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Searching for Answers? [Arisa]

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Searching for Answers? [Arisa] Empty Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:42 pm

Slowly Yasuki made her way out Fernando's boutique and wandered the streets of Baska, being sure to check the nearby stores for anything in significance. Throughout the time she was checking into the stores she ensured to keep her grey-colored jacket pulled up to cover her ears, as well she still wasn't too sure how people would react to elves around in their town. Especially being new to a town like Baska, she wasn't going to take any chances. While she was looking in the stores she was looking for one person in particular, and she still wasn't sure why she was drawn to travel to this town - could that person be in trouble, or could they just need to tell her something. She had no idea and had a feeling she wouldn't have any idea until well she found them.

Yasuki would approach the request board outside of city hall, where she found the bright pink flier of the job she just completed. Though she wasn't looking for that she was looking to see if there was any other jobs near that she could lend a hand to while she waited. There was few that caught her attention, but she felt like now wasn't the time. Stepping away from the board she found a bench where she wanted to have a seat and just relax. Traveling and then getting straight into a job was quite tiring, maybe she could rest awhile and then continue to look. She would turn towards Nami, and then pat the seat next to her as if inviting the companion to join on the bench for a quick rest. "Up, Up." she would say softly towards Nami. And there the two of them would wait, silently.


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Arisa closed her cabin's door and exited out towards the town. She has yet to talk to a couple of people about the whole guild thing -- out of those that need to know. If she was truly going to be the guild master, people of her guild should know and it was her job to inform them. She knew the guild master by only paper work when she was in orchidia, seeing some on the side. She had wished she got to talk to him at least as she wondered why she was chosen by him -- if not by the whole guild itself. She brushed her strands of silk hair with her finger tips while she walked along side the trail of brown dirt.

She wore a mini skirt of pink with a brown woven belt that was looped in the mid-pelvic area. Her shirt was a white blouse with over-layered ruffles in the V-shape slit over her rather voluptuous chest. Her legs were covered with thigh-high socks of white with lace of black and flat shoes of black. Her arms crossed against her chest a she walked down the path in town and then she heard a familiar voice, Yasukis. Her eyes of true gold wandered around with the turn of her own body, seeing a girl of blue hair, pointy ears -- but that was indeed her companion. ''Yasuki?!'' she questioned surprised and turned, standing her ground about six feet away.


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Sitting there she started to drift off into a quick nap while relaxing on the bench with her companion, Nami. Yasuki knew that she should keep alert in case of a spotting of her sister, though she was feeling quite uneasy as she was tired from her journey. As she started to drift off for a nap, she awoke suddenly at the voice of a familiar, the voice wasn't just familiar it was her sister Arisa's. Her eyes fixated on the figure, and when she felt the breeze of wind blowing her hair she was quick to pull up the hood of her jacket to cover. 'Do you think she saw...?' thoughts of questions ran through Yasuki's mind. Unsure on what Arisa saw, Yasuki's sky-blue eyes still fixated on her sister as she was coming out of a cabin. Slowly Yasuki would start to stand up and then call Nami to follow, "Arisa, that's you." she called out in the direction of her sister. She was still quite unsure on what her sister would think of the news that she was an elf, 'Guess now is better than ever to see. Isn't that why I traveled here...?' the thoughts still traveled through Yasuki's mind. She started slowly walking towards Arisa, "Is that your cabin, or whose is that?" she questioned as she stopped about 3 feet away from her sister.


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This was sure her sister. Of course she looked different than last time and tried to hide it. Her eyes and ears, hair and body have changed and it was exactly like herself. Her body was constantly changing though and hopefully it doesn't happen to her too. Something was off, was she the one people call, 'elf'? Her arms crossed against her big chest and tilted her head. ''There's no reason to hide such a thing. I'm no human neither, you got lucked out -- out of everyone else that is. I'm more interested what abilities you've gotten out of it though. As I have different abilities compared to being human as well.'' she spoke to her sister with most interest and curiousity. Her tone had compassion and she was worried at the same time. Her sacrifice though, as her own, she received her memories of pain and her soul with it. There were many more things that were sacrificed, but she didn't feel like saying much about it. Her body twisted a little back to look behind her, the cabin indeed that she was talking about. ''That one? Yes it is indeed mine. I no longer own the manor. I own some housings and a cafe now.'' she explained and yawned with a stretch.


