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The Rose [Sage|Kon]

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#1Sage † 

The Rose [Sage|Kon] Empty Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:37 am

Sage †
It was autumn, the scene was quite red and Sage was sitting on a bench and he was feeling a little bit cold. Sage sneezed, 'achoo' a cute sound he made filled the park and birds that gathered in front of him flew away maybe because they are shocked of Sage's sudden sneeze. Sage took a handkerchief from his left pocket and bring it up to his nose, wiping whatever came out of it. Sage doesn't like to get cold, but in the same time he wanted to be in the nature environment, he liked it for some reason, maybe because of his Dryad counterpart.

Sage has been thinking, what would he do once he trained his magic? Is he going to fight criminals and let justice triumph, or is he going to use his magic for his own benefit by stealing or fighting for fun. Sage couldn't make up his mind, it seems like he is lost in a cave, where there is no light to guide him at all, he just wish something would happen sooner or later to him so he could act on it and have something to do. Sage has been thinking on training and join mage tournaments and get to the top. Sage know that his magic isn't for everyday use and is meant for combat, but if he really want to join the tournament he need to join a guild. Sage doesn't know lots about guilds in Fiore, he is completely lost.

Sage exhaled a breath that showed his down mood, he looked at his feet and realised that the ground beneath him are bald, no grass could be seen. Sage, without realising, directed his mana to the ground through his feet and green, fresh, grass grew two metres around him, some rose bushes started to grow but when Sage noticed this, he took both of his feet of the round and crossed his fit on the bench, even tho it seemed rude, Sage couldn't help but sit that way, with his red sneaker shown to the public, but at least the public didnt see what happened, the rose bush and the grass that would grow earlier started to deform and cripple into dust.

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