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Her shrine to explore... [Chi]

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Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:04 am

Baron had been searching Oak town for quite some time now on a bit of an inconvenient search. Despite his feelings on her obsession Baron was interested in Les’ culture more than he thought which made him think that he had overreacted when she told him just how devote she was to it. The Manji, as she called them, her family were an interesting breed apparently with roots all over Fiore if not the world. It was a shame he didn’t asks her to further elaborate on a few things she had spoken about, while he had no interest in converting to their religion he did want to learn more, thus he wanted to find one of those shrines they seemed to care so much about, just to study it and see what he could find on it mostly.

A few long paces and asking around later and he ha found himself there, near a shrine that resembled the one he had been told about. While he had never really seen one he figured that this was the closest he’d get. It looked ancient enough or at the very least came off as shriney and he leaned over it looking its features over. He couldn’t tell much of it and wouldn’t make odds or evens out of it just yet. “What on Earth… What’s so special about these things?” he leaned in to it to studying for anything out of the ordinary…

“Maybe that religion is just a big fairy tale…”

#2Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:18 am

Chisu Lau Manji


"You're probably in the wrong place." Chi spoke. She held a large bag with a simple sealed scroll case on her back. Both containers looked as if they were furnished and matching, the both of them the same dark black leather, both of them with an odd gold seal. The woman herself wore a burgundy dress that went down to her knees with a large slit on her right side. Ebony pants that fit her comfortably remained under, hugging her own limbs.

"If you're looking for the Manji shrine, it's up north of this town in the trees." she pointed with her free hand, her left hand. She looked in the direction as she did so.

"You aren't the first to get lost, and you won't be the last." She would lower her hand and continue her walk. She was lost within her own needs and desires.

"I've smelled that man before. Don't leave him behind, but don't go to him . . . make the dog follow you."

Chi was given the odd request, wondering what the reason behind it was. With little to do that evening, she turned to the man as she passed by. "I'll take ya up there if you want."

And she would continue walking, not stopping, not looking at him. She would obey to the letter.


Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:25 am

He continued to stare, couldn’t have been right, right? Wasn’t as extravagant as he imagined. Needed more swords and flare maybe? Yeah that was it, swords, there weren’t any.. Soon a voice would break his concentration, he looked back to see a woman, bag in tote. “Wrong place? This isn;t a Mangi shrine?” he looked back at the shrine and then at the woman.. Hm, she looked familiar.

He stood up and dusted his legs off as he turned to her fully, though it seemed she was more interested in her own direction, but gave him a friendly point back up to the trees.

“Sounds interesting…” he spoke, about to walk off as she did, though just as he made his getaway she spoke of taking him there making him spin on his heel.

So she could take him? Maybe she was involved with this family too.. “Hot diggity dog! Sure, that’d be great!” he cheered as he followed her, “Are you manji too? You know a girl named name?” he followed her closely with his hands over his eyes for a visor as he still looked out for any other shrines, he wanted to see more of them yeah, and she might just be his key to finding another. Who knew what they’d find though, hanging out with a pretty girl was always a plus.

#4Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:34 am

Chisu Lau Manji


"Namé." she was quick to correct him. "Nah, may." She sighed as they continued forward. They would each the end of the city in no more than a few minutes, perhaps even a single minute.

"My name is Chi Lau Manji." she would say to him. The name he mentioned was familiar enough for her to remember the girl herself, but not her face. She could hear her voice, but alas, her face was a blur, a ghost. . .

"I've been tending to these shrines since I got here." she continued to walk along a path, never looking at the man, his footsteps behind her. "If you've already met Les, I assume she told you more or less about our guardian."

She wasn't sure what to make of it. For all she knew what he said was a lie. But if her deity wanted her to drag the man out to the shrine, she would do so. She had her own reasons to be out, and with her bag of goodies, perhaps she too would make a moment out of it for herself. There was no sense wasting her time with a useless travel. It was going to come out alright.


Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:42 am

She corrected him sternly, in truth he wasn’t that good with her name, which was why he called her les for short, just the mention of her name made him miss her a little more here and there, but maybe he was just missing having a body to sleep next to. If only he was more certain about his time management. Either way he was on his way to a shrine and had that to look forward to and that would be an adventure on his own.

“Manji… Hm, interesting.” so that was true, she was a manji, so maybe she hid the secrets of the clan as well. Who knew, she could have also been a guard for the clan, a warrior destined to protect it from all evil and what not. Maybe she saw him as evil, who knew.

“Ah, then you’ll be quite helpful, he nodded looking over at her, if she was setting them up she could tell him more, or maybe he would just hear what Les had already told him, he didn’t have a clue what to think of all of this. He put his hands behind his back and smiled now, “Airighty, so anything you can tell me about these? I know your guardian is a samurai right?”

#6Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:57 am

Chisu Lau Manji


"Jeonsa. The word samurai is an insult to us." she spoke with a venomous tone. She knew they would reach the shrine in a fifteen minutes or so, enough time to talk sense into this foolish man.

"She was from a time long ago. She was not born in this world, she simply just arrived one day." she would make her way off the path into some minor brush and branches. The grass was dead where she walked, as if others have used the same passage. Twigs were the only thing in their way. Broken branches outlined their direction. Someone before them must have made the path easier beforehand.

"She is not immortal, she can die like the rest of us, and she did. But unlike us mortals, she can rise again from the bodies of the deceased and give a second life. But with it, her bodies slowly rot, to where she needs to live again."

The voice in her head begun to laugh, as if she was feeding all of this information to Chi, and she spoke without a second thought.

"Baron was it?" she smiled, but she would continue to press forward. "You doubted Les. But you found the error in your actions now, haven't you?"

She would stop, and only then would Chi turn and face the man.

". . . Sorry, I got a little ahead of myself." She would give a slight bow before turning back around to lead him, only this time she looked back as she spoke. "Our god has no name because she's lived so many lives that even she forgot which was her real name."

And soon, a single stone lantern would appear in an open clearing. at the base of it, flowers and other trinkets and gifts were laid out. Within and upon the very top of the stone were candles of various sizes and scents.

"This be it!" Chi said, "Our guardian of second chances."


Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:09 am


He silently mouthed the words ‘what the’ followed by a rather unsightly F bomb. But hey e was just confused, he didn’t understand it all. From what he knew she was like a big spirit or something right? Large than life he thought… Hm, well he was wrong.

The way she spoke on confused the crap out of him, like she knew the process to bring their… Person back. Which was really weird, hey, he was one for getting freaky with the supernatural but this was making very little sense to him. She wanted to… Come back apparently? Or she could? She simply arrived? What?. What on Earthland was this woman talking about? He could understand ghost, but full on reincarnation was… What?

From what this woman said she made this mysterious woman out to be like a phoenix, rising up from the dead through collection, or well body collection maybe? He couldn’t piece it together well despite how simple it was presented.

“What?” how did she know his name? Well… he would play along then, she could have been speaking to Name after all, or something. Then again maybe he did mumble his name on their trip, he was still reeling from this conversation.

“Well, I doubted les yeah, i honestly can’t say I know your… Practice, but I have seen the error of my actions and I want to see more for myself so I want to see a shrine for myself to see if anything resonates with me, mentally.”

#8Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:20 am

Chisu Lau Manji


She would make her way to the shrine. She would set down her bag and take out a small blanket and lay it on the ground. The case would remain on her back. She would then take out a candle and match and place the candle into the lantern and light it afterwards.

She would take a seat on the towel, something that had enough room for a few people. She sat to the side, giving room for Baron to join her side.

She would sit down, crossing her legs. She would then sling around the case, opening it and taking out a strange leather looking artifact from it. It looked like dried skin and held an odd tribal light design. She would unroll the object and place it in her hands in front of her as she faced the shrine. She would look over at Baron, waiting to see what he would do.

"Care to join me?" she would say with a smile before looking back at the shrine to bow her head.

It was much different than she had done before. If this man was of some importance, she wanted to allow Nameless to speak to him directly. But only time would tell what would actually become of the moment.


Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:26 am


They finally made it to the shrine, seemed to be everything he expected. Simple and elegant in a way, he couldn’t tell much of it other than that. He felt something in the pit of his stomach, but it wasn’t much more than a air bubble he figured. There wasn’t anything he felt in particular, but this was just the first glance.

He’d sit next to Chi on the towel, what did she have in mind for this one? He watched her cross her legs and open a book, it looked like hide, the hide of an animal maybe? He had seen plenty of raw hides with his father but this one seemed almost human in appearance. Maybe there was much more to this than he thought after all, or maybe he was just tripping out already.

He looked at the shrine and closed his eyes, he couldn’t tell why he did so but he felt oddly relaxed with the lack of clamour around them, there was nothing here yet energy seemed to accumulate around them.

He breathed in heavy, his eyelids shut as he sighed deeply, everything was going dark, the red he saw turned pitch black as he began to nod off. “W-what…”

#10Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:43 am

Chisu Lau Manji


~ "Heheheh... You really think you're special, don't you?" The voice rang in the darkness. It seemed to echo and come from everywhere. It was a chorus of people, but it all seemed to come from the same place... every place.

"Maybe I can find a use for you." The voices laughed. It was as if it mocked him, making fun of him. It wanted so badly to be this ascended being, but the aura in this, world... it wasn't something from above. It wasn't from the heavens. It was from hell.

Chi would be sitting next to him, peacefully as when they were back in Fiore, but here it was as if she didn't see what went around her. Or maybe, this world was all too familiar and she paid it no mind. But a sinister grin fell on her face. Her eyes remained closed. Her face directed towards the material on her hand. It pulsated. It was alive. It had a beat, it bled. It was something outworldly.

But if he reached out to her, she would be nothing more than a memory, and apparition.  Here, Baron was a toy in a world he would learn to understand one day, but not today.

A hand would pass by him, only to light graze his back, passing by, as if it was a lady trying to allure him. But here, here it held undertones of a predator that liked to toy with its food.

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] 16100m

"Baron. What an interesting name." the voices laughed. They continued to drag out until it was a faint chuckle. The tones, the pitches of the voices coming together, changing, until a single voice was created.

It would sound just like Chi. "I can give you companionship. But I ask of you a favor." she would speak, red eyes seen in the distance of the blackness.

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] 4tm35y

"I can grant you any woman you desire, save for little Miss Chi. But you must take them around this world. You must find them an environment that they will grow." she paused, the eyes stopping behind the guise of darkness, the shape of the voice's face familiar, as if he had met her before.

"I need nothing more than bodies. The souls of these women, your lovers if you so desire, shall be yours alone."

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] 104jl10

But what would he choose? And at what cost would he obey?


Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:57 am


His physical body twitched as a bead of sweat ran down his jawline and fell to his lap, meanwhile his mind was thrown a loop as darkness shrouded him. He couldn’t see a thing yet he felt as if he was present in some sort of setting.

“I don’t think I’m all that special, no, but I am interested in what you are…” he retorted, this was extremely eerie, he didn’t have a clue what was happening, a new voice came and went, it announced itself and faded with teasing laughter. “Show yourself.” he spoke sharply as he looked around for any signs of life.

There was no ground, no up and down, only darkness as he floated there in her world. “Tell me!” he was commanding something possibly greater than himself, but he felt little choice in the matter, it was either see her now or possibly later, either way he feared what she might do later in their speaking. What was this place? How was she here? Was it Chi? Could have been her tricking him.

He saw something white wisp by him and fade into the dark, with a force like none he possessed he some how followed it into the darkness as he looked for the owner, he had to see this goddess for himself. See what made her all that.

It spoke on his name, he shook his head and dismissed the words as he crossed his arms, she was everywhere and nowhere until she finally settled on one voice. It really did sound like Chi, odd, odd, odd who was she again?

“Companionship?” he narrowed his eyes at the red gaze forming in the shadows, “Why would I want that?” he tilted his head, she spoke of giving him any woman he wanted. As interesting as that was, there was more to life than that and he kept that way of thinking close.

