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Medicare [solo quest|Tsubaki]

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Tsubaki Blossom

"Just how confident are you?"

It had only been a few days that Tsubaki had been in Baska, and she was already starting to do requests. This was unusual for her, as the quests were completely different than the ones in Hargeon. If she was going to travel more often, she was going to have to get used to the changes that were going to occur frequently. Though traveling is fun, there are a few downsides, but she didn't really have time to think about that right now. She wanted to take a quest, and nothing was going to stop her from doing that, even if it is just a little bit different.

She had picked a flyer off the request board and walked to the place listed on the paper. Once she had arrived she quickly noticed that she had been led to the hospital, and that made her worried about what was going to happen next. She could see ghosts, and a hospital is a giant home for them. She really didn't want to walk inside, but she told herself that nothing was going to stop her from doing this, so she walked inside and stepped up to the front desk, showed the lady the flyer, and then was taken to a doctor's office. The doctor introduced himself as Gerard and gave her a quick examination. Seeing that she was healthy, he had asked her if she was up for the quest and her answer was of course yes. He handed her two bags with addresses on them and told her to deliver them to the houses listed on the bag. She was a little suspicious for a second but then happily agreed, seeing as it wasn't going to be as bad as she had first thought.

She walked outside and a big sigh of relief came out of her, as she hadn't seen as many ghosts as she was expecting. She had only seen a few while looking behind the doctor while he was talking. She had gotten so distracted by them that she hadn't even listened to anything he said. All she could remember was that he had said that the stuff in the bags were 2 different for 2 different people who had ordered their prescriptions that day, yet there was no one available to take them, so he had put out a request. She tried to remember other things, but when she had been staring at the ghosts her mind had gone blank, and she really didn't know what to do. It had felt like the world had froze around her and it was just her and the ghosts, it was like they were the only things in the world that mattered.

She didn't want to think about any of that for any longer, as it gave her flashbacks of when she was little and that just makes her cry. Today though she wasn't going to cry, as she really wants to grow out of her old self and become something "new" and not be so concealed. She started walking to the place listed on the first bag, and she skipped along without noticing. For some reason the world seemed so threatening today, but nothing was actually trying to bring her down. Everything just seemed so different and made her feel like she was useless, but really she is helping people right now and that didn't make her useless at all. All of these mixed emotions confused her a little bit but she kept going, and in no time at all, she had both of the bags delivered and she was already on her way back to the hospital.

Since she had gone so fast, she had figured she could go get a drink and calm down for a bit before going back to the hospital. She had wandered around for a bit before noticing that everything in Baska had seemed so familiar, and she really couldn't understand why. She stopped in a small coffee shop and got a small vanilla mocha before stepping back outside to find a few more people outside then she had seen before. She looked around to make sure there wasn't a crowd, stepped outside, and then started walking back to the hospital.

The trip back was calm, and the atmosphere was even calmer once she stepped inside. The lady at the counter had taken her back up to Dr.Gerard's office and he had given her the reward, thanking her a lot for all of the work she had taken off of him and all the headaches she had stopped. She left the doctor's office happy and calm, now knowing that some people really do appreciate her sometimes. As she walked back to her hotel room she started thinking about what she was going to do when she had gotten back, maybe cook some food, write some things down in those little notebooks they give you, clean the room again because you really can't trust the maids when they clean... Whatever happens when she gets back, it shouldn't really be decided beforehand because I mean, what's the fun in that? She skipped along back to the hotel room ready for what the rest of the day had in store for her, feeling alright and happy that she had actually helped someone and they tanked her, seeing as it's not something she gets that often.


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Medicare [solo quest|Tsubaki] Sg17t020

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