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Searching for Answers? [Arisa]

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Searching for Answers? [Arisa] - Page 2 Empty Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:37 pm

''Tie those ropes! Throw those skeletons overboard...'' he yelled at his men as he used some binoculars to see afar. The waves were roaring and outside of that cave was a swirling vortex that was a whirlpool. The guy was afraid of what was in that very mouth of a whirlpool so he strapped himself to his own ship and the men did the same after seeing it. The captain swirled the wheel far left and then before hitting the cave, a far right to go away from it. Stirring the ways of right he went away from it. As soon as he was far away from it, no longer was it a threat and open.

''Alright men, we have ways to go!'' he spoke and went towards the night star. The star... It shined so bright, bigger than the rest as it was calling out to him, singing a song with a woman's voice. It was as if it came from a Siren's vocals yet it was no siren...

Arisa continued with the telling of this story and truthfully it was a long story. She might have to tell a little more of it some other time and so forth. ''You know Yasuki... Out of all my travels in the sea, I kind of do miss it...'' she told her while laying down in the very nice soothing waters of the spa.


Time has passed, but before she got to finish the story, she fell asleep in the spa - safely and soundly.



Searching for Answers? [Arisa] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:47 pm

She listened intensely as it seemed like the story was getting more intense. Though her eyes were getting heavy as it was hard to keep them open it seemed. She looked down at the water imagining the pictures of the story. Imagining each character in detail as Arisa continued on with the story.

She reached to the ledge for her drink and would take a sip of her cool drink that tasted like sweet berries of some kind. Suddenly Arisa address her mentioning about how out of the travels of the sea she had been on she oddly missed it. She still looked towards the water but out of the corner of her eye noticed Arisa would begin to relax more putting a pause to the story. Next thing she knew was that she saw Arisa had fallen asleep herself, laying there safe and sound, quietly.

"Well Nami, looks like that might be the end of the story for now.. Guess she was getting tired herself." she spoke quietly as to not wake Arisa from her nap. Looking over a Nami, she saw the companion began to relax as well and lay on the side shutting her eyes. Slowly she would relax and give in to her eyes shutting instead of fighting them, and she as well would fall asleep - safe and sound.


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