“What if I want something else? Who’s to say I don’t want to take my chances with you? Not every day a goddess or being, or soul or whatever you are wanders into a man’s life. I might desire you instead, try something new since you’re apparently so special. What if I want your body?” a dangerous question? Maybe, but he thought with more the head on his torso now a days.

#12Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:09 am

Chisu Lau Manji


~ "Foolish mortal." she spoke again. her figure just out of the light, but it would be a woman just like Chi standing there. Her dress made of darkness, dripping with... blood? No. It wasn't like Chi. It was Chi. It had her face. Who was she?

"You've already spent the night with one of my daughters." she answered him, "I have no need for your company. Even if I did pleasure my time with you, it would be then your corpse that I would feed from."

The woman would take a step forward, her leg exposed from the black dress. Unlike Chi, there was no leggings under, it was the dress and the small shoes alone. But on her leg bore many scars, markings and tattoos, just like the material Chi Lau held in her hands.

"I was born into a human body, but I am no human. With this, I carry my hunger to feed on flesh, and oh how I miss the taste of feasting on the living." she laughed again, something that seemed to happen a lot with her.

"But if you with not to enjoy the company of my daughters, perhaps I will offer their lay with another man who will serve his purpose."

She would take a step back into the darkness, a single red eye would be luminescent within this dark and eerie world.

"Unless you have other desires, then perhaps I can offer you something much more."
Her shrine to explore... [Chi] 104jl10

All the while Chi remained in the real world, her own mind lost to this event, tears ran down her face. Nothing of what happened between her god and the man was known to her. Instead she lived in her own nightmare.

She was there, watching it all unfold.

And she could not save her father.

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Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:21 am

The longer he was in this darkness the more ill he felt, she was getting to him and it was bad. He couldn’t let her in his head just yet, she was nothing more than a bad trip! That had to be it, though when she slinked out of the shadows she was Chi, or well, she looked like her given the blood on her form it was hard to tell.

“In that case then you need nothing from me, and I only slept next to one, but that’s irrelevant.” he shrugged, what did she mean by feeding on his corpse? That was something to be held if she tried, but could he stop a figment? If she was one. So many questions in one night.

His expression was still stern, his eyes kept narrowed and he did his best to stonewall all she said, the only thing catching him off guard was the radiance of her ivory flesh in the darkness, she truly was other worldly and that wasn’t any good for him, he had to keep calm and let this play out the best he could.

“Well you aren’t finding a meal here, even if I was to help you, why would I trust you? Because you offer me a lay with your ‘daughters’ while pleasure is immeasurable he didn’t have any desire to get into it with women he wouldn’t marry or likely see much more of.

“Maybe you should…” he didn’t break, until she faded back into the dark, clenching his fist as she evaded him, he hated this feeling of powerlessness in this state of mind. He wanted to keep her still so they could speak yet she easily navigated this place with so little effort.

“Get back here, we aren’t done talking!” he ran or rather sped after her into the darkness as he reached for the red gem that peered at him, “Hey!” he called out as he found himself in complete darkness, he was lost once again but this time he could see nothing not even his hand infront of his face… What the hell.

#14Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:34 am

Chisu Lau Manji


~ "I exist in the mind of anyone that shares my blood. Any true Manji is an extension of my own being. To those that give their souls to me, I use them as my own puppets." She continued, her body lost, her voice an echo once more. She was not going to let another mortal man mess with her plans once more. Not this time. Not again.

"You had a perfectly good woman to make a wife out of, but you left her in Hargeon." she scoffed, "It was out of her own self honor that she did not chase after you. Is this the kind of man a woman would want to marry?" She would speak again, her voice behind the man, just as far as it was before.

Just out of reach.

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] 259aef9

"Even so, I am nothing more than a collection of souls and lives, memories lost to time. Les, Lau, Ya, any of my kin that roam Fiore are just parts of me, and everything returns to whence it came eventually." She would sigh, "With a man like you, a perfect bride would have to be made. It's a shame."

She would appear again, the frame of her face remained there. She was nothing like Chi. She was older, much older. Or perhaps Chi was a younger version of herself.

