take a let out a breathe of relieve as soon as she was away by the patient. She hoped to never have such a stressful job ever again even though she had barely done anything. The Doctor paid the two of them and Kon pardoned them to leave, with that surgery done perhaps the doctor could help the nurses and the mess would be cleaned up soon. She dropped the garments in the laundry basket and stepped out of the hospital with one look over her shoulder before she quickly followed Kon, she could definitely use something like a cup of tea and a good lounge chair!

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