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From Era to Nanuq [foot travel]

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#1Tsubaki Blossom 

From Era to Nanuq [foot travel] Empty on Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:37 pm

Tsubaki Blossom

"Just how confident are you?"

It was yet another day for Tsubaki, and she was going to continue her traveling journey today. She had decided where her final destination was going to be, and that place was going to be Baska. It just seemed like a very scenic place, and she had heard lots of good things about the place on her travels. She changed her clothes, checked out of her hotel room, and set off walking again. Era was a little less active than Magnolia, and she hadn't been too surprised about that, seeing as if Magnolia is so full all of the time than not all of the other towns will be. Also, Era was close to Magnolia, so it makes it easier for people to travel there and back, which means there could be a lot of people from Era in Magnolia at the moment.

She walked through the town without saying anything to anyone, but it seemed a lot of people actually found no interest in her unlike other towns, who actually thought she was weird and avoided her. This little event made her think about what she could do to get herself to face her fears and get a little more social. I mean, she had already ignored her feelings and started traveling, so maybe she can break out of the shell she had built around herself and try some new things. She had never found friends to be such a nice thing, as they could be using you for something or just straight up backstabbers. She wanted to see what people found so great about friends and maybe even experience something she had never experienced before with this thing called a "friend".

She walked through Crocus knowing that it was the capital of Fiore and not making a big deal out of it, as it's just another place in the world, and it's not like she isn't going to come back later to have some fun around there. She stopped at a few places just to look around and continued on, determined to reach her destination.

She didn't do much in Orchidia when she had gone through there, just kept her head down and walked, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone who walked by her. There were a few deserted places that she had found, where she actually had the chance to look around a bit instead of looking at the floor the whole time. The place wasn't as great as the others, but it wasn't bad either. The people seemed okay, even though there were a few that were a bit shady.

The sun was going to set soon, and she had just reached the end of Worth Woodsea by then. She had kept a fast pace, and waking up so early gave her the benefit of time. She knew she would reach Baska tomorrow, and all of her walking would pay off once she got there. Nanuq town was just coming into view, and the air had gotten cold. Cold really didn't bother her, so she had just walked through as calmly as she could to the nearest Inn and checked in for the night, knowing that there would only be one more day of traveling for this woman before she had arrived at her destination.


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