"No one gets anything for free. But if you want nothing of mine, then I guess I have no reason to keep you here."

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] 104jl10

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Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:46 am

What was she going on about now? He couldn’t keep up with her, every time he felt close she seemed yards if not miles away yet her voice was right there with him, direction from direction. She spoke of puppets, she was a puppeteer controlling a wold not her own from the outside or rather maybe from the inside of a fancy book. “The more you talk the more you sounds like a demon.” he admitted with little hesitance as he looked for those special red hues of hers.

She spoke highly of Les, saying that she would have been a fine wife, that might have been true, but Baron wasn’t looking for a wife, at least not right now. If he wished to stay with Les in Hargeon he would have simply put, but there was no staying he had more he wanted to do besides getting tied down like any man. “Hm, sure Les was a nice young woman, she seemed kind and had her priorities and let them be known immediately.”

He looked behind him reaching for his axe at his back only to remember that he didn’t have it in this plain of existence… He didn’t need it anyway, it wasn’t like he was in danger here.

“Oh yeah? Well that’s a shame, sounds like you’re quite piece of work to require assembly.” he smirked, he was being smug sure, any other man his age would probably jump at the chance to add a few women to his little black book, but that wasn’t the kind of man Baron was, he wanted love sure, but also wanted something solid to fall back on and no amount of flings loveless embrace could change that.

He jumped back when she reappeared, “I suppose so, I guess we can’t do much of anything here in this world anyway.” he crossed his arms once again, “Or can we? Nothing is free sure, but incentive and samples go a long way.” he was toying with her just to see where he could go… Hopefully not too far.

#16Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:00 am

Chisu Lau Manji


~ "Perhaps we'll meet again when you are ready." Again, she would fade into the darkness, her eyes growing further and further from him. But as she moved, footsteps followed.

"Even with all the time in the world, I have no motive to waste a second more dancing around the ideals of a lost man." but she stopped, and with it, the echoes stopped. It was as if she was reachable. But still, she was on another world.

But beside him, in a circle of light. A girl sat on a blanket, crying. The grass and the world around her the same of the shrine. She too had needs, just as the other woman did. But Baron had to choose. Was he going to make a deal with the devil, or was he going to accompany this girl who had sold her soul long ago?

A red aura would be cast around Chi as tears poured down her face. The blanket itself was soaked in blood and tears. If Baron left that world his deal would be lost, and he would be standing beside Chi on the grass, but if he remained to find his own salvation, Chi would face her own nightmare.

"Father!!" she cried out. She could feel the great pain he felt, watching his death unfold. She could see the destruction of her village. The lives of many lost. Innocent lives lost.

The pain of watching his death, his own demise by his own blade. She felt it too. The sword pierced her flesh. She would endure the pain. She watched it all unfold. She didn't want to forget a single face lost that day. She wanted to memorize everyone that got away. She would not forget them.

"Forgive me, Father... I am not as strong as you thought I was. But I will make it.
I promise."

~ "Make your choice." she would say for a final time. She was done with this man.

But as she spoke, the few words Chi said, would find their way through.

"Forgive me... I am not as strong as you thought I was. But I will make it.

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Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:21 am

When he was ready? Maybe, if he felt the desire to do this again. She was asking a lot out of him, collect bodies, souls and all to let her come back. Surely someone would object to losing their soul to her.

“In that case you should learn to better negotiate,” he shut his eyes and sighed, “As far as a choice, if and only if I find any of these women I might take them to you, but if i do contribute to your recreation you and I are going to have a real face to face.”

“I won’t touch your puppets, but I will wanting to see more of you outside of this meditation, you oughta find a way right? You’re a demon or something after all. He sighed, if he was going to do this he needed communication, he needed her either in his head or in his dreams to discuss who he’d be looking for. “So here’s the deal, I help you if or when I can, I send your bodies to you, in return you give me some face time. In between I get a way to speak to you while I do find your girls. Deal?” he extended a hand to the figure before him, “Time’s a wasting and let’s be honest, how many other men can you trust not to pump and run when he finds your precious daughters? Maybe a nice little mark or something too...”