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She saw that her sister seemed confident in knowing who she was. Having a sheepish look on her face she looked towards her as she heard Arisa say something about there's no reason to hide something. "I erm.. I guess I just didn't know if you'd recognize me. I wanted to tell you myself before you saw, but I guess I forgot about this hood..." she said quietly as she jumped into the conversation once her sister was finished speaking. She heard Arisa say something about being interested in Yasuki's new abilities, but she was also curious of what Arisa meant by saying that she was no human either. "Honestly, the change just happened I'm still fairly new to all these changes myself. Though you know how I'm amazed by nature...? I hear elves are natural pathfinders and find paths faster which allows me to travel much faster than humans." she started to explain her new abilities. Though she didn't want to feel like she was being boring, so she ended up stopping waiting for her sister to respond with anything. "Of course, there's more... Like being proficient with bow and sword type of weapons, though I don't have one yet to try out." she continued before pausing again.

"Sure looks like a nice cabin behind you... Though you said you weren't human either. What does that mean?" she questioned as she looked towards her sister hoping that Arisa could feel like she could open up to her as well. Standing there, in front of Arisa again, the brilliantly blue-haired elf could tell that something was on her mind. Though she was just going to wait it out and see if Arisa would come to tell her herself, instead of prying any further.


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She looked at her dear 'sister' quite softly in the most tired-way, almost like Yasuki was at her. Her arms were crossed against her big chest and tilted her head as if to study her even more. 'Study...must continue, experiment.' spoke an unknown voice in her head. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes as if to shake that thought out. She paid heed of attention towards her as she was to hear her out. She was supposedly closer to nature than she supposedly ever was going to be, or never will be for herself. The light devoured her soul as the might' & gods' themselves struck upon her their bidding's, of love perhaps because of how entwined she is with such emotion as well as some others -- more than others. Yasuki was wondering on what she meant of not being human, just like her. She chuckled softly towards the blue haired elf that was somewhat like her sister. Were they blood related or destiny-relationed, it was a mystery, but blood doesn't define sisterhood or any family for that matter. The person who was supposedly her cousin? They don't even contact each other nor anything for that info. ''Perhaps some other time? For now we should probably go hang out else where? Maybe at some spa or something... I need some relaxation after all the crap that's been going on.'' she spoke with a half frown from the right.


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She stood there in silence for what seemed to be forever in her mind, though in reality it was only probably a couple of minutes or so. While in the silence she looked towards her sister who seemed to be puzzled about something. Perhaps it was about rather the newly changed Yasuki was still the same reserved, quiet girl that Arisa found to be her sister. One thing for sure was that Yasuki wasn't sure what all to take about the situation. Still puzzled about what her sister meant regarding that she also wasn't human, though with the silence it looked like she wasn't going to get an answer anytime soon. One thing was certain that Yasuki knew and that was that she wanted to explore the depths of her magic more, however she didn't exactly know how to tell anyone about that. If the god that changed her into an elf changed her for her love of nature, surely it had to something to do regarding magic of some sorts. After all, Yasuki did have a strange feeling everything she walked into the wind, it felt almost as if the wind was twirling around her or something.

She tended to get lost in her own thoughts about why she was an elf now in the middle of the silence, but once Arisa spoke the word 'hang out elsewhere' and then 'spa or something' it perked Yasuki's attention. "Hangout, yeah I'd like that... Get some quality time in, or something. Wherever sounds good to me, spa or wherever you think." she replied though seeming to be distracted. She would look off into the distance from the corner of the eye to the right a bit trying to get an understanding of the new town.


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She chuckled as she saw Yasuki having a space cadet kind of facial expression. She wasn't really speaking till she spoke of certain words, acting truly spaced by her words. Chuckling softly with a motherly smile she were to then turn away and walk towards some forest-like spa. ''Alright, let's go then..'' she spoke herself towards her 'sister'. The area had a few houses in every part of the hill. Some on each row there were housings and then far away from the hill were farms themselves. Perhaps there were farms of different kinds on the huge hill, but for now her concern was to get to the spa area. The place had a small waterfall forming off of stone that then went into the water pool. Today thankfully wasn't mixed gender day. She honestly hated the times of mixed bath, unless it was with /him/ of course. She giggled and looked back to see if Yasuki was doing alright. If she was walking beside her then it would just be by the corner of her eyes towards the direction she was located. Finally, they reached up at the place and her eyes looked up. ''Well... here we are.'' she spoke simply and walked in.


