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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest Solo:Lycoris]

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

What was it with people and their trivial chores? It was a question Lycoris idly asked herself as she grasped a hold of a flier from the request board in Baska and made her way toward the business district of the city. It was not unusual persay for the girl to take a job, in the end she was a mercenary but… to think she would yet again be required to do something trivial… For a moment she couldn’t help but think back about a certain biologist called Raina and her obsession with pollution and the salvation of the poor fish that suffered from it. Of course, those trivial chores had a good reason for her to lend a hand, in the end she couldn’t deny the fact that a future without delicious Fishsticks sounded rather tragic, but at the same time… she felt like this type of job had little on terms of redeeming qualities aside from the fact it was simple and honest work, and it also paid quite well.

Walking into the boutique belonging to a certain Fernando the mercenary girl looked around for anyone who might fit the bill as the owner of the establishment and the client who posted the request when a man that she could only describe as ‘flashy’ entered the scene. “Good morning Mademoiselle~”

The stylish designer hummed with a smile as he approached her, causing her to tilt her head slightly to the side in bewilderment. “Mademoiselle? You mean me?” First time someone called her lady-like, then again it wasn’t like the mercenaries in her brother’s crew ever looked at her in such a way. To them she was more like a precious little sister… “But of course~ Have you come here to buy yourself a dress, I can make you quite a stylish one if you want! Yes~ Yes~ I can already visualize it!”

The man made some gestures with his hands, as if he was snapping a picture… but wait a moment! Was he actually considering the idea of getting her in a dress? NO WAY that would happen! Quickly shaking her head she pulled the flier before her and stated with a slight hint of panic in her voice. “I’m here for the job request, it said something about needing supplies?”

Realizing she was not a customer Fernando dropped his shoulders in dejection but soon recovered with a smile. “Indeed my dear~ I, the magnificent Fernando require some extremely rare fabrics! And they are available at the market.”

Wait a moment, then if they were available then why in the world didn’t he go and buy them like a normal person would? Noticing her line of thinking the man smiled at her and explained in an apologetic tone. “Unfortunately I’m swamped in work, and am currently unable to leave my atelier, so I need someone else to get them for me.”

Oh great… seriously, was she about to send out to do the groceries of this man?! Woe be the mercenary who had to make a living on requests like this...


Fantastic Fabrics [Quest Solo:Lycoris] BJeupcF

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

“So what type of fabrics do you need?” If she was going to get paid, she might as well get involved with the job, right? A soft sigh escaped the mercenary’s lips as she watched Fernando pull out a piece of paper. “This list has all the fabrics I am currently in need of, simply mention their names to the merchants and they should be able to help you out.”

It sounded like a simple task, and with Fernando offering her a pouch filled with jewels for the shopping Lycoris made her way toward the market. It was actually quite a list he had, to the point that as she started to shop she became formed to buy a small wagon to carry all the fabrics! The advantage was that pulling the wagon helped her train her body, and that was something she was always quite fond of! And now she had been twice as determined compared to before. Losing her duel with Kon made it clear she still had lots of areas to improve in, and she intended to start with a very simple but useful approach: getting better equipment.

Of course that was easier said than done, good equipment costed money, and for that reason she had taken on even trivial requests like this. Pulling the wagon did confirm her body had been healed for the most part, courtesy of Kon’s magic, but she still felt somewhat sluggish. Slow footsteps came as she neared Fernando’s boutique, parking the wagon outside as she started to carry the crates with fabrics into the building.

She had to get stronger, for the sake of her brother she had to become someone strong and famous so that she could obtain the things she desired. Justice for the unfair death of her brother at the hands of the corrupt noble, and yet something told her it wouldn’t be that simple. Crate after crate was shipped into the boutique but for Lycoris it was an automatic process, her mind instead thinking back about her fight with Kon. The way he moved, the way he struck, she tried to analyze every detail of their duel in the hope of figuring out how she could hone her skills and improve further. Perhaps once she got some money she could ask him for a spar? That certainly seemed like a worthwhile idea!

When finally the last crate was deposit Lycoris sighed softly as Fernando approached her with a grin on his face. “Excellent work with the delivery there Lycoris. I prepared a little reward for the completion of my request.” REWARDS! Now that was music to her ears, and watching the man bring her that pouch with jewels only made her day all the brighter, a smile emerging on her lips as she thanked him for the work. “If you want more work in the future, feel free to visit me again!”

Perhaps it would be an offer she would take him up on, right now her purse was still quite light, and if she wanted a good weapon she would need to make some investments first...


Fantastic Fabrics [Quest Solo:Lycoris] BJeupcF

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