#18Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:40 am

Chisu Lau Manji


~ Her hand would extend to the man. Tribal markings and scars filled every square inch of her arm. Her eyes traced his face. Her fingers long and pointed with claws where her fingernails would have been.

"I don't need your soul. I need your word." She smiled, nearing him, allowing him to see every wound from every death she ever suffered. This world, this was her consciousness. Here, everything she endured took a toll on her very soul. Here she was incomplete unless she feasted on a select few.

"I am around, for as long as a flame lights my shrines. Should the flames fail, then I breathe in the skin that Chi holds in her hands." She let out a soft chuckle, "Should I walk the earth once more, you will be one of the first faces I will seek."

Chi held the skin, the living skin. It jumped and pulsated with blood. She awoke from her nightmare and watched the blood drip onto the ground, only to fade into nonexistence. She could see the aura that engulfed her like a flame. The world around her seemed to be changed at her touch. The grass under her grew taller and more green, flowers begun to bloom from nothing. Life grew and recovered from the dead plant like they once were.

"So this is father's power." she thought to herself. "Then I will heal the world with it." She held the skin, her eyes fixated on the designs, the markings.. . .

~ "My markings are my own undoing. Each a reminder of my lost lives, or perhaps the curse that binds me to find a new vessel to inhabit. It is only that in this era, the body I've sought, openly welcomes me to reside within it."

And from that, her hand would return to the darkness, fading away once more. Was there more to be said?~


Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:04 am


How lackluster, nothing to show for his time with the demon, “Nothing more is to be said I’m afraid.” he rubbed his shoulder and turned his back to her, “My terms are up, if I find one i’ll take ‘em to ya, that’s if you ever give me something worth working for..” he opened his eyes in the living room and sighed, what an experience that was. He probably would help her, but he was getting nothing out of it, therefore he had no real incentive to do so. He looked over at Chi, she was nestled in newly grown grass, considering how strange it all was he wouldn’t put it pass the Manji.

“Well Chi that was something,” he rested in the grass, “You all have quite a deity there very pretty.” he laughed as he looked up at the sky, grey as ever. He was wondering what he wanted to do about this, senseless pressure.. Nah, senseless pleasure from a demon.. Maybe, time would tell what he did but for now he had little concern. Time would tell and he would have to think about this for a while, maybe the other Manji could help him, or maybe Chi had an answer. “That woman looked like you, you know, she asked a favor of me aswell… You’re both pretty cute.”

#20Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:46 am

Chisu Lau Manji


"She takes the form of whoever she inhabits." she spoke without looking away from the artifact. She begun to roll it back up, the vessels and expose muscles on the inside as it was before, and she would return it to its case. "If she lived in your head, she would look just like you."

She would rise to her feet, her eyes falling upon the man's face in curiosity. She had given him a task, something Chi was curious of, but was in no place to inquiry of.

"Then I guess you have your work cut out for you." Chi told Baron, "She only gives you what you want after the fact." She would sigh, rolling up the blanket and returning it to her bag and she would pick that up as well. "You do as she pleases, and she pays you in your desires. Some ask for power, some knowledge. I just ask for my family." She shyly smiled and bowed her head to him.

"Whatever you saw, you should keep to yourself. Share with a shrine maiden if anyone, but I would keep her true self to secret." she would drop her expression, only to take a half step away from the shrine, creating distance. "I checked local records, she's still a wanted criminal. To their knowledge, even talking to her is a punishable offense. But no one can even prove she's real.

Anyways, I should be going. Best of luck on your mission."

She would look up to face the man. If there was nothing left to say, she would return back to her own duties to serve her mentor and her god.

There was still a small few of shrines left to discover.


Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:20 am

“Maybe she does, maybe she’s a demon.” he looked down at his hands and cracked his knuckles one at a time, “I do have a job to do, and I’m gonna need you one last time before I start.” he cleared his throat. Could he really do this? Probably not, but if any of her daughters were in the region he could find them and take them. All for the chance to indulge in evil philandering. He’d need magic.