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Following her sister as the two of them walked towards the spa, she couldn't help but wonder what Arisa meant exactly. 'Not human either...' the three words kept running through her head from when her sister had spoken to her as they walked to the spa area. She would turn to make sure that Nami, her Vaporeon, was right behind or beside them as they continued to walk. She saw the nature around them and it already made her wonder where and when they would run into this 'spa', 'it must be in the middle of no where...' she thought to herself. Before she knew it she was standing near a beautiful waterfall that would run off into a small pool and there she would hear the words about the two of them being there. "We're... here?" she said. She thought the spa looked quite different as it was quite a ways back into the forest and kind of secluded or so she would have thought. "So where should we head first, your idea you lead the way." she spoke softly as she turned towards Arisa waiting for an answer on where in the spa they would go next. Silently she hoped that her vaporeon would be able to be let in, she didn't know how businesses would react to companions entering but only assumed that it would be able to accompany. "Who knows, Nami, maybe they have a spa just for you here too." she optimistically said to reassure her companion.


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Yep! They were there and here she was at some spa with her sister. She walked towards the entrance and saw the owners standing by, waiting for them to come in. ''Welcome young lady, shall it be just you tw- three?'' she spoke and scanned her, Yasuki and the companion that Yasuki had. Her eyes followed the woman's and then looked right back at her. ''Why, yes.~ It will be just us three.'' she spoke kindly, bowed her head and stood up straight. ''What a kind woman. Please, this way.'' she spoke and turned away, her back towards them.

She followed as so towards their private bathing halls. There were different rooms and she then saw the woman cock her head towards her to look. ''You seem rather de'light'ful. Would you like some drinks and snacks -- our treat.'' she spoke and looked forward. ''Not often does one find such a being covered in light.'' she spoke once more and opened the door. She turned and looked at them. ''Well, here you go. Your order will be over soon.'' she talked once again and walked away. Arisa let her eyes follow her, but turned away soon after to change in a changing room.


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The entrance of the spa was surely magnificent, she took note of the scenery as it had a calming factor to it. As they walked up, there were two people standing at the door waiting for them to approach and she heard Arisa answer their question. Yasuki was sure to keep Nami close by, after all with all the traveling so far if Yasuki got a little relaxation, Nami deserved some too. She followed as they were all led through the spa. Before too long another worker approached the sister and seemed rather nice with the way she spoke asking about snacks or drinks. 'It'd be best for me to keep my head down I guess, at least Arisa is drawing the attention.' she thought to herself relieved and all.

The other worker left after mentioning how the snacks and drinks will be over soon. Yasuki didn't think much of it as she entered a changing room of her own, with Nami behind. "Wonder what that was about, she seemed rather cheery at the sight of Arisa..." she would say as she closed the door to the changing room in a soft-pitch so her voice wouldn't travel too far.


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Arisa tried to act calm and sweet like she is most of the time, but it was hard. When she got to the changing room of her own she glared towards the door. 'Did that lady know somehow that I'm not human? An angel for that matter...?' she wondered and then looked towards the several towels there, sitting and waiting to be chosen by the person of whomever is residing for this room. Truthfully, it could've been anyone but here she was. She got undressed, wrapped her curvaceous and voluptuous body with a large towel. It was lilac colored which was perfect. Tightly gripping it, not relying on the tie she was going to her own spa room where her sister and her companion will be. They weren't there yet so she got in first, taking off her towel, folded it nicely to a square and put it to the side. Most people put it on their head, but that seemed only necessary if she was in a public spa bath. Knowing most men, they were all perverted people or old people who just want a break. She wanted to judge them as so, but she wasn't perfectly sure about it all. Finally, the woman bowed and noticed the elf woman not being here, Yasuki. ''Rather you were sent from the heavens or a fallen, I'm unsure, but it is a rare sighting. Beautiful you are, but what a sad past you must have... '' she spoke and then put down the drinks and food. ''Enjoy, mrs.'' she spoke and left, closing the door behind her.


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Knowing that she had a little trouble in her past with being open about her body. Rather it was because she was shy or thought that because of her child-like figure she would be judged as one. Yasuki knew that this was a new chance for her to be positive about her body and be more open about things in general. As she got ready she finished putting on her bathing suit and then got wrapped around in a towel. She looked down at Nami and would just put on a smirk before heading out of the changing room, "Well this is new for me. Let's head out shall we?" she said before opening the door which headed out towards their private spa where it would just be her sister, herself, and her companion. The room was spacious and beautiful, as the young elf woman stepped foot out of the changing room and would have a seat on the side of the water dropping her feet into the water beside her sister who was already in the water.

