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What lurks in the depths[Closed]

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What lurks in the depths[Closed]  Empty on Sun 19 Nov 2017 - 9:19

Another night had fallen on the hostile town of Dahila. Caius sat in the local bar after another successful mission for the local cult that was trying to take over the city. His mind was lost in thought as he stared down in his drink swirling it around.  It had been a few weeks since the last mission was initiated by Grimoire Heart. Though it was a success, Caius once again had failed in his task to stall all the reinforcements from reaching the Blue Pegasus guild hall. It wasn't the first time he failed this year. There was another instance during the attack on Era where they failed to destroy the city due to his teams incompetence and his lack of strength. Grimoire Heart's success was only due to Thesus and Icarus. Caius seemed to just be a pawn that was used as a distraction for the two. As one of the highest ranking mages in the guild, he was a failure as a teacher an a soldier. Caius trained for years but still couldn't break the barrier of A rank.  Dahila served as a distraction from this truth. The more dark missions he performed successfully, the more he would be able to put it to the back of his mind. However, the rage was slowly bottling up inside him. His hand gripped the glass mug harder and harder the more he thought about it until it eventually shattered.The shattered glass tore through his hand leaving it a bloody mess it shook both in pain and anger.  Sky God Slayer magic would emerge from his body as it filled up the whole room with black wind sending all the patrons running out the door. All except one.

Once the magic had subsided and the room had cleared, a man in a purple cloak would approach Caius from behind. The man would have to choose his words carefully. Though Caius tried to keep his true personality a secret, he was currently ready to snap at even the smallest provocation from all the stress. "Your power is great. Yet you wish to become stronger yes?"Caius' eyes shifted over to him. It was almost like this man was reading Caius' mind. He would hear him out.
"You have come to the right place my friend. Dahila is a town that is blessed by the devil. If you are willing to pay the price, you can having anything your heart desires. Come with me and I will open your eyes." The man would say. He placed his hand on Caius' shoulder before he walked out towards the exit. This city certainly held mysterious trait that attracted the strong. During his time here, he had seen demons, vampires, and lycans that all possessed incredible power. Grimoire Heart had mages that belonged to these races as well where he saw there strength increase ten fold. Caius stood up from his bar stool and decided he would see what the mysterious man would have to offer. At this point he was willing to do anything to increase his power.


What lurks in the depths[Closed]  Empty on Thu 7 Dec 2017 - 9:18

The mysterious man led Caius outside of Dahila Town and into the deep forest that surrounded it. The lush woods were a dangerous place to be at this time of night with all the blood thirsty beasts that roamed the outskirts of town. With no fear, the mysterious man pressed forward with only a small candle to light their path. Growls of animals nearby rang through the darkness but they refused to get in close to the two of them. The man stayed silent and showed almost no emotion on their journey. Intrigued, Caius would continue forward to their destination ahead. Emerging from the forest, the two ran into a clearing with a large mage tower in the center. “We have arrived.” the man said in a raspy voice. A giant stone door blocked the path. The old man would wave his hand as a rune light up like fire on the door and it slowly pushed open allowing the two travelers to enter.

Once inside, Caius noticed others that were sitting on a bench inside the tower. The room was dimly lit by candles that stretched across the walls. A spiral staircase was planted in the middle of the tower that spun all the way to the very top next to a podium in front of the spectators. “Take a seat child. We are about to begin.” The man whispered to Caius as he walked forward to the stand. Walking forward through the middle row, Caius noticed the variation of men and women that were sitting down. Some were strong willed warriors that were sharpening their weapons. Others were dressed like average citizens. Some crazy sitting on the bench mumbling to themselves and looking around paranoid. They glared daggers at him as he took a seat in the front row.

The buzz from the drinks earlier were starting to wear off as he sobered up to his situation. Yumi had taken him to places like this before in the past much to his protest. It was a cult meeting. Caius grinded his teeth in frustration as he allowed the old man to play on his desires while he was intoxicated. However, since had come this far he would at least hear what he had to say. If the power was genuine then Caius would just take it by force. If it didn't exist, he could always clear out the room and loot the rest of the people here to pawn for cash. Either way he would be paid for his time. The old man clapped his hands together causing a high pitched ring to attract everyone's attention forward. Caius swore if he heard Yumi's god being preached he would blow a gasket.

The old man removed the purple hood from his head to reveal a black blindfold across his eyes glowing with green magic power. “Finally we have gathered all 50. I have brought you all here under the promise that I would grant you all strength. That is a promise I intend to keep.” The old man would wave his hand and a green magic circle would appear on the ground covering the entire first floor. "Behold the Seal of Orichalcos. Pure, raw, untapped magic energy summoned from the demon world of the Legion. One taste of it's energy and your strength will increase 10 fold." The members of the crowd stared at the ground in awe and anticipation. The jade magic energy was reflecting in their eyes their hopes and desires. Some tried to touch it but it had no affect. That led to others questioning what they must do to obtain it. Caius sat patiently and listened.

What lurks in the depths[Closed]  Mqdefault

The mans emotionless face suddenly broke as his lips curled into a sadistic smile that sent shivers down Caius spine. “Unfortunately the seal is not active and can only be acquired by one of you. It requires 49 sacrifices in total. I'm sure you know what that means." The old man’s eyes suddenly turned bright green as flames surged up the side of the mage tower blocking them in. Caius' focus was on the old man. He was at his limit and decided to go with plan B. He would waste everyone here. He fired a blast of black wind towards the old man but the seal of green fire appeared in front of him blocking his attack. There was no choice but to fight for freedom now. Some looked in panic in horror while others drew their weapons to defend themselves. In a matter of seconds the calm meeting had turned into a blood frenzy. Caius gathered his wind god slayer magic and prepared for combat.