“I guess I do… he sat up and stretched, “I have a long way to go to find these girls, and I think i know where one is right now. But this is where I need you.” he extended a hand and pointed at her, “You’re pretty important to this apparently. So tell me, where is the place I must take these women.”

This was a simple question, “I want to help you all, for Les and your… Diety. So please, tell me where this temple is.”

So many women to find and he wanted his magic, thus he would need to put all of his power and strength into finding them, and if he could have some fun along the way he would for practice until he got the mother.

#22Chisu Lau Manji 

Her shrine to explore... [Chi] Empty on Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:26 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


"Out of the placed I've been too,
it's Dahlia. it's the only place Nameless would call home and even considering settling down.
Chi answered him, "It's the last place to travel for my pilgrimage, and for good reason."

She would twist her perception of the man for just a moment. Just for a moment she would play her enemy. Her god trusted him, at least for the time being, but it gave her no reason to put her own faith into him.

"You will most likely face my relatives before I do." Chi said, this time her tone with scorn. "So for all of our safety, I would suggest you train, and if need be, I will gladly take up arms against you"

For her, it felt odd and weird to even hear herself say those words. But if she had any doubt, this one little skirmish would allow the both of them to really know what they were dealing with.

She just had to make sure.

For herself.


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“Mm, you’re on to something… Or on something.” he sighed

“Of course, Dahlia… Quite a ways away… Should have known.” he scratched the back of his neck and looked back at the shrine. It stood there still and apparently if he wanted to speak to the evil woman all he had to do was bring Chi Chi to one of these things.. Lovely.

For only a moment he would let his thoughts drift, if only he could see Name again before he left off. But there was little time, he had to find so many women in such a short window of time.. He was screwed if he didn’t find them all.

“Nice, I get to meet my new family.” he happily chirped as he rubbed his hands together with a bit of swiftness. “Sure, we can train some I want to protect Les after all and start my life with her, maybe have a kid or two.” he pushed his luck with the woman, mostly to see how she felt about her sister.

He wouldn’t mind training against her, be it she probably possessed a strange magic it’d help him train himself up to face other mages around the region. That or he would get obliterated by her magic and end up dead somewhere. Only one way to find out, he had to fight her a bit.

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Chisu Lau Manji


She listened quietly. This man was fool to follow their steps, but if he had made his wish, then there was no changing his destiny.

"I think it's less of finding the rest of the Manji, and more understanding." Chi would add to it, dragging out the unneeded questions. "The only place Nameless would go to outside of Dahlia is Vernus and last I checked it was nothing more than a rumor, it doesn't exist." she'd let out a small laugh, "Maybe your chances with Les are the same as finding that city."

But she lingered on the word, sister. They were both a Manji, they were family. In their clan that was the word they used, but thinking now, it was wrong. They were distant, in almost every way.

"Besides, I should warn you before you get ahead of yourself." Chi spoke, this time in a more serious tone that she had before, but not when Nameless had taken over her body. "We're Manji, we all make a contract with Nameless for our peace and salvation. Don't be surprised if you see one of us sacrifice ourselves for Nameless, nor if our souls are bonded to a shrine. It's normal for us, for people from Fiore, they would see us as mad."

She would fight him another day, perhaps in that castle she had worked at before. She would have to pick her options.


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Baron shrugged, “Alright, if I go find them I’ll keep that in mind, no promises.” he stretched his arms and began making his way away from the shrine. He wasn’t sure if he would do any of this thus he would simply just move on about his business and likely see a different part of the city for other subjects. While Name lingered on his mind she was still just a stranger who he kissed, he didn’t know her well and wouldn’t get too invested in finding her if her purpose in life was to be eaten or absorbed or whatever by a monster. Love was fickle, and Baron didn’t know if he loved her but he wasn’t going to be playing into the Manji family just because he may have fell in love with one of their members. If he did love her he would do it, but she likely wanted to be apart of whatever this was. She seemed to mention her family and religion quite a bit and while she had a hot face and body he was likely going to be absorbed too deep into their business. He wanted to love her but why waste the time if he was just going to lose her?


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