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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest Solo | Yasuki]

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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest Solo | Yasuki] Empty Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:03 pm

The sign read 'Baska Town', and that's when the brilliantly-bright blue haired with sky blue eyes elf new that she was in the place she was traveling to. Though she never heard of the town name before, she just had a feeling. As the more she traveled, the more people she ended up helping. And Yasuki loved helping people. "Where should we look around?" she would ask towards Nami, whom was her companion. It only seemed right for Yasuki to look towards the request board first to see if anyone in the town needed help for whatever reason. Though she didn't know where to find said board, she figured it'd be somewhere near the town hall-type of building, which had to be a building that looked somewhat important. Making her way to the request board, she saw a good number of people walking the streets going to wherever they were traveling to. It was at that moment where she felt around her head and realized that she should really pull up her hood from the grey colored jacked she was carrying. She still didn't have a good idea of how people felt about elves, and she wasn't about to find out the hard way. So for her own safety she pulled up her hood to cover up her pointed elf-like ears.

As she approached the requested board right away she could tell that the board was decently filled with all sorts of jobs here and there. One flier though caught her eye specifically. The flier was bright pink in color and some catchy text was on it, 'Looking for hire, well don't be tire. Make your way to the boutique where we have the threads you need!' More importantly she took note to the signature on the flier, the handwriting was so neat and sophisticated. Yasuki knew that this wasn't just any ordinary job, this was a different kind and perhaps the outcome of it would be more than just the normal jobs as well. "You want to go on a job?" she asked towards Nami, who would stand there patiently waiting.

"Guess we should make out way to the boutique." she said in a haste. Overall the boutique wasn't far from the request board, which seemed to be just right for the girl and her companion after a long while of traveling, as they really needed some rest. As they entered the boutique she heard a very flamboyant guy singing away at his own tune. "Uhm, excuse me?" she asked as she entered. "I'm here for the job..." she would then continue. "Ah yes, Fernando put up that job request in hopes that someone would come in and help! Hi, I'm Fernando and this...is my boutique!" the man excitedly said. After welcoming Yasuki into his store, he showed her and Nami around his store as he explained what the job entailed. "You see, I'm designing a new fashion line. I only design the brightest, most flamboyant, and most beautiful clothes so not any fabric will do. I'm looking for the best and rarest fabric, and that my friend.... That is where you come in." Yasuki walked around the store following Fernando and listening to him explain the job, she noticed the many outfits that he had placed on mannequins looking at the ensembles and studying the options. "Where do I find these rare fabrics?" she would ask curiously. "Well all over, honey! Local stores, and even the flea markets. Don't get me started on the flea markets, I hear the traveling merchants have the rarest fabrics." he further explained. "And well, how exactly am I supposed to purchase the fabrics you need....?" she asked still as curious as ever. The fabric he needs must cost a fortune, and she doesn't know if she would trust someone so openly with that much money that she just met, herself. "No problem, sweets, I'll cover it. After all, you are buying this fabric for me." he said convincingly as he handed her more than enough money to buy the fabric that he needs.

She would wander the new town, in search for the interesting and rare fabric that Fernando needed. Popping into each store and even the flea market, she wasn't worried about the money - as it was his, so the price she wasn't worried about. All the fabric that she saw in the store had unique features to it, some soft and others were unique patterned with their shiny appearance. That's when she had to pick out the best looking fabric, no matter the price.

After having a good pile of fabric, all neatly folded in her hands, she returned to the boutique where once again she found Fernando working away on his fashion line. "I've got the fabric you were wanting, some of it is of nice quality." she said as she handed over the fabric to Fernando. "Ah yes... These are excellent, thank you!" he would say as he inspected the fabric that Yasuki brought him. She watched as he put away his new fabrics in the rightful places, so he could return to them later to make his fashion line. "And here, this is the money that you gave me that I didn't need to spend. A lot of the local stores, even gave a decent discount when I mentioned your name!" she said ecstatically. It seemed like the people here were waiting for a new fashion line to come out, and they were all pleased to support Fernando. "Ah, well yes. A lot of people do like to support the work I do here." he would say slightly surprised as he reached for the money that Yasuki returned.

She walked around the store for a bit before he approached her. "I forgot to um, give you your reward for assisting me. This should cover it." he said as he generously handed her the reward for helping find the fabric as he was working on his new line. "Thanks, that's kind of you. It really wasn't any bother. I enjoy helping." she responded with graciously as she made her way to the exit of the store. "Hopefully we meet again sometime." one more sentence would escape from her mouth as she exited, but before she walked out she made sure to have pulled her hood up over her ears.



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