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Medicare [Quest: Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Right she had been in the hospital just this morning and she felt bad again. She felt paranoia for a lot of things but she would just go there again, ask the nurse and if they had so more information because she didn’t want to worry, didn’t want to make other people worried and so on. Especially not Konstantin but he didn’t know anything about it yet and maybe that was cruel but she did it with a reason. She left Jupiter and Hecate back at the room where she stayed because it would be a bit annoying to bring them into the hospital again and hear about the complaining, the other girl had a companion as well! Just because they were with two. No one split up Hecate and Jupiter, not on her watch.. okay she was freaking out about nothing, it wasn’t even happening. She shook her head, something she was doing many times to try and get her focus on back on actual thoughts that mattered. She stepped inside the hospital and looked left and right, it was super busy inside, nothing compared to this afternoon or maybe, because the pain was worse, it wasn’t visible for her this afternoon. She simply walked towards the first desk to talk to the nurse about the pain she was feeling and the nurse immediately looked panicked. She waved above her head and a man came walking towards her and took her by the upper arm and felt her wrist and checked her in the eyes with a light, to which she heavily blinked, ”Eh? I was here this afternoon for difficulties with a..” She wasn’t allowed to say this but this was a doctor it didn’t count, ”My pregnancy.” The man immediately let go of her and sighed in some sort of relieve.

This surely did surprise Alice and she stared at the man, who apologized and asked her what was wrong. So she discussed that until she felt satisfied by the answer but her curiosity took the better hand of her, ”What’s going on here?” But the doctor didn’t immediately but made sure no one was standing in front of his office as he had guided Alice there to talk about her issues. He told her about the issue at hand that many people were ill in Baska and that, that was the whole reason why the hospital was so busy or why he immediately went to check upon her to see if she didn’t got the same illness as the other patients had, which was why he had breathe in relieve when it was something else, how annoying that was for her of course. She nodded slowly and the doctor looked at her, telling her that walking was a good exercise but that of course walking too much was a thing. She admitted that she had sat down the whole afternoon after the meeting here. So he suggested for her to deliver the two medicine bags that he had ready for the two patients in Baska Town.

Wordcount: 510/1000

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
She wasn’t sure if she would be able to but the doctor assured her it would be good and that it was in no hurry, they just needed it before tomorrow and he laughed a little, saying she would make it before tomorrow he was sure of that and she smiled a little as well. So she accepted it, because it might not be a bad idea. He told her the address, drew her a little map from the hospital to the first address as well to the second, when she told him she wasn’t familiar with the streets. It had been more than six months ago that she had been here. She was sure that she wouldn’t mind doing this. She stood up, albeit with a little difficulty but she was just being a drama queen about it and he handed her the little bags and told her she would be fine to reassure her and she wanted to believe him, so she did. Or well that’s what she told herself. She walked out of the office and looked over her shoulder to see the doctor storm off to help some other patients and she almost felt bad for taking his time. But on the other hand she would take a little job out of his hands. At first it felt a bit painful to walk but soon she got into some sort of rhythm and she would walk on with a steady pace and walk to the first house, memorizing the map in her head as she didn’t feel comfortable looking at it every five seconds. When she saw the street she needed, she turned right and walked to the fifth house and knocked on the door, the woman that opened looked at her surprised because she was reading the label to find the right medicine. Which she held up, ”Delivery from the hospital. Sorry that it is so late, but they were very busy. I jumped in to help.” the woman was already relieved that the medicine for her husband were on time anyway that she thanked Alice and the red haired woman immediately walked off with this same pace to the next house. She didn’t want to stand still too long as it felt good to walk instead of standing still, which reminded her off the pain. The second house was easily found and so she delivered that as well and apologized again for the time but also this person didn’t mind and she would slowly but again steady walk back to the hospital and ask for Doctor Gerard and tell him the delivery was made. He pointed at the reception to tell Agatha about it and when she did Agatha handed her a flier with information and jewels for the job. She whispered that she was grateful to Alice as she avoided giving the doctor a headache with all the work and Alice smiled, it had helped her as well. So she decided to return to her home here in Baska.


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