"So we haven't said much since we came to the spa, how is everything?" she would ask her sister with curious eyes. Yasuki would enjoy her feet being in the water before she would slowly start to climb into the water as she awaited a response from Arisa. 'Hopefully she responds... But I'll just be patient none the less.' she thought to herself as she waited.


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She sunk into the water that felt quite relaxing. Her back, neck, head and the rest of her body felt pleasing as she could feel he relaxer in this water. Her long violet hair too enjoyed this water as there wasn't much steam. Steam was bad for your hair and even makes it frizzy. She reached for the nearest thing to drink, alcohol and started to take sips of her. Finally, she heard of her sister who came out. Her eye peaked and saw the figure of her 'sister'. Yasuki had a teen figure, small compared to her own womanly body which was fine she was the little sister after all.

Yasuki asked how everything was, making Arisa's eyes open up halfway and gazed upward towards where the sky would have been. How was she? She didn't even know how she was truthfully. A small frown escaped her lips as her head turned towards Yasuki. She remembered when they first met, they were both searching answers about their past and now she finally knew most of it. They were experiments, but there was of course more... way more than she was thinking of wanting to know. She felt half-way insane as she then lowered her gaze towards the water. Her long hair hid her face, resting against her cheeks. 'What am I to do? To say? How am I to explain?' one thought.

'So much tragic, not enough time.' another thought.

'Boohoo, who cares. Get over it. Explain.' third thought.

'You get all that attention? Someone to relate? Lucky you...' fourth thought.

The thoughts kept going on in different voices, perspectives as she then shook her head and gazed at Yasuki. ''I suppose it's going fine... Just find I suppose...'' she spoke normally and then whispered toned the second verse. Her head turned away from her to then look back at the water.


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She could tell that her sister seemed to be relaxed. The spa seemed to be doing well for relaxing people, after all it was a spa. Though Yasuki wasn't quite sure about these considering she never really revealed much of her body before still be reserved at such a thought. After asking how Arisa was, Yasuki could tell that something seemed to be possibly troubling for Arisa. Or potentially it was nothing at all and her sister was just trying to find the right words to explain how she was doing. Yasuki looked down at the water peacefully trying to relax. Quickly she peaked over her shoulder to see what Nami was doing. She found the companion laying near the side of the water on it's stomach all laid out. "Well aren't you looking comfy?" she said jokingly towards Nami.

She didn't know why she spoke to Nami like it would suddenly speak back and answer, but she guessed it was just some kind of pride to have a companion or something. She would turn back slowly taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly, trying to get the 'relaxing' part down. While doing this she heard a response from her sister stating that everything was fine. Yasuki knew it was better to not question anything, as Arisa was one of few words....even the one newer friend told Yasuki that, by the name of Alisa. "I can't remember the last time I was at a spa.... All the traveling must be taking it's toll." she explained as she continued to take deep breaths exhaling each of them slowly.


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The salts, hot water and the springs in general were getting rather soothing. Her muscles began to jello while her body was just floating now above the water. She no longer was sitting while her body used the water like some bed - a 'river' bed. She waited for Yasuki to speak and her lips formed into a frown. After she spoke her peace, it was time... time to talk about what she knew. ''Hey... Yasuki? There's something I gotta tell ya...'' she started, took a deep breather and then thought of where she wanted to start. The beginning... not even she knew the beginning. The middle, was there even a middle? The end... she remembered that much, but what was the real end and how many endings were there? This felt like a game... a huge simulator-like game.

It felt frustrating and honestly she didn't know how to start. Her eyes wandered left and right while her mind kept going and going like some turning mechanism that will never stop till it blows up in flames or malfunctions. ''I found out somethings about my past... rather or not you wish to know more truth than what was told or falsely input into my memory, is up to you.'' is what she was going to say, but instead she said something else. ''I have some stories, wanna hear em?'' she finally spoke her last words before she said anymore. Arisa won't say any story telling if she didn't wish to hear it.


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Relaxing... That was the thing that Yasuki was trying to do, she tried to look down at the water and not have to speak much s she knew that's why they had come here to get time to relax and not have to worry about much. Not worrying about much was easier said then done for her though, she still didn't quite understand why the elf change but she was getting used to it. She wasn't going to let people bother her about being different as she knew it was the way it was going to be. Slowly Yasuki reached up to the ceiling to stretch. The spa waters were definitely doing good on her tired muscles from the traveling. As she was getting relaxed after speaking she looked towards Arisa briefly and it seemed like whatever was on her mind was going to potentially come out.

