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Medicare [Request][kon]

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He had only been in baska for a matter of hours and already he could tell there was something wrong with the town, citizens were running around with goods shoving them in various bags and satchels looking as if they wanted to flee the area. The town guards meanwhile tried to stop them from leaving through the most inappropriate methods including but not limited to intimidation with their weapon or brute force, violence using the very same weapons as well as provoking fear the people they were hired to protect through threats. Shaking his head at the state of affairs at the town, he unslung from his back before bring down his Samehada swiftly onto the ground before swing it back up onto his right shoulder leaving his left hand free, alerting all those around him, having gained the attention of the public and guards of the town, he spoke with confidence to all around him. “What seems to be the problem?”

Swiftly he was bombarded by a variety of responses from pleas of help to accusations of him being an attacker and even an attack of his character for defacing the ground demanding he coop the repair costs. Fortunately a composed individual, a blacksmith approached him revealing all that was occurring within this normally sleepy town. Apparently a large amount of the populace in the town had been getting sick recently and as a result some of the citizens there wanted to leave but the guards were stopping them. Acknowledging the difficulty with a case like this, he slung his still bandaged sword, he spoke with the blacksmith. “Do you have a local doctor?, perhaps if I saw him then I could help resolve the issues you've been having?”

It was swiftly revealed that while they did have a doctor in the town they didn't overly respect him regardless of this however the blacksmith as well as a small posse of the towns people lead Kon to the doctor. Surprisingly he was taken to a rather large building with obvious signs of it being a medical facility unlike those found in other towns this was clearly a location where people should be able to come to in order to remain healthy. Thanking the blacksmith for his time, he bid both him and the rest of the townspeople a farewell before entering the hospital. The reception was white with a few niceties here and there a line of chair on the left side as you entered from the front door, a series of doors were positioned on the right, while a reception desk occupied most of the area towards the rear of the room. Approaching the reception he was greeted by a woman who was similar to a matchstick, tall and thin as a stick, giving a crooked smile to her, he asked her if the doctor was in. With a sigh, the woman mere pressed a button causing a resonating buzz then started to file away at her nails.



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A downtrodden doctor entered from one of the doors to the right of Kon clutching a binder with a series of papers bound to it, “Yes, yes, come in I'm a very busy man.” The doctor commented as he forcibly grabbed Kon by one of his shoulders ignoring his sword in the process. Essentially throwing Kon onto a nearby chair, he went to work on assessing him giving him various questions for him to answer with him responding yes or no, this went on for about 5 minute until he finally looked at him with a slight degree of relief. “You're not sick at all are you?” Scoffing at the idea of being sick, he commented bluntly. “I don't get sick.” A great smile grew on the man's face before he clapped his hands fiercely just the once. “Ah, fantastic, you can do something for me, I need you to deliver some medicine for some of my patients, I can't leave the hospital, too many patients here no, and there's no way for them to come here and on top of that with this poisoning no-one is able to take on the job, so please, please deliver these to my patients.”

The request was an odd one, especially considering it was medicine he was asked to deliver had it been something more simple like some cargo or jewelry he didn't have a problem, but pushing aside the moral dilema he was facing he agreed to the request but first asking a few questions about the medicine itself. “Is there anything I need to do with the medicine when delivering it?, make sure it keep it cold, not to use magic around it anything like that?” Shrugging about these issues he merely commented. “No, they are completely fine just don't shake them up too much and you should be fine, there's two white bags one's for Mr.Jenkins with the red label the other is for Treeman with the green label.” A look of confusion grew on kon as he heard the name before repeating it himself. “Treeman?” Shaking his head, the doctor grabbed both bags and thrust them into his hands. “Don't ask and don't judge.”

Sneezing a bit himself, the doctor swiftly wrote on a note with a black pen the numbers and street that the two patients lived on while explaining that Mr.Jenkins was far east of them and Treeman was closest near the middle of town. Heading off from the hospital Kon promptly delivered first Treeman's medicine then Mr.Jenkins before returning to the good doctor, who rewarded him handsomely. Grasping the knights hand strongly with both hands he shook it once twice three times before letting him go, even shooing him away as a number of patients were lining up to see him. Leaving the hospital, he would quickly catch up with Alice to ensure that she didn’t get sick by whatever was causing the rest of the community to become bedridden. She couldn’t risk getting sick particularly now considering she was halfway through her pregnancy.


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