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Fishing Contest [Quest: Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Fishing Contest [Quest: Lacie] Empty Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:14 am

Lacie Eventide
Okay so that was one thing! On to the next job that she could do. But on her way to the quest board, she noticed that she was hungry and actually also tired. Not in the way of being sleepy but her body had a minor setback, it was one of the first after her meeting with Lucifer and for a second she stood still and ready to panic. But the disgusting feeling went over, she just walked a little slower, it made sense. She was just going to fast again, she was sure of that, it could only be that. She walked to the first café and set her on the first chair at the first available table that she could find. She needed to eat more, she could hear Selena talk to her in her mind but that didn’t change anything for now. She quickly took the menu to avoid looking around her and noticing people stare at her like she was some freak. This wasn’t true but so it felt to Lacie, as if it was written on her face that she had issues with an unhealthy body. Suddenly she felt like she needed to cough and she was afraid she would cough up blood but that didn’t happen. She was panicking too much, which wasn’t necessary. She was fine, she told herself, she was really fine. So she ordered another tea, which she did most of the times lately and she ordered a salad with a little arrangement of bread which would be more than enough to fix her another job after this. It also reminded herself that she needed to do groceries, but she could do that later as well.

She would wondered what she should and if there were more jobs at the quest board, actually she doubted it, most of the jobs came in the morning and were gone in the afternoon and by the end of the evening, the new ones would be coming. There might be more jobs like the one she had just done for Maxwell but she didn’t know where and how to find those people. Which made her think about a way to approach this but in the end gave up and wrapped her hands around the brought cup of tea and simply let her mind wonder to her friend, her family and the idea of where to find Alice. She had not heard where her sister was but then again, she had no spies to find her. She wasn’t entirely sure how to find Alice apart from just going around Fiore and hope to bump into her or Kon but how would she be able to if she had no idea where to look. Maybe, maybe Selena would know and she would have to catch up with her cousin. She looked through her purse to find a piece of paper or a pen but she didn’t find any and gave up on the idea anyway for she would have to approach a Rune Knight and she didn’t want to. She wanted to stay as far away from them as possible yet she needed information.


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Lacie Eventide
She had promised the idea of information to Lucifer but how get some if you couldn’t find any active Rune Knight around in Hargeon. Apart from Judina and she absolutely wasn’t going to betray her friend. After all, it was her only friend, it would be a bit cruel to do that, even for her doing. So she took a bite of the bread that was brought after that and a bite of the salad and a sip of tea and so on before she would go on to eat slowly. The salad was nice, the bread was even better. She would finish her tea before the other two dishes and she was so stuffed that she didn’t move for another 30 minutes. But she had eaten a lot and she was proud of that and thus she paid with the jewels she just got and headed out to find another job. It was the middle of the afternoon, around two o’clock and she stared from a distance at the quest board because there was a paper on it, to contact Jacob Fischer, so she did. The job was about sabotaging a fishing contest. If she had known that before, she wouldn’t have gone to meet this Jacob Fischer and go and do this job. She found her manicure set in her purse and went on to sabotage the lines of specific fisherman before they switched rods and so on. She bumped into people, made them spill their bait. Which was a disgusting job but someone had to do it. And apart from that she talked to people as if she was a foreigner and making it very difficult for them to be on time, oops disqualified for being late. When her job was done, she would take a seat at the stance, eye Jacob and see him win. Even with her stupid sabotage ways, he would have won with catching the right fish. He hadn’t need this but no one could trust luck.

She wouldn’t meet Jacob here near the contest; they would all know it was a plot. So she clapped when he won, she would stand up when the rest of the people would disappear, going for drinks, meeting up with family or friends. She would walk out of the scene, she would make sure to be at the meeting point where she had met Jacob at the starting of this job. He showed up not much later, proudly showing her the fish; which was disgusting. So she took a step back from Jacob and she would first let him put the fish away, wash his hands properly before he would pay out her jewels because she absolutely didn’t want it to smell like fish. She wished him luck on other jobs and headed away from him, quickly making sure that she was away from the disgusting smell of the fish. With a deep sigh she returned to the quest board but there was nothing again. So she sighed deep and slowly dragged herself back to her hotel room, who knows what she could do the rest of the afternoon?


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