'Is she... actually going to tell me something?' Yasuki thought amazed though she hoped she didn't wear the look on her face. Arisa spoke about needing to tell Yasuki something, if Yasuki had wished to hear a story of sort. It isn't every time that these two meet that Arisa does a lot of talking, usually it'll just be Yasuki asking questions and getting some responses. 'Guess Alisa was right about me and being more open than Arisa...' she thought again before replying to Arisa, "Sure, what is it that you need to tell me?" the curious elf questioned back. "I'm all ears." she said still curious as to whatever the story was though patiently waiting to hear.


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Yasuki seemed curious and now Arisa had to figure out what story she was going to tell. There were so many, o' so many stories to tell. She could make a damn novel with how many stories she had or more than one novel. Her eyes closed and relaxed since she felt safe here. She felt somewhat safe in her own home, but only when Noel was around. There were things to tell and it was all dandy and stuff, but right now she had to ask Yasuki something.

''Well...  what kind of story would you like to hear? There are so many...'' she started and then opened her eyes half way and licked her lips to moisturize them. ''There are... romance and history, adventure and scary yet historic...'' she spoke, gave Yasuki an option. Whatever option she will choose, Arisa will enjoy telling the story, getting the stories off of her chest. What Yasuki didn't know is that they were all stories from her past or the past before her new life began. So many romance stories, a couple of 'scary' death stories and honestly since they were from the past, they were all historic. Softly she hummed a lullaby that was only meant for her and her alone - as in herself while she waited for her to choose.


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She relaxed there wondering what kind of story she would hear. To her surprise though she didn't hear a story right off the bat. Instead she was given options of what kind of story that she would like to here. All sorts of options from romance, adventure, history, and even scary. "So you're saying I can pick any theme of story I'd like to hear... Well let's see." she replied back before starting to think what she'd like to hear. Being as optimistic and cheery as Yasuki is, she wasn't really a fan of scary stories. Nor was she a fan or romance, because well...she hasn't really experienced that either. 'Romance...nah not at this time. Scary? not at all No! Adventure? Those are always nice and interesting.' she thought to herself weighing out the pros and cons of each.

It took her a bit to decide, almost as if she was working on some exam or trying to concentrate on something deep down. "Let's hear... Adventure, yea that's right. Adventure, I like those!." she said all optimistically, secretly hoping Arisa was still in the mood to tell a story since it took her a while to decide. Cheerfully she looked towards Arisa waiting for the story, wondering what it'd be like though she waited patiently to not rush the sister.


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Arisa looked at her while in this very spa that was steaming from the heat, arising towards the heavens to heat and warm up there. That could be seen like that or perhaps one can see it logically and it just making the air warm. She was waiting for dear Yasuki to pick the story she wished to hear and soon she heard Adventure. ''Adventure, huh?'' she questioned and smiled. ''Alright then. Let's do this.'' she spoke, sat up a little, took a drink and thought of which one. 'There is one, two, three and there.' she thought as if she was looking at some imaginary library filled with books of the unknown.

''Once upon a time a group of thieves had to search for a key missing from the capitol of Saiaria - richest place in the world. It belonged to the king's tower - it kept the whole kingdom in place. I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself...'' she started and then took a bite of some pineapple and continue on after leaning back, looking at the night stars. ''The group saved the princess from a whole-nother story. Returned her to her kingdom and found out that they were childhood friends, but he was just a villager who wished to live the life of a thief, not a prince or anything like that. The king did a banquet for the welcome of someone who saved his daughter and his group. They ate, cheered with a dance and in song... but that didn't last long... of course.'' she started and gazed more at the sky.


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She continued to relax to allow Arisa time to think of the story that she would tell. While doing so she saw the fruit that was near the two of them. Yasuki has always loved the sweetness of fruit, it almost reminded her of her childhood...such a sweet child, who just wanted to help those who needed it which is why she would sit in the tree tops and observe those around her. She reached out towards the fruit and would take a couple of the strawberries, and start munching on them. The crispness of each strawberry was refreshing s it unlocked a sweet taste that was delicious.