What lurks in the depths[Closed]  Empty on Sat 9 Dec 2017 - 11:10

Chaos ensued in the tower. Some tried to flee only to be struck down from behind. The ones that reached the walls of flame despaired as they realized there was no hope of exit. The desperate even tossed themselves into the flames willingly to go out on their own terms than be slaughtered like animals. It was one of the biggest events of mass hysteria Caius had witnessed in his life. This is why he harshly judged Yumi for her activities. With no other choice, he gathered up some black sky god slayer magic and lifted himself off the ground. Flying in the sky, he would have a birds eye view of the battle and would be out of harm's reach to anyone without a ranged attack. Caius put his hands together and slowly pulled them away to form a ball of wind. He then closed his hands to detonate the ball causing a mass vortex that would fill up the entire volume of the tower. Anyone caught inside would be torn to shreds by the violent winds. After the attack had completed, the winds cleared to show blood and sinew of his former opponents sprawled across the ground. All had been defeated. All but one.

Caius looked on as a man held a giant two handed sword using a light around his body to protect himself from the attack. Caius raised his hand to prepare another attack but this time the man with the sword would retaliate. In a blinding flash, a crescent of light would fire out when he swung his sword. Caius fired a blast of sky god slayer magic in response. The two spells collided but the light overtook the darkness. With his attack shattered, Caius was struck by the attack and struck across the chest and stomach along the scar that he had received from the Blue Pegasus mage. It was deja vu. Caius was struck down from the sky and fell spine first into the rock hard ground. Before he could lift himself up, the sword mage was upon him with the sword lifted up behind his head to deliver the final blow. As the blade rang down, Caius would use one of his secret techniques. It was one only Grimoire Heart's Spymaster could use.  His body would turn into a flurry of mana that would position him behind the mana. The sword struck down but Caius would be nowhere to be found. A blade of black wind would extend from Caius’ hand and pierce the man's heart before he could respond. The madness was finally over and he was the last one standing

The walls of green flame slowly came down as the tower returned to normal. The green seal on the ground remained as it turned brighter than before. The blood of the dead was seeping into the seal making it stronger. Caius could sense its energy rapidly growing. The old man stepped down from the podium and approached Caius. "Bravo. You have managed to....." His words were cut off. Caius held his hand out and had fired a blast of wind through the frail man's chest. He was sick of his rambling. This whole ordeal had been a waste of time. Caius slowly got up to his two feet and started to stumble out to the door. He needed medical attention from the guild.

What lurks in the depths[Closed]  WickedLameAlleycat-max-1mb

A shiver ran down Caius' spine as he felt a presence appear behind him. This dark and sinister aura was one he felt before. It was like Yumi's but on a whole other level His vision would start to blur and his body would start to tremble at this superior entity. This was something he couldn't escape. Hesitantly, he turned around to see what was the source of this evil. The old man was standing up despite the hole being blown into this chest from earlier. The body had green cracks in it as the skins started to shed. Two dark wings sprouted from his back and horns protruding from his skull. His body started to gather green markings that covered his whole body. It was a true demon. Before he could speak, the demon grabbed Caius by the throat with his claws.

"The truth is it requires all 50 of you to open up a portal back home. There is no power for you here I just enjoy tormenting you humans for entertainment . Now it's time to die." The horned devil would say.

"Wait......" Caius would struggled out

"Oh are you going to beg for your life." the demon chuckled. He loosened his grip on his throat to allow him to speak easier almost to hear the last request.

"I've seen it done before. Make me a demon like you...."" Caius said with the last of his breath. It was the only thing he could think of at a time like this to save himself. He was afraid of death. There was so much he needed to accomplish. Yumi had traded her human body for a demon one. Not only did she regain her youth but also rose a rank in power. In order to preserve himself. He would become what he hated.

The demon cackled like a madman at his request. "In my hundreds of years. I have never seen one ask to intentionally become one of us. Judging by your smell I see you have interacted with demons in the past. Very well.  I will use your human body as the last tribute. In return, I'll grant you the demon vessel you seek. That is if you can survive the transformation" The demon's hand would glow green as fire would fill up Caius body. The searing pain filled his body as his skin would start to crack off his body. A loud wail of agony escaped Caius before the demon pushed his wings together and caused his body to explode into a viridian inferno. It was almost like a dream. Caius felt himself floating in darkness. He didn't know if he was dead or alive but it was peaceful.

What lurks in the depths[Closed]  LimpGentleHyrax-max-1mb

When he awoke, he was on the ground of the mage tower. He sat up to see the demon was gone. The entire tower was spotless as if nothing happened. His body felt different from before. He could no longer feel the wind around him. He tried to summon his god slayer magic but nothing came. Instead, a shock wave of magic left his body that struck out in all directions. The mage tower stone was obliterated in an instant and turned to dust at the mighty magic power. When his eyes opened, a giant crater was all that was left. Caius looked at his hands and started to shake at this marvelous power. He had survived the transformation and had become a full fledged demon. With this, he would become invincible.  

OOC: Caius is now a demon :)

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