Arisa started telling the story about a group of thieves in search of the missing key. Yasuki made sure to pay her closest attention to the story, as she didn't want to be rude. She sat there waiting and listening to every detail to ensure she heard the whole thing. There were a few pauses, one thing was for sure was that Arisa sure did make the story suspenseful which would drag people around in the story to keep their attention. While listening, Yasuki leaned back and looked towards the sky closing her eyes slightly, so that she could picture the story in her mind. Suddenly the words 'but that didn't last long... of course.' continued to run through her mind, as if someone put a disk on repeat. When she looked up she saw Arisa concentrated on the sky, Yasuki didn't want to be rude but she wanted to find out what else is happening in the story. Maybe this was just a suspenseful stop in the story, for some added suspense.

Again she waited there patiently for the story to pick up, she was really into this story already and hoped that Arisa could tell.


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''Nope... because while they were all partying and celebrating, a thief was after their beloved treasure that kept their kingdom together - a goddess... A goddess of Chaos and destruction. She enjoyed seeing all get destroyed by her trickery and this was one her 'best' tricks. She told a man that if he helped her receive this key, she'll let this man live with riches of all kinds, but the childhood man who was a thief never ended up with such riches. The Goddess laughed and flew back within the darkness sky, laughing more and disappeared leaving him in the act. Her looked confused once the guards cornered him. The king and princess didn't understand why the man would do this.'' she started.

''Why did you steal it? You know what will happen!' she yelled towards him as pieces of the earth, the build, the kingdom slowly fell apart. Leo had to fix this.. Not for the girl of course, but because they were going to behead him if he didn't get it back within a week time. His friends had his back and traveled across the seven seas, starting their adventure to find the key... wherever it may be.'' she spoke once more and started to drink. ''Any questions so far?'' she questioned, looked at her and put down her drink.


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Yasuki made sure to stay relaxed and settle down for the story. She looked at Arisa with her full attention, listening to every word and every detail of the story that was being told. From the sound of it, it sounded to her that this story could be easily relate-able. Perhaps it was, or perhaps it was just made up, she wasn't going to straight ask 'cause she didn't want to seem rude or ungrateful for the story that her sister was telling. She just enjoyed spending time with her sister in a place where more than a handful of words were being spoken.

The story continued, and she listened as in the story they got to the part where they were about to travel, or so it seemed. Another sentence stuck out to her in particular after it was spoke, 'his friends had his back, and traveled across the seven seas' rang in her head over and over. She thought it'd have been nice to have friends travel across to this country with her when she came, though she didn't have anyone and it was partially by chance that she met her sister again, or who she believed to be her sister, after traveling so far.

She snapped out of thinking about the story at the question asked by Arisa if there was any questions. "Nope, just enjoying the story. Trying to imagine the pictures as you tell, you're doing great at explaining." she said in response, as she grabbed a few more strawberries to munch on while she waited for the story to continue.


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''Alrighty then.'' Arisa spoke softly and yawned, took a drink of her cold sweet alcohol.

''They roamed the seven seas, but first they had to go through the trenches of each seven mythical entities to get to the realm of Aries. First they went through the cave of never ending sleep. Some of them never knew why it was called that and the other's knew only out of story telling.'' she started while her eyes glowed with excitement of this story.

''They were quiet as they went through the cave... No sneezing, no coughing, no whispers... nothing. They were too scared to make a movement and out of stories they were told all must be silent and any sound made would wake 'them' up. As they went through the mucky water of that cave, the cave's ceiling let off some dust, tickling one of the thieve's nose. AAAAAAAAAchooo! One did as the whole area became then covered in pure darkness. The main guy of this story looked around and due to his quick wit, he lit up a flame from his lit wick ma-jig. Most of his main crew saw and joined him, but as they got out of the cave, it was too late. Most of his men were dead as the ship had several skeletons and a little dew of flesh upon the cracks of the wood...'' she spoke, continued on...


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She saw Arisa take a drink of hers, and with that she did the same. The taste was pure sweet, and almost tasted like some sort of sweet and delicious berries -- unless that was the strawberries she had eaten just a moment ago. The story continued on and once more she closed her eyes imagining pictures as her sister continued.

She imagined a cave, like any regular cave it was dark inside and she saw the characters of the story who were afraid to make even the smallest of sound. Suddenly the picture turned to one character in particular that let out a sneeze which seemed to freeze the rest of them in fear, or what she saw. When a light lit up, there was others that followed until they exited out the cave. But that was when she saw the main characters expression when he noticed most of his party were dead.

This left her in a suspense of knowing what was going to happen next. She wanted to urge her sister to continue on, but of course didn't want to rush it. "Things just got intense.... What is happening, do they make it to find the key?" she questioned, and even though she knew that this was a story she felt as though it was real.

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